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Parenting Advice: How to Give Your Child a Head Start in Life (Without Getting a Degree)

Parenting Advice: How to Give Your Child a Head Start in Life (Without Getting a Degree)

hey hey what’s up my friend so for those of you who know me you know I’m reigning the guy from trading with Rainer the traitor you know the guy who talks about trading but today’s video is nothing to do about trading right it’s actually something that has been on my mind I just really want to get out and I’m just doing this video over here to share my thought with you to why your children’s future is at stake rights in danger so I’m from Singapore I have two kids myself Rae and Jada about one it’s about three months or ones three or so and when I look around me every mother son daughter is trying to put their kids to the best school the best education best enrichment class put them through University masters or whatever as far as possible to give them so called debt each and here’s the thing right in trading when the hood is all doing the same thing you know that that’s a recipe for disaster so think about this 20 years down the road people around you who are parents themselves by pushing their kids through university it’s clear right that there will be many degree holders out there in the market even now right now there’s a lot of degree holders out there in the market so simple economics to tell you what happens when supply goes up right when supply goes up common sense tells you that the price will draw and no I’m not me referring to the price of your degree the cost of your degree education is only gonna go up over time when I’m talking about price it’s your salary the salary of your kids right the starting salary cause if you think about this a company the employer he has thousands of degree graduate to choose from he doesn’t need to you know give a high salary to entice them to give them the carrot in fact I can reduce the size of the carrot and people will still take up the job because this that’s just way too many people out there with degree and if you think about those foreign labor coming in that could even you know drive down the price even lower so let me share with you a story right I graduated with a private degree with the University of London I had a first class honours and when I graduated I thought it man I’m am pretty big shot right first class honours not bad and the cold truth is that when I applied for a job I started banking by the way I applied for banking job I told em say I want that 3.

5 K from the stop no one responded to me and he got so bad that I had to go down to a so called recruitment agency to help me find a job because I can’t find it myself even though I graduated a first class honor so I went out to the recruitment agency and they you know us you know what a job are you looking for a starting salary and I told me say 3.

5 K they give me the look like I didn’t idiot right so so he story told me right 3.5 days out of the question right what we can offer is 2.5 k because he forgot to mention it you know I need to pocket you know another 500,000 at the back of my at the back of the scene but of course he didn’t tell me that but he taught me 2.

5 k is the market rate for someone with a private degree regardless of where they go first class on her last class honors doesn’t matter that’s 2.5 k that is the rate when I hear that I’m like well since I’m still unemployed right I guess I better shut up and just take whatever comes my way after one week nothing after two week nothing after tricks no news and that’s when I kind of realize that having a first class owner I could even get a job that pays me 2.

5 K so let it sink in for a while and that happen about I’m sorry plus plus this year that’s about I think seven years ago six years ago they’re about around there what about 10 years time 20 years time when your channel has a degree like me maybe your first class owner but the difference is that the magnitude is amplified 10 times 100 times okay so what’s the solution I mean I don’t just you know be a fear monger create this uh this uh so-called problem in your face and then I don’t provide any solution so I’ve been thinking about and I realized that in this day and age things are moving fast those that kind of succeed in life um but one used word succeed by those who can thrive in the economy right are those who can solve problems really unfortunately this is something that the school won’t really teach you they the model answer the perfect answer there’s no there’s no there’s no how to see how to see a variation of the perfect answer is either yes or no but in the real life you know it’s not like that there’s yes it’s a strong yes it’s a perfect yes it may be a small yes there’s a variation to the answers in life and if you ask me right what I’m thinking right now is that if my kids doesn’t want to get a degree education I’m not gonna force them but what I want to put into them is the the value to solve problems to be someone who can adapt to ever-changing finishes and to solve problems so let me just share with you how they can still survive right in future even though they have no degrees so this is just a something that I’m thinking a lot right now so for example let’s say there is a dentistry right they fix braces one braces I did it before about $3,000 a pop right so one patient comes in three mm maybe five thousand let’s make it three thousand dollars to the start and let’s say this dentist they they have problem finding customers what if your channel is someone who can be the middleman I can find let’s say potential customer for this dentistry maybe their friends are any of bracers baby they know people who desperately could help could get help from a good dentistry and it take work with the dentist and say hey you know what you touch 3000 dollars for each patient I’ll take 50% thousand five how about that well to the dentistry that so-called free money because they wouldn’t have gotten the patient and I start to start with without this let’s say without your child’s help okay and your child just one thousand five just for referring one patient so if you refer to patient a month that’s a pretty much a fresh great starting pay even more than the two point five K that I was hoping to get a first-class honors what I did help a lot so can you see how if your child can solve problem in the real world you don’t have to be afraid that they will go hungry you don’t have to be afraid that they will be so-called useless okay so number one the dentistry example then these three okay oh how about is number two maybe your channel is into fitness you know maybe doing the the TRX you know doing a tea but a six-pack so a pretty buff up biceps chest and you need the degree to get six packs and a biceps and chest no soul on the Internet is more of a implementation figuring out what works try it out and then you know follow the process right dieting exercising and stuff like that and let’s say you know he looks good like a model physique you don’t need three years to get a model physic I mean you don’t spend three years learning how to get model physical right you can do in a matter of months and learn what works or not reading a few books internet stuff like that but anyway to the point let’s say your child is someone who can help people get fit as well maybe personal training he just like you know $50 an hour how much does he need to get 3 km on now if my maths of me right he needs to work 60 hours at $50 an hour 23 km on that’s like 15 hours a week about 2 to 3 hours a day compared to someone French great walking at night 10 hours a day getting 3 km on is it difficult to uh okay let me just before I fight about it let’s talk about say fitness okay so these are two examples let me see if I can come on one more examples at the snap of my fingers let’s say one more example let’s say 13 your child loves to talk to people he loves providing solution to solve people’s problems so that’s essentially you know salesmanship right selling solution to people’s problem if you buy a car right you’re solving the problem of you know convenience transportation if you buy let’s say a supplement right is solve maybe your fitness issue will help you sure whatever okay so if your child is someone who can do sales okay who can help a company sell their products you can be sure that he will earn a certain commission for whatever itself again you don’t need a degree to do that you don’t need three years in school to do any of this like for example the tenda strip middleman being a fitness junkie or you know just being a good salesman is it easy to start with does it mean that you know the moment they start right now they’ll get you know three or four K doing any of these three examples no of course not there’s a learning curve but the thing is the learning curve chances are it won’t take you a full three years and you don’t even need to come up money up front like a degree education my time is what thirty thousand a year twenty years time your child might be I don’t know sixty seventy eighty thousand a year when you do this three example it’s all the knowledge all out there it’s just men it’s a matter of figuring things out yourself right and getting the answers and then to implement it the difference with this and getting a degree and copied competing with everyone else out there is dead these few examples that I’ve share with you there’s no limit to how much you can potentially earn there’s no so-called how to say anyone to judge you like how much you’re worth you say you need deserve 2.

5 km 1 or 3 K a month no right with this examples right with the problem-solving attitude how much you want to make it pretty much dependent entirely on yourself so this is what I hope that parents would share with your children right to adopt a problem-solving attitude entrepreneurship attitude if you wanna call it that you know there are problems out there to be solved in the world and if you can solve problems the biggest problem that you can solve the better you’ll get paid and a competition in this field I would say it’s not as high competing rather than competing with people with similar degree paper that took three years and fifty thousand dollars okay so just something for you to think about if you are a parent okay this is the I would say the the future of your children I would say many parents are going down the route of getting a degree education getting a masters and then any other they they kind of realized at him I’m competing with every one of the same paper the same qualification and maybe even you know look like you as well so think about this and I wish you all the best until next time I’ll talk to you soon


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