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November Market Forecast Report by Rayner Teo | Forex Trading

November Market Forecast Report by Rayner Teo | Forex Trading

hey hey what’s up my friend so in this month’s right market forecast report for November I’m gonna share with you the best trading setups that I’m looking at right now my predictions for the market what’s about to happen and key levels that you must pay attention to so one thing is that you know this video I’m doing it right now is before the so called fake has occurred right so I’m doing it life right and I have no idea what’s gonna happen right and I could just join me well you know be wrong in my analysis and this is something that I have embraced right I could be wrong and I’m wrong you know about half the time so this is something that you have to understand and you have to be prepared right if you’re looking for something that has a high winrate 90% win rate then hey this video it’s not for you right this video is for you if you want to learn how to analyze the price section of the markets identify a favorable risk to reward trading opportunities then yeah this video is for you and before we begin right if you want to learn more about my trading methodology go down to my website creating with Rainer calm and download this ultimate guide to price action trading just click this blue or this orange button right and I’ll send this guy to your inbox and you know it’s basically learning about price action market structure how to time your entries and exits so today’s video will be largely based on the concepts and principles shed in this book and it’s free just go to my website and download it so first thing first right let’s begin today’s our analysis the first market I’ll share with you it’s Aussie dollar right you can see this is the daily timeframe and one thing you notice is that these are the key levels on this market and the market has actually came into this downward trend line which is quite close to this area of resistance but not quite there yet so you had a slight bounce of this trend line and it’s from what they call you know a pin bar a shooting star okay so what I’m looking for right now is that I’m not gonna trade off this candlestick pattern on a daily timeframe what I’m looking for is for the market to tell me that you know the sellers are in control and about to you know push price lower so on the four hour time frame is where you can see this price action clearly so number one what we have is that the daily time frame we saw that the trend is down the second thing I’m looking for right now is the to see right where the sellers they are in control and about to push the price lower and the the price section that I’m looking for is this is for the market to make a move lower it did over here do a wick pull back right this looking somewhat of a like I’ve know a bear flag pattern you know small range candle and then wait for the price to actually break below this low break below this low before I go shot because if that can happen right at this point in time you have a series of a lower high and a lower low right in anticipation that the market would reverse a little lower and to continue the trend that we had saw earlier on the daily timeframe alright so this is more Ozzy dollar this is the trade setup that I’m looking for basically a trend continuation tree towards the downside as for targets right just what I’m seeing is that this market right this over here is an area of support a pretty strong one so for those of you who are looking to capture a swing in the markets this is a possible area to you know take something off the table or take your profits right so this is quite a large circle right let me just redraw the line so it would be somewhere about here right looking to you know take your profits that’s a swing trader okay so this is Aussie dollar a relatively straightforward trade break down towards the downside sorry I mean a trend continuation trick towards the downside another market that I want to share with you is this silver so silver right at this point in time right the chart it looks bearish okay but I’m actually you know bullish why is that right so this is where you know multiple time frame right comes into play so if you just pay attention and watch me zoom on the charts let me just go down to the weekly time frame you can see that this market previously made a strong decline right when it broke down this area of support at about sixteen dollars it made a strong decline into $14 which is a key area of support right tested once twice and right now at this level once again so now I don’t trade off the weekly timeframe so you know I’m not gonna no trade off the weekly chart and I’ll put a buy order stop loss based on weekly what I do is I like to use multiple timeframes right to better time my entries and exits and how you can do it as if you look at a day timeframe okay notice that this market is actually forming somewhat of a what we call an inverse Head & Shoulders pattern I notice that this is the pattern over here and it’s actually leaning against the support and you’ve seen on the weekly timeframe so now we have I know confluence down here right showing that hey this is a possible area where the market could reverse so couple of ways right you can treat this potential setup number one if the market simply doesn’t know a build up over here consolidates and breakout you can look to buy the break up over here and have your stop-loss right let’s see if this has happened to be the swing low you can set it just over here 180 are below this swinging low so let’s say this is the swing low 180 are below it’s about somewhere here right and in anticipation that this right could be the reversal move back towards the upside so there’s a first possible setup another likely setup what the market could do is that the market could just break out okay and you might have missed the move don’t worry right because what you can do is to wait for the first pullback which can appear in the form of a blue flag pattern right way the market retrace their own small body Kendal’s and it breaks out higher right this is way can go along on the break off the highs and then have your stop-loss again just you know 180 are below this low if you do not know what 180 are is or I just simply put just go down to your indicators finally Average True Range okay click on it find out what is this value let’s say the value is X right and what you’ll do is you take the low minus X and that will be your stop-loss so that’s the gist of it if you’re more explanation I got previous YouTube videos that I’ve done on it right go check it out and you’ll learn how to do it step-by-step okay so this is for silver I am bullish on this not a market that’s worth looking it’s this one over here it’s something that I think a lot of traders are not really mentioning it much right but it’s euro Canadian so if you look at euro Canadian rise forming someone you know you notice the price action right notice that is getting tighter and tighter if you look at the highs you just correct the highs right and this is the area of support notice the range of which is getting tighter tighter so one thing about markets is that volatility it’s never static right it moves from a period of high volatility to low volatility and back to high volatility again so right now if you look at the price action notice that the volatility of the market its declining right just look at the range of this candles getting tighter and tighter so my take on is that really right it could break up either higher or lower it’s anyone’s guess right but looking at this price section right my guess is that it could possibly break down lower towards the downside simply because right you’ve got this a series of lower highs coming in to support telling you that you know the selling pressures really putting pressure on the bias so if you notice the buying pressure right first time it made a strong rally second time got slightly weaker time even weaker right and right now it’s just within this tight range you know somewhat of a build up over here so what I’ll be looking for is that if you row Canadian right you can consolidate right ideally near this lows over here and it does break down I want to go short on a break down and just you know reference this high as my stop-loss right and to see if how how much lower this market can go down because if you just zoom out a little bit right the nearest structure right then you know the price may have difficulty going through it said actually at this area of support over here okay so you can see that from a risk to reward standpoint there is some meat in this move on euro Canadian okay and let’s see what else on the share right so how about commodity right brand crude oil so Brent crude oil where are you okay Brent crude oil so this one over here if you look at this chart of Brent crude oil what I self what is the trend alright so from the looks of it right the long-term trend is towards the upside it’s quite obvious so a gig trend is very timeframe specific because it really depends on what time frame you’re looking at or how many candles you’re looking at because if you zoom in like this right what is the trend you say that hey the trend is you know down towards the downside if you just you know look at this range of Kendal’s so whenever you define the trend you want to be objective right if you’re always having 200 bars on a chart right look at 200 bars if you are look daily timeframe in your trading of the daily timeframe then look at the daily timeframe so this is something that you know you have to be objective about it if not your analysis will always go you know haywire so for me okay I like to just look at the chart and ask myself you know what is the long-term trend right and from the looks of it right the long-term trend is up because you still have as this a series of higher lows okay these are the major points that I’ve highlighted over here only if the market right can pick up this uh area of support right like for example breaks down right only then would my bias shift right from long to short okay so you always want to have a level in the chart is what I call the last line of defense right where if that level is break right it’s where your trend bias shifts right from for example long to short or short to long so you always want to have this particular particular level in your chart right where I call it the last line of defense it might always be possible to look for the last line of defense for every chart right but this is always a question at the back of my head every time when I analyze a chart so for example now a brand crude oil okay you can see that the market now is coming to this area of support otherwise known as the last line of defense so I’m not going to just you know buy in front of this level right I want a price to tell me that it’s about to reverse higher so what what do I look for you can look for a couple of things right number one price comes in to this level and it gives you a better a bullish price rejection where the prices comes in to this level and then boom in reverse higher closing foolishly so now you have a price rejection in the markets you can actually go along and you don’t just reference this low as your stop-loss in anticipation that the market could reverse higher so that’s option number one option number two rise where you can use multiple timeframes right so going down to the forward timeframe you notice that this market right now clearly right the sellers are in control how would you know that well you just see it as the series of lower highs lower highs lower highs lower highs and until until the market can break above the previous swing high right only there right that do I have conviction that hey you know maybe the buyers are in control right why if the market makes a series of lower highs and lower lows there is no way right the convinced I know the buyers are here because for any trend to reverse right in the previous the like for example let’s say mix another swing high right for any trend to reverse it has to break above the prior swing high alright is just basic technical analysis or understanding you know price action right higher high higher lows so applying this concept over here number one you know that price is coming into this key area of support on the daily timeframe is the last line of defense is what I’ve shared with you on this four hour time frame right now clearly the sellers are still in control the buyers have not shown that you know I’m coming in not yet right at least so what I’ll do is that I’ll wait I’ll be patient right and let the market kill its hand to me so for example what I’m looking for is let’s say the market comes down lower mix another let’s say another swing low right and this point let’s say somehow rather the booths have woken up alright the break above this highs right at this point right I don’t want to chase the market so what I usually do is you get a couple of things right you can either wait for a bull flag like what I’ve you know shared previously a bull flag pennant then the market breaks above this heist then you can just you know go along and reference this lowest your stop-loss alternatively right you can actually reference this over here let the market form a deep pull back a price rejection right and if there’s a price rejection and there’s a previous resistance then support you can go along at this area over here so there’s a couple of ways to trade it and it’s actually based on the higher time frame picture and based on this a higher time frame level that we have seen earlier okay so this is a brand crude oil I know this is a little bit complex right but really if you really break down the elements it’s nothing complex it’s just you know multiple time frames and you know looking at way for trend structure okay so with that said right I have a come towards the end of today’s video we have talked quite a bit about numerous our trading opportunities and key levels and predictions so number one right silver let’s talk about it rise overall I’m bullish on this silver brand crude oil like long term bullish but I’m not gonna buy right now because I would wait for the price action to you know the market to to it’s him all the dollar bearish for now looking for shot set up and finally euro Canadian possible breakout towards the upside or downside right so I have no idea I’ll let the market show its hand but from what I said earlier right possibly could break down lower okay so that’s it I’ve come towards the end of today’s video if you have enjoyed it right hit the thumbs up button subscribe to my youtube channel so you always stay up to date and any question feedback let me know below and I’ll do my best to help so that’s it I wish you good luck and good trading I’ll talk to you soon you


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