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5 Trading Books Every Stock Trader Must Read

5 Trading Books Every Stock Trader Must Read

hey hey what’s up my friend so in this episode I want to share with you five right five trading books every stock trader must read so if you trade stocks right then here you got to check up this list of books that I’m about to share with you but if you don’t rate stocks don’t worry because the principles that these books talk about right can be applied to different asset classes as well okay so first book number one Stan Winston right secrets to profiting in bull and bear markets so what I like about this book is that it talks about the market right moving from different stages right from the accumulation stage to the advancing stage to the distribution stage to the declining stage so you can think of you know market moving in cycles so what are this you know different cycles or how the market moves in each of this different stage this book covers you know pretty well in fact it’s a free book that I use right in my own price action trading as well so if you are pretty much clueless whenever you look at a channel should I be behind you should I be selling right then this book will give you a good overview of what you should be doing right at a different stage of the markets number two how to make money in stocks right a winning system in good times and bad this is a book by William Jay onel it’s definitely one of the most popular stock trading books out there and the way this books this book right approach stock trading is that there are so many stocks out there and how do you know which stocks to buy so what this person did William Jay O’Neal is that he identified all the stocks that has made a huge move right and he looked back in time right before they actually break up before they actually made this monster gains are what are the common characteristics to these stocks and this is where he introduced you the can slim system on methodology right where you look at certain fundamental traits of a stock and certain shot patterns of a stock so this is what this book is all about right identifying monster moves in the market right before it actually happens the third book trade like a stock market reset by mock minor vini so this book is a little similar to the second book that I mentioned earlier but the key difference here is that it’s a focusing more on certain fundamental ratios and certain chart patterns right – vini calls it the volatility contraction pattern so what he looks for is a contraction pattern in the stock right before he breaks out in looking for this patterns right before he buy pre-cuts and also if I’m not wrong right he also takes into account certain fundamentals of a stop right there kind of you know sweeten the probability of history book number four right if you’re if you don’t want to deal with fundamentals right then this book and Holy Grails by Nick retro it goes into systemic stock trading in fact it’s basically how to treat stocks right from a momentum perspective how to actually buy the strongest stocks right hold them right the trend till it ends right and then you know exiting these stocks for you know hopefully a huge game so he covers I believe seven different ways you can trade momentum in the stock markets and the principles all generally the same right you buy the strongest stocks and you write the trend till it ends but the way you execute the entries right some could be using Bollinger Bands some could be using moving average crossover some could be judged by you know 52-week you know heist breakout and stuff like that and this book right it’s a it’s more for systemic stock traders and it gives you all the back test results they come along with each of this system as well and the final book that I want to share with you it’s stocks on the move right by endrias plenum so this book it’s and I open there because often I mean you think of trading man I need to use of stop-loss write a stop-loss help me you know contain my losses so I don’t blow up my account but this book takes a different approach right there is no stop-loss involve right in the system that is in the book stocks on the move right how it’s being done is that the protective mechanism right uses portfolio rebalancing I mean I don’t know I don’t have enough time to describe what portfolio rebalancing is and how it works in this video but if you’re interested right to treat stocks right a portfolio of stocks i and do some rebalancing every every couple of weeks or every man right and this book will show you how to do it right again the concept is similar to mix book right where you are buying the strongest stocks right and then just rebalancing this portfolio of stocks right on a regular interval and and here you write the system that said you know so beats the market as well so these are the five books that I want to share with you and again if you have not read any of it right go check it out Amazon and get it all from your nearest library so that’s it I hope it helps and I will talk to you soon you


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