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6 Books That Changed My Life

6 Books That Changed My Life

hey hey what’s up my friend so in today’s episode I wanna share with you six six books that changed my life and I want to tell you you know the lessons that I learned from it and how you can apply to your own life as well book number one Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki so this is a book that you are probably already familiar with right and there are many powerful you know lessons in a book and though the one that really no hit me hard is something called delayed gratification so in these days and HR especially if you know people my age where they you know have been working for a few years their savings accounts lot starting to accumulate they start to buy things right to impress others right you know stuff like luxury watches right buying cars right and this erodes their savings and if you think about this right this amount of savings for example let’s say you know you spend five thousand or maybe $10,000 on a Rolex watch okay this $10,000 can be used for your investment for your own trading and and if you compound that returns right over the next 30 40 years right your $10,000 could grow into six figures but most people don’t look at it that way they just look at it now as you know I want to impress my peers right now and buy this water like this this water because I want it right now do you know show off and stuff like that and by buying watches by buying all this stuff to impress others you kind of you know prolong you being in a red race right to stay in a rat race you know for a damn hell a long time because you know you find all the stuff that you don’t need and you have to stay in your job the job that you don’t like because of your this you know spending habits so for me right I know that I want financial freedom I want to have the luxury of doing what I want when I want you know without having anyone to answer to and this matters a lot to me so this is why you know I don’t want to be spending money on so-called luxury item yes I do spend money to pamper myself but I don’t blow it everything I have right on you know cars on washers on stuff to impress others right it’s fine know if you you know spend a bit of money to pamper yourself but not everything right where you know you don’t even have enough left for your later years so delayed gratification is the first lesson that I learned I know that if I delay the the ones that I have right now in my later years right I can reap the rewards right to come okay number two secrets of self-made millionaire by Adam cook so you’re probably you know familiar with Adam cool right he has a very awesome YouTube channel sharing a lot of you know trading tips and tricks but before that right Adam actually is an entrepreneur thread he he talks a lot about mindset neuro linguistic programming he has you know education system right to help people you know do well for the exams and stuff like that so when he wrote a book write secrets of a self-made millionaire that book really no resonated with me not because the book you know it’s a there’s a lot of you know how harsh I put it right it’s it is a how-to book right but how to isn’t groundbreaking it isn’t revolutionary right the stuff that you learn in a book you can probably learn elsewhere learn online even right but why I love the book so much is because it also my belief system right it made me believe that hey I can do it right I can be a millionaire right I can you know I have what it takes right to succeed in life so that book really hit me hard because it altered my belief right and and sort of like no change my identity right to believe that I can achieve great things and that book right is powerful to me because of that reason because of it enabling me right to change my beliefs okay so if a book can do that for me right I would say dead it’s a book right that has changed my life so that’s number two right secrets of self-made millionaire millionaires right by Adam Koo book number three how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie Carnegie and I’m not sure how to pronounce it a my thing is Carnegie so that book again right it has many powerful you know tips right on each you write how to interact with people how to make people like you make people love you how to get people’s attention and stuff like that and one of the biggest thing I learned from it is that you want to call people by their first name especially when you come across the waiter waitresses you know people that you know are serving you right they usually have your nametag over here and trust me when you call them for example let’s say the name is called Rainer hey Rainer could you fetch me a glass of wine could you you know please fetch me some water you can see the ice you know just light up right because imagine right through the entire day they’ll call people call them hey hey hey hey and stuff like that and they they don’t feel recognized that they don’t feel you know appreciated so when you call them by their first name yeah ice right will light up trust me I’ve done this many times hundreds of times right and it never fails me right to see how you can actually lighten up someone day just by calling them by their first name and that is something I learn in how to win in how to win any influence how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie so that’s a powerful book many more stuff and then book go and really if you haven’t done it book number four right atomic habits by James clear so what this book is that this is a really how-to book right and it’s backed by science and it helps you break any habits that you have maybe social media habits alright or maybe you know you have a habit of you know being late for appointments or whatsoever so for me one of the biggest takeaway ahead is that if you want to break a habit right make it as inconvenient for you to do that habit so for example in the past or I am always glued to social media Facebook Twitter and you know trying to see you know what people are doing and I find that that’s a huge time-suck right else have you go to social media for one minute and you end up spending 20 minutes over there you do that multiple times a day you can see that hours all right I spend doing nothing so what I did is that I made it difficult for me to log into my social media account how did I do it I log out of all my social media account and he found the login after putting my username my password and enter and then it’s a hassle right that is an obstacle to me right to actually use social media so once I’ve adopt this approach right my social media usage has has dropped drastically because it’s so inconvenient to use the I must type in my username my password you know I might as well do something else so that’s how actually kind of you know break that habit and that’s the book ready atomic habits by James clear book number five find the one thing by Gary Keller and Jay papasan so what this book’s talked about is there is that you won’t focus on it one thing that one thing that will you know drive results for you so for me right now there are a few one thing that I focus on for example doing this video I tell myself I want to do at least one video per week because I know that if I do one video per week one year is about 52 videos and that will you know have a huge impact on people all around the world especially traders who want to learn more about treating just one video a week that’s all for my training right all I know is that I just want to put on one trait one trait that follows my trading plane if I know I put on that one trait that follows my trading plan then it’s five years ten years right I will you a positive expectancy right because I’ve been in the markets or how about I just tell myself right every year I just hit do you know it fans to my accountant right once per year that’s all in the next five ten years twenty years thirty years right I would grow that account right substantially right had I not you know adding any funds to it so just that one thing right to focus on it right and when you compound it right it will you massive result so my question to you is that what is the one thing that you can do right now today and if you do it consistently for the next five ten twenty thirty years it will you you you will offer you a result that you would dream of and trust me right it doesn’t require hard work it just requires you to focus on a one thing to do it consistently over the long run and you realize that many of your your fantasies your dreams are your aspirations are not that far away and finally book number six is called the go Giver by Bob Bob and John David men and this book is powerful because it believes in giving value it believes in giving first and not worrying about you know getting any take anything back in return for example all my YouTube videos the training right my blog post I give it up all the way for free and that’s because I have a philosophy right where I want to be a giver I’m willing to give I don’t care or worry about you know what I can get back in return because I have experienced firsthand that the more I give the more I will get back in return I don’t know how it will come back to me but I know it will okay so this is a principle that you have to experience it for yourself right and you will see how powerful this is okay so this is why you know whatever I do right now it’s all about giving right I am not really you know hey for example is it I wouldn’t say stuff like you know you know watch my youtube videos right then hey you know you gotta you know give me like I know five hundred dollars right to watch my videos or you know you wanna watch my read my blog post and hey you have to you know do something for me know everything’s out there put up for free most of my stuff except my my premium content and I know that by giving right it would reach out to more people and when I reach out to more people there will be no a percentage of people who decided to take up my premium training and they will you know pay for or whatever premium training then I’m offering and that’s you know in a way getting back right what I’ve given and usually when you give right what you get back is many folks all right that’s kind of like you know one of the laws of the universe I I kind of explain it right but I’ve experienced it firsthand in the trading refrain of business I have experienced it firsthand you know when people’s relationship I just I just focus on giving and I’m surprised right what actually you know get back in written even though I didn’t even see it coming okay so this are the six books that has changed my life right maybe there’s more to add in my later years but right now the six books are very powerful if you’ve not read any of it I recommend you do so borrow it and that’s it right so but that’s it I will talk to you soon you


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