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How I Learned to Trade the Markets (The Truth)

How I Learned to Trade the Markets (The Truth)

Hey hey what’s up my friend so in today’s episode right I want to talk about how I actually learned how to treat okay so I got started in trading I was a back in 2009 period just after the financial crisis is where I got my feet wet in the financial markets and the way I learned how to treat is mainly through books forums and blocks so they don’t learning as much as I could get my hands on right especially on all those are free resources so at that point of time I didn’t really have a lot of money to spend so I tried to you know learn all I can write mainly from all the free stuff out there so yeah those were my you know stepping stones and the first thing that I learned on is in your trading right it must be backed by a logic right so this brick truck came right when I remember right when I was trading the financial markets right and I caught one very big move right on oil and dollar yen I think dollar yen was like a one 250r on the trade right a one to 50 wish to reward ratio and oil was about one to forty or one to forty plus which is what ratio and it was like a huge aha moment for me her because they two treats alone right more than cover up all my losses that I had for the past few months and even put me way way way in the green so death to me right was one of my big break throughs right where I realized man you know this stuff really works it and it’s based on logic right because you know when you write the trends you know you don’t take profits too early right this is how you you’re gonna catch you know a big wave right you will encounter many small losses along the way but you know if you attempt to write the trend it’s a matter of time right before you catch something big so that was one of my first breakthrough right where you know trading right must be based on certain logic not just based on you know some couple of lines crossing up and down some mystical Chuck bet on or whatsoever to meet those other stuff that I didn’t find any success with the second breakthrough that came across right is understanding the metagame so this is something that I I learned quite a bit from this trailer called lens back I think he’s from your trading coach calm and he talks a lot about price action understanding the metagame understanding what the traders are doing right traders in the market where they are buying where they’re selling get trip so I learned quite a bit from him and that really elevate right my price action trading top process right where I start to create arrested status myself questions like you know you know where traitors you might get trapped where will they enter their treats if they’re on the sidelines you know where might be you know look to enter the treats and stuff like that so yeah that is the so-called second breakthrough headways I’m starting to understand what other market participants are doing and I can base my actions in the present right now in anticipation of their future actions okay so this is what I call my you know understanding the metagame and the tert breakthrough that I had this a quantitative trading right using numbers statistics right to help me make better trading decisions and this is largely influenced right from you know our traders like Andrea’s cleaner all right Nick Rancher Caesar Alvarez right this quantitative traders I learned a lot from them because they are always sharing their works their findings and I took those lessons and concepts that they have shared and verified and do the work to find out where they works or not and that really you know take my training to the next level because now I have numbers and statistics right net to back up my own trading decisions you can you know use this as a standalone systematic trading strategies or you can use this right to so call our combine with your own discretionary trading to you know give you even better trading results so in a way I’ll say this is the evolution of my own trading career so far either quite on a more number of break throughs along the way and as I’ve mentioned right the the biggest thing that I’ve learned is how mainly through books forums and in all traders blocks out there and trading it’s it’s never you know it’s a never-ending journey it’s not like you know I started off let’s say with a price action trading and I stay with price action trading all the way no my trading involved right you know from trading everything and anything to focusing on price action trading then trend fall away then they don’t letting more systems trading and how we can improve my overall trading results so trading to me it’s a lifelong endeavor I love it and hopefully right you treat it in such a way as well okay so with that said I have come towards the end of today’s episode if you’ve enjoyed it hit the thumbs up button subscribe to my youtube channel the link is all below hit subscribe and I will talk to you soon you


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