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Forex Trading: Why Do Successful Traders Teach?

Forex Trading: Why Do Successful Traders Teach?

so I’ve got a question from mini limo who asked why do successful traders want to teach why do they want to earn money by helping other people to learn how to train right you you might be thinking oh you’re really successful right why do you wanna you know help people or teach people all right your secrets all right Oh am I even here the same you know those who can do those who can’t teach okay so I just wanna you know share with you my side of the story right and to give you a different perspective to why you know successful traders even though they can profit from the markets they still want to go into teaching so this is a different side of the coin to see so before we begin right if this is the first time you’re watching my videos right what I want you to do is just to you know hear that times up button and subscribe to my youtube channel right the button is below just click on it this way you’ll always be updated right whenever I publish a new video so now before I answer it and ask you this question why do you think successful traders teach comment below let me know your thoughts okay so the first reason is because right off certainty when you are in trading or any form of speculation there is no guarantee right you could be you know losing four weeks losing four months or you might even have a losing year there’s no guarantee and and this is a function of the timeframe that you’re trading if you are trading off the higher time frame you know that you need more time for your age to play out so this means that you know you can go through a long period of time right where you know you’re just not making money because the market conditions is not favorable for your system or strategy so by teaching right you actually help to smooth out your equity or earnings the curve right you think of your income and so you know a curve that goes up and down by teaching right by educating right by mentoring or you know however form that you want to teach right it helps you to smooth out your income from creating so this is one of the benefit to it right having certainty right in your trading business and some of you might think right I know I know profitable traders real traders right they are so good in trading that you know they don’t need this certainty because they know they are good well that’s not really true because if you think about it who is who are some of the best traders in the world I would say Paul Tudor Jones right pretty much a market wizard is a legend and even he himself he wants certainty in his own trading or in the way he managed his funds so let me just share with you this artist article you can see that you know Paul Tudor Jones he managed own hedge fund and in a hedge fund environment they have something called a management fee and a performance fee and you can see that he has about a ten billion dollar firm okay and he has a management fee of about 1.

75 percent of assets and 20 percent of kids so what this means is that if let’s say he has a ten billion dollar firm okay 1.75 percent of ten billion dollars is seventeen point five million right if you do the math it’s a seventeen point five million so this means right even if Paul Tudor Jones right for that year he lost money he is still gonna I mean the hedge fund his Heatran is gonna pocket seventeen point five million in management fee why do they do why do we why do I do it right if you’re a real trader if you’re a profitable trader why do you want to know take money even though you didn’t deliver results and the reason is simple certainty you never know how the markets will behave right your strategy might not work it may work right but once you have this certainty in the back of your mind right it puts less pressure on you as a trader even the best in this business you know fund managers right they adopt this approach because they want this certainty okay so remember right first reason is certainty because when you have certainty it leads to the second point I wanna share with you and improve trading results because think about this when you are trading okay and you know that your bill your mortgage you know your to feed the kids whatever it’s all settled you don’t have to worry about that because you have money coming in to to meet all those obligations how would your trading results be would it be better or worse right compared to traders say trading the same trading system the same lifestyle but the only difference is let’s a trader a he has to rely on his trading profits to sustain his lifestyle may be paying the mortgages giving money to the kids to send to school yeah yeah no we’re straighter be all those expenses all those obligations are already made who do you think write good perform better traitor eh who needs to rely solely on his training income to support its obligations or trader B who has really all those obligations made maybe he because he has a full-time job or maybe he has a additional kickline no educating mentoring traders right which could help me no pay and cover those bills which trader would be more successful well it’s a no-brainer it trader B chances are would perform better because he doesn’t have to worry about me I’m not sure if I can put food on the table this man man you know I’m gonna pin a mortgage man I’m gonna be for the car you have none of that okay so this would naturally improve your trading results right less emotional psychological baggage on you and another thing is that by teaching right it also improve your trading results it clarifies your thought process and I can attest to this because when I share my market analysis right that you know those some videos that I done they I do from a man-to-man basis whenever I share my top process it solid defines what I already believe in so previously right by me years ago when I trade support like buy support on sell resistance I can’t really act elite two people know why sometimes I’m looking to buy support and why sometimes I’m looking to shut the breakdown of support why is that so I had this difficulty trying to articulate it and it’s only when I got into this teaching right explaining my top process you know then I realized that I look at support right differently depending on the market conditions did I look at how the price action reacts or rather I look at how the price action behaves right prior to reaching support so this is where I really look deeper into my treating and ask myself why sometimes and by its support sometimes I don’t look to buy instead I look to show the breakdown so as you can see right by teaching by educating right it makes you dive deep into your own trading to understand your own trading decisions you understand yourself better as a trader and that’s chief right by teaching others by sharing your knowledge okay so second point is by teaching others you do improve your trading results touching you need money to make money trading so one of the biggest our misconception in trading is that you know traders with a if your trading system works alright why do you thik right why do you undo your secrets well let me tell you what’s the secret the secret is this is that no matter what trading system you’re using you need money to make money in trading let me just explain to you ok so let’s say you have a system right let’s here this kind of magic system we can guarantee you right to make a twenty percent a year okay just just imagine this right so let’s say you have a $10,000 account what is bad is bad drawing okay let’s say if you have a $10,000 account okay 20 percent return is well math will tell you that it was two thousand dollars per year and oh by the way if you’re enjoying this video so far hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to my youtube channel okay let me know your thoughts right on you know what I’ve been sharing so far all right are you enjoying it leave a comment below so anyway a return of 20% of it off a $10,000 account it’s $2,000 okay and let’s say you have this magic system you have $10,000 chances are depending where you live New York or Singapore two thousand dollars a year isn’t good enough you know let you survive well so this is why I say that you need money to make money in trading because let’s say you can increase this a fun size of yours to now let’s say a million is for example a million now that same 20% is $200,000 chances are you know whether most places around the world two hundred thousand dollars a year it’s pretty comfortable okay so the secret is that you need money to make money in trading doesn’t mean that you have a Holy Grail trading system or whatsoever right if you don’t have any money that Holy Grail is just a it’s nothing it’s not gonna make you a ton of money so that is why right when you get involved in trading you have to know that you need money to make money in trading so by educating other traders and of course getting paid for it you can increase the size of your trading account and toss you can make more money okay so this is a very simple explanation do it but most traders just you know think that oh man if you have a winning system why do you want to share it right because the truth is you need money no matter what to make in this business and also all right along the way you can actually diversify your source of income so if you think what is like like Apple right they cellphone they sell MacBook they sell the accessories and stuff like that right there diversify product rich and insane for trading right you can you know educate traders you can maybe you know be a referral for some trading platform or you can you know educate traders you can I don’t know you know uh have different ways to get income right from your trading not just you know trading the markets but you know by you know doing other form of you know revenue for your own trading business so some of the more comments once I think I’ve said before that you know you can be a referral for sort of a charting platform you can educate traders which is what this this video is about or you can also uh what else can you get what’s the common ones you cannot be a solid I be introducing broker some something along the lines right so there are many ways and are for you to diversify your earnings in trading and finally happiness right when you make a difference to someone’s else’s life out there it brings you joy and happiness I’m not sure if you know you’ve experienced this before but you can do this experiment right when you’re feeling down when you’re feeling out maybe you know you you you had a bad day at work right you had a quarrel with your wife whatever just go down to outside of your house to you know a mall or whatsoever where there are people on the streets who are begging right Melissa begging but they are the less fortunate bunch maybe do yeah they need some help so they’re selling some tissue paper all you know they just you know want some donations go down there look them in the eye and give them right an amount you’re comfortable with I don’t $5 $5 $10 23 looking look at them into the eye and tell them say you know this is for you and walk away I can guarantee that you will feel happy just by doing that a I can explain why but if you ask me it’s about giving to somebody when you know they have no chance of repaying you bet that gives you happiness okay so for me for example in this us in our why do I teach why do I share all this you know YouTube videos my blog or I posting content regularly is because I get happiness from it I know that I’m making an impact right through traders around the world retail traders around the world and knowing that you know I can’t guarantee that you know those who watch my videos will make a ton of money right to be honest I think most would make a ton of money but at least I know that I improved their trading knowledge at least I tell them right what a sudden pitfalls to avoid so they don’t blow up your trading account so the back of my mind I know that I’m helping trainers avoid going you know boom bellying up right avoid no blowing up there I know fewer lawless a few thousand dollars trading a cup if I can prevent that to me I know I’m doing a good thing and I get happiness from it right so just a few comments that I do get right and see over here right from Joe’s L all right never since I started watching her videos right falling or lessons tips and strategies having a good amount winning streaks small profits but hey rather frequent now so I am happy when I see such things I to be honest I don’t know who is Jose L I know he’s from the Philippines but I do not know him personally and to be honest right there’s no way he can repay me Bay because I’m in Singapore I was he gonna you know repay me back I don’t accept donations and stuff like that so I get joy happiness right from helping traders like this alright been struggling to get wins lately it is the fourth video of yours have watched so far today check just now no 12 out of 16 trades one thanks to you hey I feel good alright uh Christian right you know watching your videos about a month ago all right spare me from a lot of bad experience right there most traders go through in their you know days man’s ears of treating now I still like self-control that most traders have but definitely you know you helped me skip most of the hundreds so to speak so it’s what I mentioned earlier right helping traders avoid the you know the pitfalls in trading okay and you know just a few more right from kamar keep on doing the good work thank you so much and I get all the little hot so hot well I feel good okay and a Plaza a Sarah okay martini you get my point right so I get happiness from doing this okay I didn’t set out this way to get my my form of happiness through you know sharing it just happens to be along the way when I started out on this trading journey it’s meant to share my top process but I end up getting happiness right from what I do okay and this is a this is sort of why I teach right I enjoy I get happiness from it so quick recap right why do traders teach okay so if you ask me right is fall main reasons number one certainty right it removes the the uncertainty India on trading because you know they have losing weeks losing month or even losing year hey at least they have you know the ability to still put food on the table when they are doing a bad drawer down on a bed street it helps them improve their trading results because number one they don’t have the the need to make money syndrome and also they make them think deeper about their own trading before you only put on an explanation on the internet when who can see you really want to think through right while you’re doing it right before you know you put something out on the public domain you can make more money because you know you need money to make money in trading that’s a secret well no longer secret now but hey at least you know you know where I’m coming from right you know there’s no such thing as a magic system spitting I mean no twenty percent a year a million dollars a year and stuff like that no you need money to make money in this business and finally right you get a source of happiness doing this I mean I can’t say for the other traders but for me personally I am happy sharing this with you okay so that’s up that’s all I for you in today’s video I hope that answers the question why do successful traders teach I’m not claiming to be successful but you know I’m just sharing with you my own thoughts right to why I think you know traders want to teach so with that said right any comments any question for me leave it below so I can look through your questions and I think you know if I can help you I will do it answer the question in the next episode of ask marina so with that said right I wish you good luck and good trading if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel just hit the button below right hit subscribe thumbs up button and I’ll talk to you soon you


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