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Best Trading Opportunities (June 2019) | Price Action Analysis

Best Trading Opportunities (June 2019) | Price Action Analysis

hey hey what’s up what’s up my friend so welcome back to this month’s market analysis for the month of June so what I usually do in this type of videos is to share with you right some of the best trading opportunities that I’m looking at right now then also to walk you through my top process you know on why I’m looking to enter a trade how I manage my trades the trades I took the winners and losers and much more so this is really to give you an insight right to how I trade the markets so to kick things off right the first pair that I want to share with you it’s all Z dollar so you can see the Aussie dollar this market is in a downtrend and you know that Rainer loves to trade with the trend so what is the trend well it’s a downtrend I just seen that okay and how do you identify a downtrend and it’s quite simple really you can just look at market structure if you look at the market structure you see a series of lower highs lower highs lower heights lower highs lower highs and lower lows right it’s quite obvious the loss is you know keeps getting lower and lower so this tells you that this market Aussie dollar I tends to move lower over time so now the question is where do you enter the trade we’re on the charts right could you enter trade and have a reasonable stop-loss right and with a better REO or target profit or with a better reward for the risk that you’re taking so from the looks of this shot you can see that Aussie dollar it has respect at this level around the 70 cell 77 level over here tested once twice Christ then it slight bounce break down then what happens is that previous support right support support support now becomes resistance and now the price is on its way up towards this area once again so clearly this level this 70 cents level it’s a level that’s being respected by the markets and that’s a possibility that the market could reverse from this level ok so right now it’s still too early that’s why I published this video to share these levels with you no point you know sharing something that hasn’t really happened so pay attention to this 70 cent level okay a very straightforward way to trade this is that you know you can look for a price which 70 cent level so for example the price the market could come up into this level okay it breaks out okay and then do 180 degree reversal and close back below this area of resistance so this is what I call a false break because the market has actually break out of this swing high and then reverse back 180 degrees so traders who who buy the breakout there now crap right there they are in the rate because the market has reverse against them so as a false breakout trader you can actually take advantage of this phenomenon you can actually profit right from those traders who are trapped so what you’re going to do is to wait for the market to break above this highs and then reverse back and close below this area of resistance then you can go short stop-loss right I usually have it a distance away from the swing high 180 are okay and then profit target wise this would be a level to be looking out for this at this swing low where the market could continue lower back and retest this swing low so this is for Aussie dollar right I’m looking to shut this market biases towards the downside moving on right dollar yen so dollar yen rates uh okay this is a trade setup that has already run so this is something that I’ve shed last week in my in the pro traders each member right I will share more with you later but what I say to them is this right this was to my top process is their dollar yen I see that the price has come into this area of support this is a key area okay you just zoom out notice that this 108 dollars this is a area of support and usually area of support right usually usually gonna be a buyer but you don’t just buy because the price is at support sorry I mean not for me at least alright I like to watch the price action and see how price reacts at this level and then I decide whether on a buy or not and when I was looking at a price section of this market there wasn’t much sign of stream because I noticed the range of the candles it seems to be getting smaller and smaller but the range of this candles getting smaller and smaller so this tells me that hey you know the bias I don’t think they are in control because if they are in control the reversal candle should be pretty large in a price should move away from support relatively quickly because if you think about this if if there is a demon if there is a demon in ER a certain price level the price won’t be hovering at their level for too long you you know move away quickly [ __ ] tells you that there is strong demand but the fact that the market or rather the price is still hovering at this area of support tells me that demand is not very strong and given the fact that the range of the candles are getting smaller and smaller tells me that you know the the buyers are just not there so what I did is that you know I um I told myself if the price could break below this low there’s a good chance that the market could hit down lower right and in this case i yesterday the price broke down lower and stop-loss right went above this this high 180 are above this size so now if you look at this right when you are trading this from market structure market structure works in your favor what do I mean by that because if you look at this right now if the market were to go up higher right let’s say you know buyers want to come in and push up higher they have obstacles in their way there is barrier that would you know hold the price down lower what do I mean by this barrier if you look at this this now becomes previous support I guess resistance so if the buyers were to buy they can push the price up higher higher and higher end over here there is this bearing it you know what would tend to push the price down lower so as a trader who is short right this is advantage for me because I have a barrier working in my favor okay compared to someone who is long who is a buyer they do really have any barrier on the chance that worked in their favor true there is a barrier over here but you can see that if they were to buy their stop-loss is gonna be very large right away from the next nearest barrier whereas for me a trader who is short okay the barrier it’s a pretty much you know near my entry point so from Marissa Tori what perspective right the short trader has this advantage okay so this is why I love trading near market structure and dollar yen right shopping this swing low there is a trend continuation trade and stop losses again 180 are above this highs this right acts as a barrier right to hold down the higher prices this is not to say that the barrier cannot break it can break definitely right but this is I would say putting the odds in your favor okay so this is for dollar yen not a market I want to share with you it’s awesome Canadian so this one over here okay it’s a he just zoom on of your chart so whenever you look at a chart and you ask yourself you know man why should I be doing buying selling or stay out if you’re not clear you will see the big picture so Aussie Canadian right a big picture you can see that it’s in a long term range right around this and 91 cent area and all the way up the heights of you know one dollar and three cents so just zoom I can see that this is a key area of support ozzie Canadian right over here if you can’t see it I’m sure you can see it over here okay so again I don’t like to buy just because the price is it an area of support I don’t care where there is a very significant on mining area of support I always let the price right lead the way so in this case right where you can see that Aussie Canadian right at this point the buyers they are not any showing any signs of you know in control in fact sellers are still in control the bars are all still no bearish to us the downside getting larger so at this point when I will be on the sidelines to watch for bullish price action before I get long one example could be a very simple Falls break when the market makes a very strong reversal back above this area of supporting closed higher that is a false break setup and I want you know cool long right on this false brick set up alternatively right you can go down to a lower timeframe like before our time frame and you can see analyze the price section right you can also watch how the market structure on this time frame unfolds itself so for example as I mentioned earlier the sellers are still in control and it can be seen on this time frame see a series of lower highs and lower lows sellers are still in control so how do you know when the buyers are in control so another way to look at is that you want to see a break of structure you want to see that series of lower highs and lower lows get broken so how does it get broken well it’s when the market make a new higher high and higher low so for example the market Greenough goes into a range like this right then it breaks out comes out back here and goes up higher at this point now you have a higher high and higher low so this is what I call a break of structure it has brick the earlier market structure right and this could be a start of a new Uptrend okay and don’t forget this market structure over here it occurs right at this area of support so you’re leading against the higher time frame support which kind of low put the odds in your favor again right as mentioned earlier of market structure you’re leading and market structure right to place your trace and set your stop loss and and hypothetically if you think about this right let’s say the daily timeframe you call long right let’s say you call long market is about here it breaks out let’s say buy somewhere here just imagine this and again your stop losses are let’s say below this this slope right let’s say 180 or below it somewhere here now when you buy this area of support right it’s acting in your favor this is an area that will help you hold up higher prices place of the market were to retrace down lower it has difficulty breaking through this barrier because this is a area of support okay this is where potential buying pressure could come in so when your stops is away from it and when your entry point is as close as possible to this market structure you’re putting the odds in your favor make sense okay so this is for Aussie Canadian and that’s for target wise okay I would say this would be a key level to be watching out for okay before this swing low right somewhere about here right so for swing traders out there this could be a potential swing right that you can look to capture this one swing over here okay so this is Aussie Canadian and now moving on right neuro Swiss frame so this one over here it’s a not so much of a trading setup but to share with you my top process you know into why I didn’t take this particular trade so you can see that over here euro Swiss franc we have a somewhat of a reversal at this area of support you can see that a price coming now into this area of support right any reverse up higher and the reason why I’m not enticed to buy is because I realize that the market right there are barriers in coming in my way so for example if you look at a chatter it’s a moment to buy over here shortly over here this is a potential barrier we’re selling pressure could come in right sell is becoming because this is a swing high over here right so if you want to be buying or whenever your Freddie you want to be aware of this thing what I call FTB first trouble barrier where is the barrier on your chart the first barrier on your chart where opposing pressure could come in if it’s too near your entry price usually it’s a trade net you don’t want to take or if you really really want to think right you want to be aware of the clues that the market is giving you too show you that you know there could be a sign of reversal so for example let’s say you bought this uh this this this level over here and you know this is that is the first trouble barrier and maybe you think that it could break right fair enough right but you want to be away when the market shows signs of reversal at this first trouble barrier you want to be you know nimble and exit your tree alright because the market is really not showing signs of reversal it’s coming to a trouble barrier and you know there is reversal signals telling you that the market is about to reverse against you so in this case you can see that this over here is one signal right coming to this trouble barrier this one over here right the reversal by here alright you should you know be prepared to you know just exit that trip because clearly the market is not working in your favor okay so the key thing I want to share with you is that whenever you put on a trade be aware of this thing called first trouble barrier where my opposing pressure come in right and and if the market if the first trouble barrier is tuning on your entry price usually I just skip the trade all together so let’s have a look at an example right where the first trouble barrier is actually quite a distance away okay so imagine this right so dollar against the Chinese yen so you can see over here right let’s say this is a swing low alright I didn’t take this trip I just want to illustrate a concept is that lets say a trader who shot the breakdown of this swing low over here where is the first trouble barrier chances are is at this area over here on the $6 80 cent area you can see that from a risk to reward standpoint the potential profit is so much more compared to the euro swiss franc market you’ve seen earlier so you can see that over here you know there is a potential profit of this this much over here okay this whole portion whereas on the euro Swiss training example you can see that if someone were to buy let’s say near this this highs okay there’s really not much meat left in the move at all okay so this is what I mean right off first trouble barrier the further the first trouble bear is the way from your entry point the better right the trading setup is okay so this is a very important concept and you know really not many traders realize this and uh what else do I have to share and okay and one last thing right New Zealand yet okay so New Zealand yen this one over here ki Seoul so let’s talk about the same concept again so New Zealand yen is at I took right so notice the price again this is an area of support price came in there wasn’t actually any strong price rejection and any consolidate over here before it breaks down so you can see that this portion over here is where I got interested to take a short trade so this looks right somewhat like a descending triangle or a bill up right lower highs coming into this swing low over here and recall I said right you want to be trading near market structure or at least have your stop-loss right beyond market structure because those market structure could help you could be a barrier right to prevent a price from you know moving too much against you so I went shot in the break down this swing low stop-loss 180 are above this heist why did I say my stop-loss one in here above it because as mentioned earlier previous support right this is previous support when the price breaks below it now becomes what previous support becomes resistance right what I what I said earlier so in this case right if your stop losses that distance away from this market structure this our area of resistance right could help you know hold down the prices so price have difficulty reaching your stop-loss so that works in your favor am i right so you can see that in this case the market did rally it rarely back into debt market structure alright and this became previous support become resistance and then the market reverse shortly from here afterwards so again the point I’m trying to make is that you when you send your stops don’t set it at an arbitrary level set it away from market structure so the market structure works for you so the price has difficulty reaching your stops right so a mistake that many traders make is they know they they set a stop loss based on feeling based on the number of pips which doesn’t make sense so for example they they could have the same entry price as Midea shot of swing low right let’s say they they shot the swing low and here they shot the swing low okay and where do they set a stop loss they maybe oh let me have a fixer 100 pips olmos 150 people stop-loss so their stop loss is maybe at 72 level or slightly above alright and you can see that it doesn’t really make sense right because when the pullback comes okay it doesn’t care where your stops is the only thing that it respects is market structure this levels on your chat right there the market right would respect at least I believe I respect you know this type of you know support resistance structure on your chart so setting a b-tree stops are is like you know just giving money to the market right so when you want to set your stop-loss do it right and a logical level and away from that level at least right I don’t put it just make above the highest because the market could just you know strip above the highs and then reverse from it I usually give it more buffer yes my stops is white about LEC keeps me in the trade longer I don’t get stopped out you know unnecessarily okay so this is a New Zealand and again I set up they I want to share with you and a very important concept which is you know talking about setting your stops now if you’ve enjoyed the market analysis right now I want to welcome you to join pro traders age right this is my premium membership right where you will get such market analysis every single week all right I usually publish this type of videos and weekend to share with you my my insights of the market the trading opportunities I’m looking at the trades I took and much more so that’s not all right because as a pro traders each member you get many benefits that come along with it so for example you have access to the backtest research lab so this is a lab right where I pretty much back tests the financial markets to tell you what works and what don’t in the financial markets so we have a different stuff going on we have you know things that talk about stock markets quantitative trading and much more so all this over here in the backtest research lab and I regularly you know any new lessons new findings that I have in the financial markets then also we have the weekly trade alerts this is basically right the video that you have seen earlier but it’s on a weekly basis so every single week I publish such videos right so you can see my analysis my top process the trades I took and you can you know shorten your learning curve and quickly you know level up your trading so you can see that you know every week we publish a new video on the markets and moving on right we have a forum coming soon so for those of you who who are watching this right now the forum might already be up okay so this is a coming soon we have a premium trading strategy guys this is for you right you know especially if you enjoy reading my blog post and you want version of it so every month we upload new PDF trading strategy guys it’s a free for you to download you can just click on it right and you will be brought to a PDF PDF filling a PDF page to download it we have a exclusive training webinars for you to know to help you know level up your trading learn new trading strategies and techniques ok these are exclusive webinars that you will not find elsewhere then we have you know trading books and investing books that I recommend trading checklists right so before you put on a trade you can you know download this checklist to reef review right to make sure that you know you’re on the on the right side on the right page right and not doing anything funny or silly right we have the proprietary trading indicators volt this is for mt4 users you can download all this indicators to you know help you with your own trading let you know the MACD mt4 there’s some issue with it we have fixed it over here we have the dungeon channel a news reporter that alerts to you know potential and all important news that’s coming up and much more as all over here in the indicator vault and also we have the simple mean reversion trading strategy that are that you’ll learn right to trade the market so this is a very simple strategy for you to get started especially you know if you do not know which strategy to go with start with this simple mean reversion trading strategy because it is a test that back tested right to identify first and foremost which markets tend to mean River which markets have a mean reverting characteristics right then I explain to you right the setup to create this type of mean reverting markets right so you really have the odds in your favor right applying the right trading setup in the right type of market condition okay so this is a mean reverting trading strategy that anyone can learn right even if you have no trading experience so this is what you’ll get right as a pro traders each member right new container updated regularly for the backtest research lab weekly trade alerts premium strategy guides and much more right and also forum is coming up soon so you can interact with like-minded traders so I’ll put the link below so you can check out Pro traders hn and with that said right I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and I’ll talk to you soon


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