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Here Are the Customers’ Yachts: How to Systematically Buy Low, Sell High, and Earn Lifetime Profits


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What if you had a simple and fast method you could use for the rest of your life to invest in the stock market?
What if this system told you how to SCIENTIFICALLY and AUTOMATICALLY BUY LOW, SELL HIGH, or HOLD a position? To let the data and simple calculations make rational decisions for you – not emotions or other peoples’ opinions?
This is what author Jeffrey Weber wanted when he was an Auditor for the US Army stationed in South Korea. That was over 30 years ago. He discovered the book “How to Make $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically” by Robert Lichello. The system in that book was called AIM: the Automated Investment Management method.
Since then, Jeff has applied, refined, and improved on this method with dramatic results. In the last 30+ years Jeff has helped many other investors use AIM through workshops, books, and a monthly newsletter. Now that Jeff has retired in 2016, he wants to help you!
In this book you will discover other benefits and features of the AIM method:
* It serves as an emergency cash fund, which also provides protection against steep drops in the market. (In Chapter 3 – The Safest Way to Invest with AIM, you’ll see that you will never risk more than 50% of your investment because half your money is in cash!)
* It does well in calm markets or in periods of high volatility. In fact – it uses this volatility to its advantage.
* It does well in bull markets AND in bear markets. (See Chapter 5 – How To Use LEAPs In a Severe Bear Market)
* Best of all – this system requires no more than TWO HOURS A MONTH of your time to operate!
“I have been AIM-ing my portfolio for about 2 years and am profitable.” — Tom M. (one of Jeff’s newsletter subscribers)
One example: Using AIM, Jeff’s “Dogs of the Dow” long-term options portfolio has achieved an increase of 155% from January 2014 to December 2016 (over three years).
Past performance is no guarantee of future results, of course. But in this book you will get step-by-step instructions on getting started with the AIM method. You will learn proven techniques of earning profits year after year using long-term options (LEAPs) – Long-term Equity Anticipation Securities.
In Chapter 4, the Mechanics of Buying and Selling, you are guided through a detailed example for several months of the process. Calculations and spreadsheets are provided for you to learn from. If you know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide you can use this system. No advanced mathematics is required.
Buyers and readers of the book can also receive:
1. The invitation to receive a free copy of Jeff’s original full length PDF book (345 pages). It has several different investment portfolios with detailed calculations for each.
2. A free 1-year subscription to his monthly newsletter (a $15 value).
3. The actual spreadsheets and templates that Jeff uses.
4. Jeff’s direct email so you can contact him with questions or assistance to get started and be successful with the AIM method. Jeff offers low-cost management services to help you become successful using AIM!
“With AIM, my action is already determined for me. Makes for stress free investing. Taking profits! System is great.” — Hunter B.
Most people don’t make a lot of money in the stock market because they haven’t learned how to systematically buy low, sell high, and earn profits on their own. The mystery, uncertainty, and complexity will be gone after you read this book.
“Here Are the Customers’ Yachts” gives you the instructions and the tools to be your own successful investor so you can earn money over a lifetime.


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