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Buying Stocks Without a Broker


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New edition of the bestseller that started thousands on the road to commission-free investing! It’s been called “The investment guide Wall Street didn’t want published,” and it ignited the commission-free investment revolution! With Buying Stocks Without a Broker, Second Edition, Charles B. Carlson, CFA, thoroughly updates his unique guide to dividend reinvestment plans. Better known as DRIPs, these investor-friendly programs give you a safe method for buying stocks directly from issuing companies — often with a discount and always without paying commission fees to brokers. If you want to own stock but resent paying commisions, you’ll get the best of both worlds with this edition’s… *Directory of 1000 DRIPs — with brand-new, enticing DRIP opportunities *Thumbs-up/thumbs-down “at-a-glance” ratings of every DRIP on the market *New corporate profiles and performance ratings *New model portfolios using DRIPs*Charles Carlson’s favorite DRIP


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