Home Trading Strategies How to Use Tradingview Screener (Episode 6/8)

How to Use Tradingview Screener (Episode 6/8)

How to Use Tradingview Screener (Episode 6/8)

moving on right let’s talk about how to use the trading view scanner right to help you scan for a certain trading setups that you’re looking for so go down to the bottom left of the screen right can see this down arrow click on it and you can actually select the markets that you want to scan whether it’s a crypto Forex or stock markets so let’s say we go with stock screener and this tap will pop up so when you want to scan for stocks right you go to filter over here this blue button click on it and you can filter stocks according to you know whatever parameters it’s available whether is it a descriptive parameters whether you know you know have stocks in let’s say the Nasdaq 100 in whatever industry and stuff like that you can screen it according to fundamentals you know assets damn you know EPS earnings per share set cetera you want to scan it miss on technical it’s possible as well you know 52 week high 52 week low three-man high three-month low you know indicators crossing up and down etc so let’s say we know we look for a 52 week 52 week of the two-week high right and you just close this you can see that this particular stock right vrs K the ticker is currently meeting our scanning requirements so if you are looking for 52 week high in the Nasdaq 100 and according to those are the parameters that we have selected earlier this is the stock that has met our requirements so this is what we stop screener if you want for X it’s possible as well just click forex markets then again go to the filter the blue button you can filter by again write a descriptive filter or technical filter 52-week high to it low you know indicators crossing up and down and stuff like that so have a look at the screen around and see you know whether you know it does make your trading life easier when you’re looking for trading setups all right


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