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245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups: Profiting from Swing Trading


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Training is important to achieve success and reach the destination you desire. This book was created to be a training tool for traders looking to perfect their awareness of spotting the right swing chart setups. It was developed so you can learn what a healthy chart looks like, when to enter a stock, when to exit a trade, and train your trading game to be the best it can be! Just like super star athletes train and work on building their muscle memory so that they can use these tools at any given time when they need them most. They spend thousands of hours perfecting a twist of the wrist or the torque of the foot to get everything running at optimum performance so that they can be the best. That’s what this book is all about – to improve and train your swing chart reading skills so that you can spot healthy charts ready to breakout. By looking at hundreds of charts and studying their movements, it will give you a grasp of price action and healthy moves in the market. Learning this skill and making it second nature will give you the skills you need to naturally execute the buy or sell order with little to no hesitation.


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