Home Trading Strategies 11 Must-see Charts for September (In-depth Market Analysis)

11 Must-see Charts for September (In-depth Market Analysis)

11 Must-see Charts for September (In-depth Market Analysis)

hey hey what’s up my friend so in this video you’ll find out what’s going on in the financial markets right now where we look at the forex markets commodities bonds goal and etc and also identify which are the best trading setups for this coming week right so let’s begin so the first market we are looking at right it’s a euro dollar so you can see the euro dollar generally the trend is still towards the downside right some basic technical analysis would should put you on the right side of the trade right lower highs lower highs lower highs and lower highs so at this point in time right some of you who use a trend lines right you should be able to draw this this over here okay so you can see that this market pretty much is that this a downward trend line over here so if you want to go short okay you can look at the four hour time frame what you notice is that this market pretty much made a lower high as well signaling that this pullback might possibly be over so traders can either look to go short right by having a sell limit order at this level all right I’ll wait to wait for another pullback a wit pullback right looking like a Bear Flag and before you show the breakdown of this low over here so there’s a couple of possible setups on euro dollar on palm dollar something similar right but this time around I would say the trend is more pronounced on the upon dollar in other words the trend on pound dollar is wicked and euro dollar so this would be a better market to shot right because it’s weaker then you row dollar so you can see that again right come into this area of support alright and also near this downward trend channel right near this area of value so if you look at the four hour time frame right something similar you pretty much have a retracement then it’s very weak pullback the market couldn’t take out this highs and then it broke down over here so this could again possibly be the end of this pullback over here traders again can look to get shot right couple of ways number one having a sell em in order to get feel over here and having your stop-loss right one ETR above this highs or alternatively if you prefer you want to wait for so-called more confirmation where the price hits down lower that’s a weak pullback maybe in the form of a bearish flag pennant and then you go shot on the break of this lows over here right so this is the pound dollar tree another possible set up towards the downside looking at Ozzy dollar right this is a trick better I won’t be taking but what I would highlight out to you right now is that at this point right what are you seeing on that on the chart right now this isn’t a good time to go shot I know it’s a it’s a downtrend right but why I say that is because if you look at this the price section of the Aussie dollar what it tends to do is it you know it hits lower you retrace breaks down this low retrace breaks down the low retrace the samurai does a stronger down work move right then you retrace downward move retrace downward move retrace downward move what’s likely to happen well it’s gonna retrace right so so this is why I say you don’t want to be shopping at this point in time because yes you can shot you can go short on the break of this swing low you go short my way will you put your stop-loss right a logical place to put your stop losses at least above the previous swing high right to to make sure that the trend is still intact so if your stop-loss is gonna go above this previous swing high over here somewhere here you can see that your stop-loss is gonna be pretty damn much okay so what what is the alternate way to go about trading this market well you know that this market is in a downtrend it breaks down in retrace it brings down your retrace or why not time your short entry on the retracement so if the retracement would to come right you can look to get shot somewhere around this area okay and now your stop-loss is much tighter alright let’s say your original stop-loss intended is this level now from here to here this is your stop loss which is much tighter compared to you know chasing the markets now and one thing to go shot near this lows over here right so Aussie dollar I agree to the downtrend but it’s not time for me to shot this market yeah okay so moving on new zealand dollar this one over here you can see that it’s similar to Aussie dollar but this one has not break down the lows yet so there is still a chance for you to shot this market if you look at a four hour time frame okay new zealand dollar pretty much right we tested this highs over here now is at this area of support so again what you can look for is you could look for a build-up to form right prior to the breakdown right cooing shot and then you can reference this level here s your stop-loss right much a much tighter stop-loss right this is for New Zealand dollar right you look at the daily time frame as well market is in a downtrend so there’s a good chance right you could possibly retest this lows over here or even exceed it by a little bit right before it retraced back once again so if you look at this market breaks down this swing low retrace breaks down this swing low retrace so there’s a good chance it could break down this swing low and then retrace okay so this is New Zealand dollar right moving on let’s look a little bit more for the exotic currency pairs dollar against the Turkish lira alright so this is a market it has actually gotten a lot of publicity recently right so you can see that the mover I pretty much went parabolic over here so if you look at it it pretty much resembles right the the rise of Bitcoin in in 2017 where the market is pretty much trending strongly so when you see such moves in the market especially on a daily or weekly timeframe right where the range of the candles get larger and larger this is a sign to tell you that hey watch out not to go long right you don’t want to go long and this point in time because it’s a really too late when you sit out in the meteor it’s in the news where you notice that the market is so bullish it’s too late it’s too late to enter so what you want to do is if you’re alone it’s time to lock in those profits to protect yourself right to tighten your trailing stop loss right in for example in this case right I always recommend is to drill your stop-loss right on the previous day look so in this case right let’s say your long whatever is it maybe you long to break out of this this highs over here right you want to be locking in profits right because anytime the reversal can be sweet right so in this case right I didn’t rate this about what I would have done is I would have trailed my stop-loss right on this previous day low so if the market breaks and closed below this this our previous day low I would exit the trade so what happened is that yep this candle pretty much did did the reversal and I would have been out if I had actually long this breakout over here okay so anyway the market is now retraced right but that’s that’s it’s not a point right the point is you know when the market goes parabolic right the reversal can be sweet fright and you really want to you know play good defense instead of you know trying you know all in a new mortgage your house sell your whatever your kids are not just kidding right sell everything and you don’t go all-in that’s that’s not the way you approach treating so anyway now that the the move is pretty much publicized right people who are wanting to join the party late to the party they are still you’re trying to get along so for me I’m going to come to Train approach right I’m actually looking at this level all right I’m going against the hood and I’m looking for a false brick set up on the Turkish lira so what could possibly happen or what I’m looking for is for the price to hit higher retest this highs over here right so traders who say oh break out let’s go along Brum Brum Brum big ol long and what I’m doing is that I want the breakup to fill right i want to profit right from the traders who are long and the market reverse and they are now in the raid on a profit from this group of traders so how that would work if the market breaks up and then it does a reversal closing lower at this point i have a swing high point and i can reference to set a logical stop-loss which is this level over here you just said it no a buffer 180 are above it and OC if this move right can reverse back towards the downside I do agree that you know the trend could still continue right so I’m not going gung-ho or very aggressive with this right I know it’s a counter trend trade so I’m just looking to capture one swing in the market and see how fun it that swing can go what I’ll do is that if the market hits lower I’ll just throw my stop-loss right on the previous day huh right if he breaks and close above the previous day hi all right let’s say the market does hit down lower right if it breaks and close the previous day high I’m out of the trade it’s gonna be a what I call a good defense trade I’m not looking to capture Dee or write the entire down move down to a no $3.

00 right that is unlikely to happen okay I’m just in for one swing and this are this trade so that’s the dollar gets the Turkish lira moving on dollar ruble where are you doll okay it’s not here I couldn’t look at this for x1 all right so you can see that what’s happening is that dollar is the ruble previously we had a breakout of the ascending triangle if you do not know what this chart pattern is go and study my youtube channel I have a video devoted to design this chat pattern right so we have this ascending triangle a series of higher lows coming in to resistance right so this is a sign of strength and it’s telling you that the buyers are willing to buy at this higher prices and the market did break out okay so so that it was a setup to go lock right now what’s happening right now is that the market is forming another potential ascending triangle right so if you miss the earlier move right don’t worry because what’s happening right now is that the market is forming a potential ascending triangle again so if you can see that you know a series of higher lows coming in so if it does break out right this could be a setup for you to go long on the dollar Ruba and for more advanced trader right yeah actually look down into the forward timeframe and look for a false brick setup and this a swing low over here market comes in that’s a false break close higher you look to go long at this point in time in on top of it right if you draw a trendline I believe pretty much connects the the lows as well so that kind of adds confluence to this trade right for dollar group of so a couple of ways you can treat this dollar ruble and I’m moving on right just-just-just I know I covered a lot of a lot of pairs this week it’s like you know I’m on steroids everything’s just going like vomit well not really but anyway euro Aussie right now again similar to the dollar gauge the Turkish lira you see that you have a very nice strong move all right coming to this area of resistance again just looking for a false break to see if the move can feel right so thereby profiting from you know traders who are trying to buy the breakouts okay so that’s up pretty much it for the forex market let’s have a look at the stock markets shall we so stock markets generally one would bullish are you look at the S&P 500 from the looks of it you don’t want to be shorting right market is in the overall long term in an uptrend I can see here series of higher lows higher lows higher lows higher lows higher lows and right now it’s a little bit overextended so again bringing back to the Aussie dollar concept that we spoke of earlier you’d want to be buying when a market has just broke out of the highs and is looking over stretch or you wanna find value right on this SMP 500 what you can do is again let’s see the 20 ma okay see that this market tends to you know have a couple of bounds of the 20 ma so if you wanna buy value can let it approach back towards this 20-period moving average at the same time you have the confluence of this our previous resistance turn support that would be a much more sweeter trade location to be trading off the SMP right with a long bias moving on I want to talk about the nifty because I believe there are a number of traders from India so hello my friends all right so so let’s talk about this as well so again generally the trend is towards the upside and I don’t want to be shorting at this point in time one thing about the Nifty is that it tends to you know breakout form a build up break up and then form a build up a build up again so what is a build up is actually this type of tech consolidation type consolidation on your chart right type consolidation right so it consolidates it breaks out consolidates it breaks out so one way to gain to catch a mod the treat on the Nifty 50s again wait for a tight consolidation right and breakout we really get a tight consolidation now you can reference this low right as your stop-loss point we’re referencing from your from the swing low okay so now you have a much better uh or rather logical place to set your stop loss okay so this is for the nifty 50 generally right still in an uptrend I think most of the stock markets are still in an uptrend well of course there are a few that are not performing too well but generally I think the markets in the u.

s. all right a nifty 50 are doing quite okay moving on let’s have a look at bonds shall we so bonds let’s look at the tenure so bonds have been pretty boring to me over the last few months right the press section is just choppy right if you ask me what’s possibly happening right is that you look back the market is actually previously in a declining stage okay now it seems to be in a potential accumulation stage where the market goes into a longer-term range so a couple of ways you can play this or trade this I hit used what play was trading so it’s a business right not to play all right so a couple of ways you can trade this number one right my bias is still shot on this unless right this level gets broken so if the market gain comes up that’s a false break in closed lower I’ll be looking to shut this market because my bias afterall is still towards the short side however if this market comes up to the resistance level alright it comes up over here forms and built up right then I’ll be looking to long to break up towards the upside because when there’s a build-up at the highest right it’s a sign of strength telling me that there are buyers willing to buy in front of this resistance level and there’s a there’s a good chance it could break up so if that happens I’ll be looking to buy the break up on the this tenure Treasury note futures okay so this is for the bond markets all right still price action is still choppy but till he comes to this level that’s where it would be a level of interest for me to trade off and last but not least right let’s have a look at go shall we alright so gold is in a downtrend rise quite a strong downtrend as well if you just pull out your twin AME notice that this price right has been consistently below the tween eme and recently did exit a little bit all right so my bias on gold is still short in fact it’s in a quite a nice level right it is a previous swing low now acting as a resistance also near the 20 ami so to trade this right so in fact I’m actually a really short goal right let me just share with you where I got shot pretty much gone short on this breakdown of this swing this swing area over here pretty much have a built up below the tweeny me I went sure shot in the breakdown stop-loss one ETR above this highs but some of you who are not shot right hey what you can do is again price is still in a downtrend and a good level right a previous swing high could act as resistance and near the tween eme so if you look at the forward timeframe what you want to see is a break of structure so what you can see on a forward timeframe right now is that you have a pretty much a lower high form over here right this is the lower height so if the price breaks and closed below this swing low right breaks it close below it babyish candle you can look to get shot right having your stop-loss just a 180 are above this highs alright a simple trick management for you is quite simple right what you can do is again on a daily timeframe let’s say you know the trade got executed the price did hit lower okay what you can do is just simply reference the tween eme right and just use that – Trillian stop-loss so as a price hit lower the twin ma will start to point down lower okay so the price now breaks and close back above the 20-period moving average you exit the trade so that’s one way you can go about drilling your stop-loss alternatively you can use you know a market structure you know lower highs lower lows stuff like that that is fine as well I actually did a video right five ways to trill your stop-loss if you’re a lot more check out that video okay so that’s a pretty much it right in this week’s uh this week’s analysis I think we covered quite a bit right and for those of you who are new to what I do you want to learn more my strategies techniques and zaps go down to my website trading with Rainer calm here okay and I have a couple of trading guides that are very useful to you especially it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been trading one year to your trio right first and foremost you can download the ultimate trend-following guy we talked about how trend-following works and how you actually can go about writing trends in the market the other guy is more towards a price action trading how do you actually actually better time your entries and exits how to read market structure right so go to my website click the blue button and download these two trading guys it’s completely free and I’ll send it to your email address alright so that’s it I have come to the end of this video if you enjoyed the analysis hit the thumbs up button alright like my video subscribe and any feedback comment let me know below and I’ll get back to you well that’s it I’ll talk to you soon you


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