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BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO THE STOCK MARKET: The easiest proven strategies, the right trading psychology, the big mistakes to avoid. All you need to know to make money in stocks today and grow your wealth


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Would you like to start investing in the stock market, but you have never done it before?

Do you want to learn the safest and simplest trading strategies to avoid losing money in 2020 and earn passive income?

Especially in this period of economic uncertainty, the stock market can be quite confusing and risky for those who are just starting out with trading. Too many people lose their savings by investing in the stock market without the right knowledge and the right strategies.
Don’t play with your money. The stock market is not a game!
In order to avoid costly mistakes and minimize risks, investors know the basics of the stock market, and how trading works. 
This is not the usual guide written in impenetrable jargon by an Economics professor or by a trader aiming to sponsor his platform – both of whom don’t really teach any concrete or easily applicable strategies in the end. 
This book is written by someone just like you, a family man who has personally been studying and experimenting with stock investing techniques and strategies for over 10 years. 
After much trial and error, over the years Martin found and perfected the simplest and most reliable methods to invest profitably in the stock market. 
No complicated charts to analyze or hours to spend at the computer, but easily understandable strategies even for absolute beginners. The same strategies that he has been using every day for years to earn money on the stock market. 
Martin’s guide will not give you false illusions as the “big gurus” of overnight millionaire earnings do. Instead, he will explain exactly how the stock market operates, and all the tools you need to approach trading safely, successfully and with the right mindset.

In this book you will learn:

•    How to get started with trading, and the basics of the stock market
•    How much to invest, and how to set goals regarding investing
•    How much risk you should be willing to take
•    How to open an online trading account, and how to start buying and selling stocks
•    All about the different investing possibilities in stocks: individual stocks, Etfs, funds, options and more
•    Day and swing trading 
•    Finding the right stocks to invest in 
•    Proven trading strategies to maximize profit
•    How to take advantage of bull and bear markets (and what they are)
•    What to do in a bear market
•    How to avoid big common beginners’ mistakes
•    How to adopt the mindset of a professional trader

This is the one and only step-by-step guide you need for starting from scratch. 
Now scroll up, click the BUY NOW button, and become a savvy stock investor today!


Martin Wilder worked hard in different jobs for over 20 years. He was trapped in a loop of boring jobs that gave him little satisfaction, a lot of frustration and no time for his family. In his search for a new life, he became passionate about online business and stock trading, two disciplines that he has learned and tested first hand over the past decade. This knowledge has allowed him to abandon his old job and become an entrepreneur, gaining financial freedom and a much better quality of life.


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