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5 Ways To Grow Your Trading Knowledge (Free)

5 Ways To Grow Your Trading Knowledge (Free)

hey hey what’s up my friend so in today’s episode i want to share with you five right five ways you can grow your trading knowledge for free right i know that’s everyone’s favorite word free right so yep this uh these are stuff that you know you can get your hands on for free the first thing that i want you to check out are trading podcasts so for those of you who are not familiar with it so podcasts are stuff that you listen on the go kind of like uh listening on the radio but this time around the the topics that they cover are all trading related so a couple of podcasts that comes to mind is number one chat with traders by uh aaron fifield he basically uh interviews you know traders of different backgrounds some are prop traders some quantitative traders some people are actually from outside of the trading arena as well but it’s pretty interesting so it’s kind of like the modern day market wizards but audio version right so again you can learn a lot of uh tips techniques trading concepts from all these different traders and it’s free okay so that’s the first podcast to check out another podcast to check out is better systems trader so this podcast right focus primarily on quantitative trading so this is for you if you know you’re into corn trading you want to trade stuff with you know mechanical rules right you don’t know where to start then hey you know check out better systems trader where they you know interview these quant traders they will share their trading concepts you know how they trade and you should be able to you know get some insight some strategies that you can extract and then do your own back testing and see if it works for you or not okay so that’s the first resource right trading podcast number two right check out you know trading hubs or trading academy for example all right if you’re into forex trading okay i’m sure you have heard of baby pips right if you have if you have not right then go and check it out so baby pips it’s a free website where it basically right gives you a solid foundation into fx trading right he shares with you the basic stuff like you know what is a pip what is a forex market who trades it and then it goes into the more advanced stuff like you know indicators trend lines and so on and so forth so it’s very dedicated to forex trading and on the other hand right if you are not a forex trader maybe you’re a stock trader then you can check out the trading with rainer academy it’s free as well just go down to the website my website tradingwithrainer.

com then the academy button is at the top and over there at the academy we have again right uh courses right free courses that cover stock trading forex trading candlestick patterns right common trading terminologies then we have lessons on price action trading we have lessons on indicators we have lessons on candlestick patterns so a lot of stuff down there and it’s free as well so these are kind of what i call trading academies trading hub right where you can just come in with a blank slate of mine right and you will leave it right feeling like hey man i learned a lot of stuff after you know like a week or two uh resource number three right is your trading journal right this is a game it’s free right you just need to use like excel or even pen and paper if you want to then your trading journal what you’re going to do is to pretty much record write your trades right the the trading setup that you’re taking what is it breakout trading reversal trade continuation whatsoever i don’t care just record down your trades then you also want to record down the outcome of the trade right uh is it a winner is it a loser how much do you make how much did you lose right you want to record down in terms of r so for example let’s say you risk fifty dollars and you make a hundred dollars that’s a profit of two hours so record down 2r right if you risk 50 and you lose 50 that’s a loss of one hour so put negative 1r so what you want to do right in your trading journal is to once you you know execute the number of trades let’s say 100 trades you can identify right which trading setups right are the ones that are making you money and then which trading setups are the one that are costing you money i don’t want that i’m not as profitable then the key thing here is to actually focus on the setups that makes you money and avoid the ones that cost you money again this is free knowledge but this is so so so powerful i’m sharing this with you right and i’m pretty sure 90 of you out there who are listening right now will not do it but the 10 who does it right it’s a game changer for you trust me uh resource number four all right books right so trading books out there it’s uh uh to be honest it’s not exactly free right you have to spend money on it but i know some of you are pretty resourceful you know win-win right you have your own resources to get stuff for free so i’ll just classify as free okay and yeah so if you don’t know where to start just go down to amazon right if you want to learn about price action trading just search price action trading whichever books comes up right and the ratings are pretty high like you know above four stars those are books that are probably pretty popular right among traders so you can start with those books right more than four stars and you know have a high number of ratings like let’s say more than 100 reviews that’s up that should be pretty decent or alternatively you can go down to like google search for let’s say if you’re into stock trading best stock trading books again something will come up i’m pretty sure you can read those books all right compare it to amazon and kind of like cross referencing whether you know the books on google that are being recommended are they popular on amazon as well if they are then there’s a good chance they know that’s a book that’s worth reading okay so forthing right is books and finally the fifth thing that you can use right now to level up your trading knowledge is youtube videos right that’s what you are watching or listen to listening to right now so a number of youtube channels that uh i would i would recommend to traders for especially for those of you who are new to trading uh number one is a humble trader it’s a female lady in talking about day trading stuff very real right so if you’re into day trading the u.

s stock market you can check out humboldt trader uh number two if you’re into price section trading you can check out uh the trading channel right by steve right so again he dives deep into price section trading right covers a lot of stuff about it you can check it out it’s free and the third channel that i would like to recommend as well is from adam kuh he shares a lot of stuff as well there’s indicators there’s trading that’s investing again it’s all free okay so so ultimately right i would say there’s a lot of resources out there but it can be overwhelming right if you do not know what you’re looking for so first and foremost you got to be honest and ask yourself right what are you trying to accomplish are you trying to be a price action trader are you trying to master investing are you into options trading once you know your goal once you know what you want then it makes your life easier right to know what to look for because if you do not know what the what the beat you’re looking for and anything that comes your way right might be something that you know you want to dive into and eventually you get overwhelmed so instead right take a step back all right ask yourself honestly what am i trying to accomplish if let’s say you’re trying to be a forex trader then just dive deep right into all the forex trading materials out there ignore the options trading stuff ignore the stock trading stuff ignore everything else except forex trading right so once you kind of you know uh learn as much as you can about it right and you have level up enough and you want to dive into other areas like options trading then here feel free to do so but just don’t do it right at the start right when when you know chances are you overwhelm yourself okay so just a quick recap right to the five ways you can grow your trading knowledge number one is through podcast i recommended chat with traders and better systems trader number two is trading academy you can go down to babypips.

com or you know the trading with renal academy number three is your trading journal number four is books alright you can get it from amazon or just google you know best trading books out there or best forex trading books best stock trading books etc and number five right check out youtube channels again most of them i think they’re all free right you have a humble trader you have the trading channel and you have adam cool so with that said i wish you good luck and good trading i will talk to you soon you


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