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245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups: Profiting from Penny Stocks (Volume 3)


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Penny stocks are great stocks to trade for the right trader as there are many advantages. A great advantage to trading penny stocks is that they create a great starting point for beginning traders as they have a lower entry of capital. This helps reduce your total monetary risk in the stock market as you learn the art of trading. It allows you to practice, execute trades, and watch the markets with a lower dollar amount invested.One of the other major advantages is that many people who trade penny stocks are often retail traders – it is not the professionals. This means if you have a read a few books, build up a set of skills, and practiced you will often have an edge over the average trader.Even though there are more retail traders than hedge fund managers trading penny stocks, this doesn’t mean it is easy. You still have to learn the fundamentals of trading, chart basics, and learn how penny stocks move and behave because they move differently than the Blue Chip companies.If you learn to spot these little signals, have the right mindsets, understand the behavior, and natural tendencies of penny stocks then your trading decisions will be more favorable and you will be more confident. That is what this book focuses on teaching you.This book focuses on training your visual senses so that you can learn to spot the subtle signals as well as entry and exit opportunities when trading penny stocks. By looking at hundreds of charts you will notice a pattern and improve your visual senses. This book focuses on trading penny stocks to the long and short side. Use books in the series for samples with other types of charts that will allow you to continue your education. The more charts that you look at the easier it gets!


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