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Live Trading: When Can I See Your Live Trades?

Live Trading: When Can I See Your Live Trades?

hey hey what’s up my friend so in today’s episode i want to discuss all right about live trading often i have questions from trader hey man rainer why don’t you do any live trading for us man let us see how good you are right now come on put on some live trades come on man so before we get to that right let’s talk about live trading what is it how it works right so live trading is when someone you know records their screen their trading platform and then you know they click buy okay after which they exit the trade so they’re pretty much just trading live you know in front of an audience or they are trading live right but they record their screen while doing so and the benefits of this type of live trading if you ask me i would say it’s more of a understanding the person’s thought process like you know when he’s about to buy right he will share why am i you know looking to buy right now right maybe there’s certain factors certain things that he’s looking at that lead him to buy and once he buys right then you know maybe he’s looking to manage the trade he’ll share his thought process right how is he looking to exit his winner so if the market goes against him you know where will he cut loss and stuff like that so if you ask me the benefits of life trading is about understanding someone’s thought process so now this brings me to it to the question right why don’t i do any live trading and the reason is actually very simple right is that my trading style it’s off the higher time frame if you look at the stuff that i share on youtube right it’s uh mainly of the higher time frame like the four hour daily or weekly time frame so yes i can do live trading i can you know put on a trade record the screen but you have to understand right those recordings could possibly last for weeks or even months let me ask you will you watch a video that is one week long probably not right doesn’t make sense right that’s why you know to me right given my circumstance right doing live trading just doesn’t quite make sense because my trades doesn’t just end in a few minutes or a few hours it lasts usually right weeks or even months so that’s the main reason right why you don’t see any live trading for from me because i’m not a short-term trader if you’re a short-term trader if you’re a day trader uh you know trading of the one minute three minutes time frame hey maybe live trading is something that you can share with your audience and they might benefit from it but given my circumstance given my own uh trading approach live trading isn’t something to that will work now some of you might might say you know hey ray now what about you know you can uh record those uh the trades before and after so like for example before i put on a trade i can do a recording right share my top process and after which the trade is over i share the result of those trades so there are some you know uh educators out there who does this right they they the before and the after and here’s the thing with this right if i were to record any before and after let’s say i do 10 before trades that i record right when i do the after trade recording i need to do 10 as well right it’s not fair if i record 10 before and out of the 10 right three are winners i only follow up with the three winners that is kind of like a little gimmicky if you ask me right it’s not right to just share the winners and just you know hide those losses so this is why i don’t go with the before and after recording as well because if i were to go down that approach i record 10 before uh before i take a trade video i need to follow up with 10 after i take a trade video what’s that result of those 10 i can’t just do cherry pick the winners and then forget the rest right that’s not how i roll so that’s why i don’t do any before and after trade records as well even though i know that there are other people who does it so now since i don’t you know do any live trading since i don’t have any before and after trade record so so how can you benefit right as a viewer of my my trading stuff right so that’s where i have something called the market analysis i publish it and each and every month you just go down to my youtube channel the playlist i think it’s called a market analysis something like that i share my thought process right to what i’m looking for all the traits are before the thing happened right it’s all before it’s all the before right before the the results has happened so everything is all so called live right i’m sharing at the right most age of the chart i have no idea whether those are going to be winners i have no idea whether it’s going to be losers i just post it i share my thought process and whatever happens happens so hopefully those set of videos will help you right to get you thinking right or rather understand right how i analyze the market so that is as close as you can get and i publish it once every single month so go down to my youtube channel right check it if you haven’t haven’t had a chance to right and for those of you who are looking for live trading i don’t offer it but hopefully that playlist of videos right that i publish each and every every month right will help you so with that’s it i’ve come towards the end of today’s episode and i will talk to you soon you


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