Home Trading Strategies How to Insert Indicators on TradingView (Episode 3/8)

How to Insert Indicators on TradingView (Episode 3/8)

How to Insert Indicators on TradingView (Episode 3/8)

okay so now let’s talk about how to actually insert trading indicators on trading view so there is this step over here called indicators click on this and you can actually you know there are a few categories of indicators some is maybe indicators that you have click favorite right some built-in indicators into trading view some is a public library where people have you know create their own custom indicators and uploaded it to trading view for anyone to use and some some my scripts it’s a pretty much indicator that you have actually script on yourself okay so let’s just go to public library and that’s where you pretty much find all the free indicators and maybe moving average right let’s moving average so you can see that there are different types of moving average over here so you can see the blue over here there are you know like seven likes 161 like sixty-five likes this are moving average there has been little custom code right so you can see that this are actually created by other people and not from the default trading view database so if you wanna use the default one so I just go to the ones on top there’s a exponential the waiter smooth right in just a simple moving average right so just click on this okay you can see that there is a moving average on your chart again right the indicators can be customized to your liking or I just go to this settings over here or you just double click on the indicator and then this settings box would appear right maybe you want a 20-period moving average that’s fine you can use either the open high low close or you know hl2 hl2 3 open high low close 4 it’s up to you you can choose your style what color you want whether it’s orange maybe you want red red okay like this click OK you can see that there you can just play around with the indicators so if you are just you know not sure what indicators you’re looking for I just type in maybe even a shot-for-shot phone right let me buf uh instead of you know moving average Convergence divergence convergence divergence just like maybe you can find something even CCI there is something Roc right you have the rate of change so again just just type in something like like how you do a google search and and most likely you’ll be able to find the indicators then you’re looking for and if you can’t even go to the public library right over here the pretty much have rain right the so-called most popular indicators right based on number of likes right like this one got almost like 50,000 likes right okay so you can you just play around with all these indicators which are very popular here on trading view and that’s that’s actually how you actually do instant indicators you can insert a few I think right let’s say for example inside the RSI okay relative string index right it appears at the bottom again this one a setting so I just double click or click on the settings over here okay and again you can adjust the RSI indicator to your own preference and that’s how you actually insert indicators to your trading view charts and if you want to see if your temp later I remember you can just go to here you can either you know rename this to let’s say I don’t indicators indicators template or you wanna create a new template just go to here new chart layout right then insert your relevant indicators and then save it as indicators template that is fine as well okay so that’s how you go about it


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