Home Trading Strategies Is it possible to earn 40% in less than 3 months?

Is it possible to earn 40% in less than 3 months?

Is it possible to earn 40% in less than 3 months?

hey hey what’s up my friend so welcome back to this week’s market analysis right now I believe I’ve seen this you know regularly and I want to see it once again right a big thank you right for you know watching these weekly videos and photos of you who are new right believer quite number of traders from the Philippines right a relatively new to these videos honestly you know thank you as well right for all your support new in all traders because I wouldn’t have gotten this far right since 2013 to right now without you so thank you for a support I really appreciate it okay so with that said the first thing that I uncover in this week’s video is number one talking about expectations right because I’ve received a comment a couple of months back right saying that you know certain forex traders they make about 40% in less than three months and stuff like that so no you know share with you my tone on it and also we look at the markets right the best setups I’m looking at this week namely no dollar yen euro or Z and natural gas all right guys I know it’s a market and not many of you treatment is worth looking at because you know there could be a potential breakdown on on that market so all this and more in today’s video I’ll see you there so before I get to this week’s market analysis I wanna share with you a comment that I received during the enrollment of the trend-following mentorship program so for those of you who were invited to it right you know that I say something along the lines of you know trend following you know can help you achieve anywhere from 10% to 20% a year on average and for those of you who want to push things further with more aggressive risk management right okay you can even do 40% a year but of course at the expense of a deeper drawdown and then I received this comment or this statement right up to 40 percent a year in forex many people do that in less than three months so now here’s the thing right it’s easy to build up push out numbers and make claims and stuff like that but if you want to put these numbers to the test right what does it review so let me share with you so let’s you know use this simple a compound interest calculator let’s say you put $5,000 into your trading account and you’re not putting any more funds over time okay interest rate how much returns are you looking at so according to that statement okay forty percent in less than three months so let’s make it 40 percent in three months so which is about eighty percent every semi-annually means every six months right so if you calculate okay sorry I miss this sudden lack of time let’s put a 20 year since I think most of you would be trading you know for the next 30 years okay you can see that after 30 years you would have I mean I’m sure you’re dumbfounded right this number here is not billion it is trillion two point nine trillion dollars right let me just get this right this would be a million this over here would be a billion and this over here is two thousand nine hundred billion which is two point nine trillion dollars after 30 years okay compounding at eighty percent every six months you would be at two point nine trillion dollars so let’s see whether this makes sense the richest men in the world right now I believe it’s a Jeff basil right if I just click on this right you would see okay so yeah you know you can see Jeff basil about 90 billion Bill Gates and about 90 billion as well Warren Buffett right he’s pretty much close to what we do although is in the investing niche seventy four point three billion so nowhere near the two point nine trillion dollars there you know that is projected over here so why is that I think if you look at the Forbes the ten richest people list over here there’s not even a Forex trader over here so what’s wrong right clearly something’s amiss right it’s either the claims don’t work or number to write FX traders are damn good at hiding their money then you know folks can’t even tell how rich they are so you know use some you know logic and common sense okay I don’t deny right a trader can make forty percent in three months but can you make forty percent consistently over the next twenty thirty forty fifty years that is the question because you know why would you want to make forty percent in three months and n lose everything in the remaining nine months of the year I mean mine so I go to a casino I used to get free drinks you can look at babes and stuff like that so really right consistently over time that’s the name of the game we’re not trying to make a quick buck down here we are trying to grow our wealth from creating consistently over time and as you can see right the numbers don’t make sense two point nine trillion dollars in the next thirty years right you’re three times I mean you’re more than three hundred times I reaches then I mean Richard in a current we just men in the water right now doesn’t make sense right so you know whenever you come across promises gimmicks and stuff like that just plug in the numbers I to any compound interest calculator and ask yourself does this make sense and you would pretty much get a and answer to you look what to what you’re looking for alternatively right I wrote a post on my website the link is here okay how much money can you make from forex trading it can be applied to stop trading or whatever right you kind of if you can’t find the article just stop this search box over here and you can find it so basically I break down this entire question into a formula that you can plug and play right to decide you know how much can you potentially make from trading okay and with that said right let’s move on to this week’s market analysis analysis so the first thing I wanna talk about is a dollar yen so Dalian okay you can see that this market over here right what is it doing so first and foremost I always like to you know take a step back right and one thing I notice is that dollar yen has actually you know broke down this area of support okay it broke down retest previous support and resistance and right now it’s you know hitting down lower already so you can see the price section you can see that the market retrace right one two three four days and then of 50 it basically collapse lower and this small indecision candle over here so now how can you treat this a set up towards the short side so there are two ways you can do it number one you can go shot over here and have your stop-loss right one each year or above a buffer above this highs or in somewhere here right in expectations that the market would continue trading lower or alternatively if you want to have a tighter stop-loss right what you can do is go down to the forward timeframe and you know notice the price action you can see that this market this is the same retracement you saw earlier and the market is now in a hitting lower forming a series of lower highs and lower lows so what you can do at this point is to create the structure on this forward timeframe so if the market you know were to consolidate right you can place all stop order or wait for the market to brick below this low and you go shop right and you can reference it from this structure on the forward timeframe right said here stops a buffer above this highs let’s say somewhere here and now you have a tight stop loss over here this would be your stop-loss on this for our time frame and again right with expectations that the market is could possibly continue trading lower so this is I would say a trend continuation trading setup how you want to trailer stop-loss right a few ways some of you could you know look to take profits right just below this low over here some of you could trail your stop-loss for example you can trail it using a I think to the 20-period moving average rise the market his low work and trilling the tween eme right or you know whichever method that you want to trillion stop-loss with right that’s really you know no perfect right or wrong answer to it so it really depends on your goal as a trader and then using the appropriate tools to meet your your trading goals okay so with that said right that’s for dollar yen and bearish on it and those are two possible trading setups that you can look at this coming week another market right I think I mentioned last week there is still worth looking at again right it’s euro or Z so I mentioned last week right there you know I’m looking to go long on this because the market is at this hikes and this resistance and it’s still the whole ring around here so this to me is a sign of strength so last week if you trade on this right I would say the opportunity came in right when the market you know break below this low right over here near the falls break and anything really the higher so really this really boils down to your trade management you know how you manage this straight because if you do not exit your trade right right now you can see that the market is starting to to reverse again you against you so just you know suggestion for you right so one way to go about this is that when you look at a daily timeframe right you are long and you’re hoping that the market would break out of this highs but before the market were to break out of this is what I can do is he can you know stay in the range you can chop for a long time or maybe even go back old with your entry before it finally break out so how do you endure this you know this emotional turmoil if you want to call it okay so an idea for you is to you know take a portion of your profits off right as the market don’t move in your favor so for example this is an area of resistance you can take something off the table over here or you know when the market breaks and close below the prior can though you can take a portion of your position off like let’s say huff okay so once a half is off okay you left a remaining half position on your trick so whatever happens now on the remaining half right you are not to affect that because you know you really don’t bang in some profits over here so you can use this remaining half that you have and take a pun and see if the market can break out of this highs over here so let’s see it doesn’t break on the high side hit your stop-loss right this is pretty much a break-even trip because you you had some profit I mean it’s close to break-even I didn’t really do the math right but you took some profits here and let’s say this market breaks down and hideous tops overall positive and negative they would cancel each other and he’s close to a break-even tree and if the market does breaks out higher right you know that you’re in a very good trait location because you long near the lows over here so this is a suggestion for those of you right I think I saw in the Facebook group right now some of you actually traded this set up the market move in your favor and this is something that you know you might want to consider right how how to actually manage this straight okay so I hope this this helps right anyway you Rosie don’t worry for those of you who are who are not long right it still you know it’s not still not too late because if the market can breakout higher right break and break up of this size it’s still a valid set up to go long and you can you know set your stops reference from this low 180 are in somewhere over here so no doubt the stop-loss will be larger but hey there is still an opportunity for you to get on bought this trait on hero or Z and moving on not a market now I want to talk about is a non agriculture market it’s natural gas so natural gas is actually similar to the Euro or Z set up just that it’s the inverse so again look at a big picture right natural gas it’s pretty much in a range right very long-term range since 2016 okay so if you look at a price section of this right of this market so notice right this is the area of support that I’ve you know highlighted over here this area of support so this area of support right or rather the the market the price section is telling me that you know what the buyers are losing control because if you look at it previously every time the market came into this area of support it left the area relatively quickly right it’s telling me that there is strong buying pressure that is why I know price didn’t consolidate too long over here before it took off right so this one over here also is you know is relatively quick right came in and then you know it push away higher so at this point in time right it’s still too early to tell but from what I’m seeing right that there is a lack of buying pressure over here right is that notice the range of the candles it seems to be getting smaller and smaller so you can see that this is the down move right and the move over here seems relatively weak right there the size of the wicks the length of the range of the candle is relatively small so this to me is a lack of buying pressure so what I’m seeing right is that day the market could potentially no break below support okay so what I’m looking for in this and this trade is for the market to break and close below this low before I go short right I won’t go short just yet because you know I have no idea whether you know the support will hold or not so for me the entry trigger would further would be for the market to break and close below this low before I establish a short position in natural gas and on top of it right natural gas I believe the swap side is very favorable for a short trip right if you’re trading on CFDs and stuff like that you may want to look at it with your broker okay so natural gas it’s a market that I would say it’s also worth looking at right market is an arranged test that support the range of the candles is relatively weak and you know we could see a potential break down towards the downside but it still you know it still too early to say and it’s wolf you know keeping a lookout on it okay so we that’s it I have come to the end of this week’s market analysis right so let’s do a quick recap to to what we have discussed today number one can you make 40% in less than three months three months right sorry this this is wrong this is a should be this sign this okay in less than three months right I give you an answer to it yes and no yes you can do it right but you would not be able to do it consistently in the long run right forty percent in less than three months anybody can do it you know is 10 20 percent of trade you know you hit a 1 to 2 raise to rewatch you’re pretty much down there but whether you can do it in the long run which is the most important thing is something that which I say is likely not right because as I’ve shared with you right in 30 years you have for almost 3 million dollars sorry treat trillion dollars right and you’ll be the richest man in the world but so far the richest menthols 100 billion a second thing we talk about is the dollar yen right bearish on this then I talk about the euro Aussie I’m bullish and last but not least right natural gas I am I am bearish for now if the market can you know break and close below this low that we have mentioned okay so with that said right I have come to the end of this week’s market analysis I hope you found it useful if you do write you know please hit the subscribe button and the like button I would appreciate it and any feedback I’ll come and just let me know below and I’ll get back to you so that’s it I wish you good luck and good trading and oh yeah one thing right for those of you who want access to that article or the link is over here you can just you know have a have a look at this page the link or just use the such tool on my website okay so that’s it I’m signing off and I’ll talk to you soon you


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