Home Trading Strategies How to Install Custom Indicators on MT4 (Step By Step Guide)

How to Install Custom Indicators on MT4 (Step By Step Guide)

How to Install Custom Indicators on MT4 (Step By Step Guide)

hey hey what’s up my friend so in this video I want to show you step by step right on how to actually install your own custom empty for indicators and expert advisor now the first thing that you want to do is to close your mt4 trading platform just you know it just close it okay once you’ve done it go to your mt4 folder where you have installed your mt4 so in this case right now I’ll share with you mind over here I’ve had this are empty four over here installed in my computer just double click on it and go to MQL for this one over here so four indicators right for example you have download a custom indicator right and where do you insert this custom indicator right you want to put it under this indicators folder over here okay so for example I have this one this this pivot point indicator okay so how do you tell whether something is a indicator or whether it’s an expert advisor what you can do is just look at the icon of each each indicator or expert advisor indicator usually looks something like this and expert advisor looks something like this okay so in this case right this indicator over here you drag and drop into the indicator folder so for expert advisor simply put right you just go back to mq4 and drop it under the experts folder so this one over here I just drag and drop okay so for experts advisor the folder is under MQL for then experts for indicators it will be MQL for and then indicators once you’ve done it right open up your mt4 account right now okay so once you’ve done it right where do you find your expert advisor so let me just walk you through for expert advisor just click on this icon over here navigator and you’ll find it under this section here so for example earlier I just inserted the peak value expert advisor just double click OK click OK and the peak value expert advisor this EI will appear so that’s for expert advisor what about indicators right indicators you go to this icon over here go to custom and then find the indicator that you’ve just inserted into the folder in this case we’ve just inserted the pivot point one click this one this all the settings you click OK and indicator will appear on your chart so this is how you go about you know installing your own custom expert advisors and empty for indicators okay simple so with that said I’ve come towards the end of this video and I’ll talk to you soon


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