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Profit from Prices: All You Need for Profit in Stock Trading is Stock Prices


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Profit From Prices, a book for stock market traders, teaches how to find stocks to buy or sell and when. The simple premise of this book is that everybody knows something about something, but the market is the only one who knows everything about everything. The market is the sum total of all the players. For any stock, it knows at any point in time every piece of news- public or private, every expectation held by every individual as well as every trade executed in that stock. All this enormous amount of information held by market is available in one simple number- the current stock price. You maybe wondering: Is it really possible to trade stocks just by looking at prices? Yes. It is and this is what this book is about. By learning some simple techniques, you also can profit from prices. Download the preview version from http://www.profitfromprices.com/ and decide yourself. Most readers have rated this book as one of the best practical books on stock market trading.


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