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Day Trading Log & Investing Journal (8.5x11in, 162pp; red glossy edition): for active traders of stocks, options, futures, and forex [~day/intraday … traders, short-term traders, and investors]


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The Day Trading Log & Investing Journal (8.5 x 11 inch paperback, cream paper, glossy red cover, 162pp.) from Incredibly Useful Notebooks. We have achieved a TRADING JOURNAL design that is both functional and intuitive for traders and investors of stocks, options, futures, and forex. This book is not meant to replace either the trade confirmations from your broker or any P/L (profit & loss) spreadsheets that you might use. Instead, this book is a written journal that helps you track your overall trades as you make them, with room for your thoughts and notes on market conditions, profit targets, stops, and more. With close tracking of your trading and investing plans comes refinement and better results. That’s why we created this trading log. Designed with the active stock, options, futures, and forex trader in mind, there is room on every page for either two separate sessions (morning and afternoon, for example), or two separate products, and a wide array of other uses. Busy traders might use a two-page spread as four time periods of a single trading day: overnight/ pre-market (8-9:30AM EST), opening session (9:30-11AM EST), mid-day (11-1 PM EST), and the closing session (1-4PM EST), for example. This design is intended to be useful for intraday and short-term traders, as well as longer-term use by swing traders, and for critical monthly/ quarterly/annual trading review. The simple act of writing down each trade chronicles the decision-making process of each trader. Many traders believe that written trading logs and journals like this increase one’s overall emotional control of the “fear vs. greed” balance at play in every market.


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