Home Trading Strategies How to Setup TradingView Charts and Customize it (Episode 1/8)

How to Setup TradingView Charts and Customize it (Episode 1/8)

How to Setup TradingView Charts and Customize it (Episode 1/8)

hey hey what’s up my friend so in today’s video it’s all about trading view tutorial right so this is a very powerful chatting platform and in today’s video I want to walk you through it right on how to actually become a master of trading view so here’s what you learned in today’s video you will talk about how to set up your trading view charts and customize it then how to insert a drawing to set up your trade alerts we’ll talk about how to insert trading indicators and customize it how to create your own trading watch list so you can quickly scan the markets you’ll learn how to use the trading view scanner and the trading view paper trading and much more so all this and more in today’s video but first if this is the first time you’re watching one of my videos right give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel the link is below hit subscribe this way whenever I publish a new video you’ll never miss another one again with that said let’s get started now when you go into trading view comm you will see a page like this and what you want to do is go down to chat ok and there I’ve really got a few templates here so let me just click this one I am a genius okay so this is a chat template and it should be blank right there we’ve come with their default settings so another question is you know how do you adjust the settings right to the way you want it how do you customize the charts right to a template that you like so what you do is right click alright right click and go to settings okay and you see a box like this and in the chat settings there are a few tips that you can look at so let me walk you through each one so for the symbol Tamara it’s all about changing the colors of the symbol the values etc so for example you can see that over here is the let’s say the wick right you know what is a candle wick but if you’re not sure what it’s actually referring to my suggestion is to just uncheck and check the box so this way you know what is the changes that’s being made to the trading view charts for example I uncheck this notice and the wick of the candles they went missing so you know okay this is basically adjusting the candle wick the color of it right so I turn it back on the wicks are now make again so you can the color of the weeks are you know whether your gray black green blue pink it’s up to you similarly for the borders I just removed this you can see that the borders of the candle the color it’s gone if you want it back just check it and bring it back on so my suggestion is that you know when you are exploring trading view okay when you have all these checkboxes that you see just just play around with it just checkbox it I mean check it and uncheck it and see the difference so you know what portion right off the chat that it’s actually referring to this is one of the fastest way to learn trading view okay so again right last value line what is this check miss oh okay it’s actually this red line over here I see hey I’m checking this there you have it right see you look pretty fuss all right adjust data for dividers if you have no idea what it is right I myself I’m not too sure just click on it and you have a good idea of what is actually referring to let me just click this okay so probably this data is now adjusted for dividends as it’s mentioned over here okay so I just uncheck this status line okay so symbol okay so description ticker blah blah blah what is this let me uncheck this oh it’s actually this portion over here right notice that this is a symbol the data is missing bring it back on now it’s back alright Viva systems viva la Viva right so open high low close values what is this well uncheck miss well this portion is missing okay so I know is this right the open high low close values over here can you see where I’m coming from this off pretty much you know just trial and error and you know figure things out as you go along then you have indicator titles arguments values what is it figure it out yourself right just uncheck it and you’ll know what it’s referring to now skills are key skills so you have a symbol last value label what the heck oh is this one over here right this this this right the right side the red color stuff that you see over here pretty much just telling you what is the latest value of the this in this case the stock price right 158 10 cents right again all this over here right play around with it appearance okay so this is important background color over here I have white if you don’t like white maybe are litt little towards the dark side right he’ll change it to black if you want no if you little bit more feminine right feeling a little bit you know family sure right now pink why not right you’re feeling a little hot kitchen right how about green it’s all up to you right so in this case I had the white setting so let’s leave it instead I can change the vertical gridlines horizontal lines or whatever color you want for those of you who are you know have difficulty seeing the text on your chat can change this or signs 20 right so the numbers are bigger okay and default is 11 you can adjust the color of your crosshair you see this crosshair right this this thing that’s moving can change the color over here watermark top margin right so in case you want your chat to to to look better right maybe you can have a 10% top margin so you have like more space at the top okay so this is 11% default is 5% so I just change it bank can change the bottom as well if you want bottom and even the right-hand side as well so it’s up to you trading so trading right this is where you know if you are doing the people trading or if you have managed to connect your broker to this platform you can you know show you open positions your orders all this right so just again check the box and check it and you can see which portion is uh it’s missing and it’s coming back again events okay so for those of you who trade stocks if you want to show dividends on the chat or I can check this box and they show the stop splits on the shot show check the box you wanna show you it kind of a calendar you can check the box okay you can show you know earnings on the chat again you can check the box right so all this thing it’s you know all done here on trading view and one thing to share is that I know right you probably have the feeling but Rainer don’t wanna make something wrong in the settings on may stop right now how do I fix it man IRA dad I hate it I know what you mean right don’t worry so what you do is go to template right and he just click apply defaults and everything will just go back to the way it was okay or you can just go to if you like a white color team I just click white and it you’ve just become white okay and you go back to all the default settings that you had previously just click OK problem-solve how’s that for you and once you’ve done it once you have you’re happy with the chat settings right you want to save it so go to here at the top okay click on this arrow down right you want to leave autosave false because sometimes you know maybe you do certain settings you forgot to save it you come back is gone are so live autosave on any you know give yourself a peace of mind and if you want to save the chance right what you can do just in this case my chat is really safe right I call it IMG Gnaeus if you are a marvel fan or I love you 3000 something like that you click OK save okay so now you can see that my settings is now called I love you 3000 if you want to have a let’s say a new chart layout like the one for price action one for indicators one for chat Panthers blah blah blah what you can do is a create new channel layout so what you do is you open up a new tab and with the default chart layout settings and you can when you plate this to the way you want it maybe this one you want to have some indicators and some indicators draw some lines and customize it for certain trading style right once you’ve done it I can just save it right in this case just rename maybe you can call this a price section right you just click save and then here in future when you want to go to the different type of chat layout you can just go to like for example low chat layout one for price action one for I love you 3000 one for swing trading yeah together okay so so that’s it right this is how you actually customize your chance on trading do


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