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Options Trading Crash Course: A beginner’s secret to success on the options trading. All You Need to Know About Options, Trading Strategies for Creating a Real Alternative Income


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Do You Want to Trade Your Way to Success on the Options Market?
Do you need a more strategic and financial way to protect your portfolio and maximize your investment in trading?

In today’s fast-paced markets, more investors are thinking about taking an entirely new path – trading options. Options trading sounds exciting, almost exotic.
But what is options trading and how do you get involved?

Options trading is fun and exciting, and it’s an easy way to start making money from your investments. But one thing it’s not is this – it’s not super complicated. Sadly, people have not been allowed to hear the truth about options trading, and so it remains in the realm of the mysterious. This is unfortunate because options trading only involves a few simple rules. Once you know what they are, then options trading becomes simple.

In this book, we are going to teach you about options trading from the ground up. This book is aimed squarely at beginners who don’t really know anything about options trading. We will begin by simply teaching you about what options are, and the properties of options that you need to know about before you start trading them. From here, we will go through all the options trading strategies that you need to know in order to become a successful options trader.
Here’s what you’ll learn: 
◆ What Is an Option
◆ How Option Trading works 
◆ The Basics of Options Contracts 
◆ How Options prices are determined 
◆ Differences between Forex, Stocks, and Options 
◆ The Mechanics of Buying and Selling Options
◆ Buying and Selling Options
◆ Strategies for New Options Traders
◆ Basic Options Trading Mistakes
◆ and much more !!

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