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How To Create Multiple Sources Of Income (Without Trading)

How To Create Multiple Sources Of Income (Without Trading)

Hey hey what’s up my friend so welcome back to today’s episode right where we will you know do things a little bit differently right today we will be discussing about how do you create multiple sources of income from trading but without treating I know that sounds intriguing that sounds weird right so let me explain so there are a few ways to go about doing it right number one what you can do is to be an affiliate right for a product services that you use or you believe it so what do I mean by an affiliate so an affiliate you can think of it it’s like a middleman a broker so let’s say you are using brokerage XYZ using the brokerages good Ryan a you know Services is awesome we’d roll as fast and you want to recommend it to a friend if your friend sign up with brokerage XYZ to put in some money to trade a life account guess what you can get paid for it that’s right you could get paid for recommending something that you believe it yeah so that’s one way another way could be let’s say you are using trading view chatting platform they have a pro version premium version where you have to pay money for it maybe you recommend to a family member right your brother likes it he signs up for the pro version guess what you can get paid as well all you need to do as an affiliate is to share your special affiliate link is a special unique link and when people put chase through that link right you get paid simple as it is so clearly the upside of being an affiliate is dead there’s little to no work involve all you need to do is copy the link and paste it and if someone buys great right you don’t have to worry about a technology part or whatsoever the downside to this is that for affiliate to make decent money you need to have an existing audience someone who knows you because if you’re just like know someone who just got into trading probably you only have your family and friends once those Network expires right who are you gonna share your link with so the downside to being an affiliate is that you must have in sizable existing audience next one costs us right you can offer cost us as well trading courses especially when you you know become a consistently profitable trader there is a market right for people who wants to learn how do you trade it right you know is it is it forex trading options trading stocks trading you wanna learn your strategy your methodology and you’re willing to pay money for it so you can create an online digital course or explaining your concepts how you do it how you treat it whatsoever and the beauty of a process is that your margin is higher because you don’t have to share the profit with anyone it’s pretty much all yours unless you do pay you know for force other expenses I may be a website your blog or any stuff that you might have but once you get out all those the rest is yours the downside to Casas is clearly there’s a lot of work involved you have to be know build the pages of your website you got to know your stuff you can upload videos you got to do not do a lot of work behind the scenes yeah so so so bear that in mind when you are you know going down this route of creating courses and the same time right maybe if you do want courses or you do want so much work a lot what you can do is you know number three private mentoring or a group coaching session maybe just one to one coaching this way you can do it over Skype call you can do it even in person or if the person lives in the same country as you again the upside is again hi imagine I think pretty much all the profit is your so you don’t have to share with anyone there’s little to no expenses you overcome the issue of you know the technology part of you know how do you create a certain page of website you don’t have to know all that because you can just do it one to one however the downside is a scalability issue there’s only so many number of people that you can you know do a one to one coaching with right given your fixed amount of time each day so that is a downside to it the next one right the fourth one advertising so what you can do is that once this is really for you those who have already a sizable audience maybe you’re someone who has a huge following on YouTube Twitter whatsoever or Facebook what he can do is you know ever ties you know products or services right maybe your website gets you know X amount of visits its money you can put an advertising banner get paid for it on on YouTube right if you have a certain number of subscribers right you can actually put advertising banners people watch it you get paid as well so that’s like to advertising this again little to no work right it’s really not much work to do it but to build to that level right there’s a lot of work but to on that advertising feature to switch it on that’s what I mean by little to no work right but to get to that stage we’re here for sizable audience yeah that takes a lot of work okay and the upside is that you have to worry about the technology it’s all pretty much done for you but the downside again is that you must have a sizable audience right before you can go to that get this stage right where you want to take money from advertisers okay so so these are you know four different paths that you can consider affiliates right causes mentoring or advertising I’m sure they’re more there which I missed right but I would say this order for pretty common ones and here’s the thing right it doesn’t have to be trading related right you can apply this to any any niche out there maybe you are an expert in playing the guitar hey you could create courses on you know how to play certain notes on the guitar you can you know do a one-to-one mentoring with people who wants to learn how to play the guitar or maybe you’re really good at Excel you can create those funny-looking awesome macros where people want to learn it you want to do it themselves you can teach them by your cost a private mentoring and or maybe you believe in certain products out there maybe some special guitar pick or some special guitar that you know has amazing sounding effect or whatsoever I don’t know right you can be an affiliate for those guitar companies as well so you can see that really this the possibilities out there is endless all you need to do is open your mind right in you will see that yeah there’s really a lot of ways that you can make money from trading without trading or from your own skill set as well alright so that’s it I hope you know it made you think deeper about you know trading as a means to an end there are other ways to it right so I wish you good luck good trading and hey talk to you soon you


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