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Best Trading Opportunities (July 2019) | Price Action Analysis

Best Trading Opportunities (July 2019) | Price Action Analysis

hey hey what’s up my friend so welcome to the market analysis for the man of true line so this video here is where I share with you the trading opportunities that I’m seeing right now as well as you know sometimes walking you to write a few of the treats that I took the winners the losers and to share with you my top process behind it so this is basically what this monthly video is all about sharing my analysis sharing my wins sharing my losses sharing my top process and to help you know better understand the price section of the markets so with that said right let’s begin so the first market that I want to share with you which I think there is a nice potential opportunity is go so if you look at a chart of gold right the one that you’re seeing right now you notice that it actually actually broke above the multi-year highs right I just zoom out a little bit you can see you can see that the price over here has actually broke above this key area of resistance over the last few years this resists resistance right has been around since 2013 2014 so this clearly is a multi-year highs and the price has broke out of it so at this point some traders might have cut the breakout some trainers like me right did not catch the breakout and I’m looking to hop on what the trick so clearly now your buyers right your your bias on this pair is towards the upside right the trend is up right very simply put right the price has made a series of higher highs and higher lows okay high highs higher lows higher highs higher lows you should be looking to buy a goal right now but a question is where where do you want to buy go you didn’t just want to buy cool and any Tom Dick Harry Sally princess price you want to buy it at a price level which you think it’s reasonable so there are a couple of ways to do this right so here let me share with you a couple of trading setup right where you can look to buy court rate goal to see so the first thing is notice this area over here I this is a swing low on the daily timeframe right and usually if you see a swing low on a daily time for it’s usually an area of support on the four-hour timeframe right you’ll go down to the forward time frame you can see now that swing low on the daily is now a much this area of support okay so one simple setup is where the price would come down lower swing lower and then do a Falls break where you know it trades below this area of support taking out the lows taking out the lows taking out the lows and any reversing close strongly back up of support so when this happens right what happened is that they are traders who are going to go shot right believe that oh man go can’t go any higher all right I want to shot this so what they’ll do is that if the price breaks below this area of support this Grove traders will be shot the cool market and if the price breaks below the pot and does the sudden reversal up towards the upside you can imagine that they grew of the group of traders who are short and now trap because if you shot the breakdown in the price reverse its it hurts you right so this is how you can actually no sort of take advantage of this phenomenon from this group of trapped traders that’s what we are looking for this a false break to trap this group of traders right who are shot shot the breakdown okay so as you can imagine if the price right reverse back higher all right those group of traders who are shot right now I have to cut their losses which will fuel further buying pressure okay so this is a simple set up I’m looking for the false break on the four hour time frame so this is go another setup could be let’s see right the price might not come into that area of support this swing low over here on a daily timeframe so what now right another possibility is to buy the breakout so now you’re buying with momentum as the price breaks out higher so you can place a buy stop order over here or if you want to give it for a break and close above the highs before you call long okay so if gold breaks out right can look to buy when you break some of the highs and stop-loss right where I would place it right it’s a 180 are below this swing low okay so 180 are below this wing go somewhere about here so if you do not know what is 180 I’ll just pull out the every strange indicator okay I really use to any period so this just a super quick one I use the SMA I find out the value over here okay let’s see it’s $20 I’ll take this value here let’s say is X minus by $20 and there will be this level here let’s say it’s X minus by $20 that will be my initial stop-loss okay so this is how I would look go either if there’s a false break towards the swing low or a breakout higher and the way I’m gonna manage this trade is that since right this is the the possible start of a new Uptrend I want to be riding this move for eggs for as long as possible so a few ways you can write the trend here on goal number one you can just use a tool like moving average okay the twenty or fifty period moving average it depends on you know what type of training you need capture let’s say for example in this case right goal is still above the 20 ma so you can hold on to the trigger as long as the price is above the 20 MA and then exit only if the price closes below it so that’s one way to go about it right drilling your stops using the 20 ma another way you can do is what I call the market structure so you know that in an uptrend it consists of a series of higher highs and higher lows like like this right uptrend higher highs higher highs and higher lows so what you can do is that if you want to write the move for as long as possible you can drill your stop-loss right below the previous swing low let’s say the price now is here you can trill it below this previous swing low so set your stop loss or a buffer distance below this swing low let’s see somewhere about here so you don’t have the price were to make a reversal right it has to at least break this swing low here right before hitting your stops and if that happens right chances are the trend is about to come to an end it’s getting weak and you might not want to stay in a trade any longer so that is a another technique that you can use right what I call market structure so I and there many more I’ll leave it to you right but just want to share with you the top process to you know why I’m bullish on gold right in a couple of ways – in order to write this trend right it should it play out further mixed market alright mixed market on a share with you is pound Canadian there there you go hey that wasn’t me right there was a there was Reena jr.

there wasn’t me okay so pound Canadian you can see that this market structure again back to fundamentals or other stuff what is the trend this market is usually the first thing I ask myself what is this market structure uptrend downtrend reach it’s only one of this three so pound Canadian right now are based on the looks of this chart prices break below this area of support right in a pretty strong break right so the trend is down okay next in right area fairly where’s the price right now is it trading near an area of value so there are few is to define area of value if you just solely trade off support resistance right then this would be an area of failure right previous previous support or I previous support support no I guess resistant so you expect price to come up higher then possibly get a price rejection and then come down back lower but that’s if the price don’t go back to that area of value there you’ve defined right so usually it’s such a strong trending market to as what you’re seeing right on this strong move right the price may or may not get back to this level so another way to define area of value at least for me instead to use the twin EMA so in a strong trend the price tends to you know come close to us at 20 ma and then bounce off and you know continue lower so you can see over here close to it hit down lower almost almost there hit down lower and right now it’s a still quite a distance away so this right tells me that okay I can use the twin ma to surface an area of failure I don’t want to be selling yet right reason being is that if I were to sell pound Canadian right now let’s say over here my stop block so I cannot be here here or here well well you can’t no one is gonna point a gun any hate is it a you cannot put down there you can but it’s not advisable to do so why because the price right could just hit down lower a bit and then it has to retrace back towards this a 20 ma this area of value and if your stop track is anywhere from this highs to the 20 ma there’s a good chance you’re gonna get stopped out right if you set it within this area are you with me so for me personally I would prefer right to let the twin eme catch up with price so for the 20 ma to catch up with price what it needs to do is for the price to consolidator is the price consolidate and this is a sensor is a training period moving average that takes into account the summary the prices of the over the last 20 candles if yet the long story short if the candles were to consolidate the 20 ma will slowly eventually catch up with price so that’s what I wanted to do right I want the price I wanna candles to consolidate right maybe another 3 or 4 5 more candles between ma was that to flatten out and catch up with price now now if the price right let’s say it comes out to comes up like that right in the 20 mins you know flatten down closer towards the price now if he breaks down breaks below this low I now reference this twini me to set my stop loss so maybe just 180 are above it and now the stop-loss is not only is it tighter it’s a the price now also has a difficulty to go and break above it right because not that windy MA it serves as a barrier to not hold on this lower prices whereas previously when a 20 ma has not catch up with it right there is you know room for the price we just spiked up and down but now as the 20 ma is catch up with it right you would see that price would have another obstacle right to break above it as the 20 m/s of a superior to so-called prevent higher prices right and that’s not reason why price can break out higher okay the reason why the when the 20 ma catch up with the price and there’s a lower probably high there’s a higher probability of break down towards the downside is because there’s some build up form on the charts right so you can imagine right let’s say the price consolidates over here right there would be traders who are at this point and CEO and Wacha is bottoming out let me go long and Niko long there our stop loss is below this this this loss over here just stop-loss orders would build right as you know you who long setting your stop-loss below the lows of so called swing support or the swing low and you can imagine if they market reverses right and hit this cluster of stop-loss right these are all here strong selling pressure to push the price down lower right so the more cluster of stop-loss there is at a loss the longer the price consolidates right be higher probability of a break down so compared to right now on the price belly consolidated right the cost of stop-loss below this low is not as much so this is why you want the price to consolidate and that’s why when the price consolidate moving a ratio tends to you know come down lower as though as you know it’s coming to a to do to keep the price down lower that’s the kind of a pattern that you’ll see on the charts okay so this is a pound Canadian right I hope that makes sense ER it’s a little bit technical going to the the behind-the-scenes of what the players are doing so anyway that’s our four pound Canadian before right I end of todays video I just want to share with you also a couple of traits I took write some winners and losers and again the top process behind it so palm Canadia is one trait that I took right so get very straightforward again this one market broke below this area of the pot right notice bro below this area of support there now this will become previous support and resistance price are rarely higher over here come down ready tire came down and really tire once again so at this point right this is where I got an entry trigger to go short so you didn’t just zoom or a little bit right at this point you have a a downtrend okay market is heading downwards an area of value right area of value this is an area of a resistance previous important resistance and if nothing is you have is the entry fever let’s call it e right this is the bearish engulfing pattern this tells you the sellers are in control right and the prices you know close strongly lower so I mean I mean shot stop loss or at 180 are above this high saw right in what I was looking for is for the price to at least reach this this swing low over here right if you can reach here I did I would start trilling my stop-loss as the progress is down lower so when a price hit this swing low over here I started started trilling my stop-loss are on the previous candle high so when the so when the price breaks and close above the previous day high right I exit the trade so it came in on this candle over here and on this candle here ok this candle it’s now break and close above this previously high so this candle right didn’t really break and close above this previously high I mean from the looks of it it’s very close so I give it one more candle just to be sure and true enough I got in a worst price right but hey following your rules is following your rules so this where I exit the trade on this pound dollar tree so just share with you one more example or Zn very similar setup and not looking too pretty for me ok so you can see that over here again Aussie yen market structure is down right trends down ok to strain it down area of value right you can see the price now is retails right this area of resistance so it’s an area of value as well market structure is down area of value entry trigger we have this bearish engulfing pattern so we have it as well our entry trigger and this is again where I went shot very similar to the pound dollar trade and stop-loss 180 are above this highs for this straight right I had my stop-loss about here right and I was targeting this level your minimum meaning right the price is either got hit my stop-loss here or at least reach this and then I would start you know to trail my stop-loss okay it has to be either hitting my initial stop loss or my so-called initial target I’m not really having a fixed target here but I want the price to at least retest that level and then I was had to implement my trade management right so in this case the price didn’t reach the level yet and it’s now pretty much hovering against me so at this point I’ll share with you something is that many traders would look at this and say you know here in wait wait don’t you just you know why don’t you exit the trade man you know it’s going engage you right you can you can you know can you lost a small take a smaller loss yeah the other and I understand where they’re coming from because I used to be the kind of Frieda right where I will try to minimize my losses but here’s the thing right my stop-loss has already been placed right at a level where he will invalidate my trading setup meaning I don’t just randomly place a stop loss in the middle of a chat it has been planned carefully right at a level where it’s beyond a market structure in a market structure that I’m leaving against right is this area of resistance right – this area of resistance I’m setting my stop-loss 180 are above this size let’s say somewhere here okay it’s leaning against this area of resistance so you can see that the price now is that this area of resistance why do I don’t want to cut shot the the trade smacking in and an area of resistance because if this resistance is let’s say it can’t break out in holes and reverse down lower you know I clearly right would be very foolish right you just exit the trick even though I’m not proven wrong yet so I do agree from the looks of it it’s not looking too pretty right the candles are against me you can see no starting to you know build up over here closing higher but hey as yourself right ask myself is the trading idea invalidated no resistance is still in technique trading idea is still not invalidate that so why should I exit the trade for the fear of losing doesn’t make sense I already planned my risk management already planned my idea I know how much I could potentially lose on this tree and I just simply am going to follow the plan okay so this is all Sienna just to share with you a little bit of a trading psychology aspect Twitter and I hope this is something that you will consider answer in future and especially if you’re the type of trader that tends to cut your your losses short right instead of giving it and you could any quit room right to run so I’ve no idea what’s gonna happen where there’s gonna be a winner or loser but I know that my risk management my stops are in place and I’ll just let the market decide whether it’s going to reward me or you know stop me out for small oohs okay now if you’ve enjoyed the market analysis right now I want to welcome you to join pro traders each right this is my premium membership right where you will get such market analysis every single week all right I usually publish this type of videos and weekend to share with you my my insights of the market the trading opportunities I’m looking at the trades I took and much more so that’s not all right because as a pro traders each member you get many benefits that come along with it so for example you have access to the backtest research lab so this is a lab right where I pretty much back test the financial markets to tell you what works and what don’t in the financial markets so we have a different stuff going on we have you know things that promote stock markets quantitative trading and much more so all this over here in the backtest research lab and i regularly you know any new lessons new findings that i have in the financial markets then also we have the weekly trade alerts this is basically right the video that you have seen earlier but it’s on a weekly basis so every single week I publish such videos right so you can see my analysis my top process the traits I took and you can you know shorten your learning curve and quickly you know level up your trading so you can see that you know every week we publish a new video on the markets and moving on right we have a forum coming soon so for those of you who who are watching this right now the forum might already be up okay so this is a coming soon we have a premium trading strategy guys this is for you right you know especially if you enjoy reading my blog post and you want a pdf version of it so every month we upload new PDF trading strategy guides you it’s a free for you to download you can just click on it right and you will be brought to a PDF PDF link a PDF page to download it we have a exclusive training webinars for you to you know to help you know level up your trading learn new trading strategies and techniques ok these are exclusive webinars that you will not find elsewhere then we have you know our trading books and investing books that I recommend trading checklist right so before you put on a trade you can you know download this checklist to reef review right to make sure that you you’re on the on the right side on the right page right and not doing anything funny or silly right we have the proprietary trading indicators volt this is for mt4 users you can download all this indicators to you know help you with your own trading like you know the MACD mt4 there’s some issue with it we have fixed it over here we have the dungeon channel a news reporter that alerts to you know potential you know important news that’s coming up and much more all over here in the indicator vault and also we have the simple mean reversion trading strategy that ah that you’ll learn right to train the market so this is a very simple strategy for you to get started especially you know if you do not know which strategy to go with start with this simple mean reversion trading strategy because it is a test that back tested right to identify first and foremost which markets tend to mean River which markets have a mean reverting characteristics right then I explain to you right the setup to create this type of mean reverting markets right so you really have the odds in your favor right applying the right trading setup in the right type of market condition okay so this is a mean reverting trading strategy that anyone can learn right even if you have no trading experience so this is what you’ll get right as a pro traders each member right new container updated regularly for the backtest research lab weekly trade alerts premium strategy guides and much more right and also forum is coming up soon so you can interact with like-minded traders so I’ll put the link below so you can check out pro traders a Chen and with that said right I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and I’ll talk to you soon


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