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Should You Quit Your Job And Trade Full-Time?

Should You Quit Your Job And Trade Full-Time?

Hey hey what’s up my friend so in today’s episode I’m gonna talk about should you quit your job to trade full-time well before I can answer that question right there are a few things that I want you to consider number one consistency how has your trading Bindra looking through the past one year the last 12 months how many months did you make money if let’s say over the last 12 months you limit money on four months out of 12 then clearly you’re not consistent clearly you don’t want to you know trade full-time right with that a kind of track record okay because for the other in months you’d be wondering right man how am I gonna put food on the table I’m gonna pay my bills yada yada I’m not saying that you know you can be a profitable trader just by reading four months out of trouble you can be right especially if those four months you meet a shitload of money and your losses on the remaining eight months are small you can still be a profitable trader but coming from a full-time training angle right where you want consistency in your treaty where you need the money to you know pay your bills put food on the table you really want to be you know consistent you want to be you know winning making money right on most months so number one first thing to consider is your consistency and one thing to point out is that let’s say no you’re trading part-time okay you may not be as consistent as you one year okay to be you may not be as consistent right then you hope to be but you’re thinking maybe if I trade full-time like my consistency would improve I would become a better trader that’s the top right going in many traders hit or anything that right now I’m trading part-time my results are not as good but if I trade full-time I know I can put in more effort more time and I would be a better trader I will make more money well guess what doesn’t work that way right you’re a part-time trader and you’re not getting the results you want when you do it full-time it’s usually worst right because you have more and stick right now okay so so don’t make that assumption right thinking that from part-time to do it full-time your results will just magically improve doesn’t work that way number two you have to think about your trading capital I can tell you honestly if you have like a five thousand ten thousand dollars trading account it’s pretty done difficult to trade full-time and make a living especially if you’re living in developed countries like Singapore US or whatsoever maybe if you are living in a developing countries where you do not need a lot to survive me be there might work right but for most of you watching this right $10,000 trading account pretty much wouldn’t cut it right so let’s say $10,000 trading account you make an average of 5% a month it’s like five hundred dollars a month I said of audacity I be able to survive with 500 but I think for most of you you kind of even pay for your food okay so i’ma do is you’re trading capital right you must have the right expectations you must have a decent size of trading capital number three add a source of income right so if you’re a trick full-time right do you have any other source of income that could you know supplement whatever you’re doing maybe you know you have a side business maybe you’re giving to somewhere maybe you’re driving crab or uber somewhere or maybe you know you and some income from you know YouTube or whatever I don’t know right do you have any other source of income because if there is right then the transition to so-called full-time trading with other source of income available makes it much easier but if you’re just trying to make trading your only source of income right then you know things will be a bit little harder you’ll be shaky if you ask me okay fourth thing opportunity cost so let’s see right now you are in a job right that pays you like $50,000 a year if you were to go at RIT full-time and let’s say you make like thirty thousand dollars from trading full-time guess what you did a big thirty thousand dollars a year from trading you actually lost twenty thousand dollars they’re dead twenty thousand dollars is your opportunity cost because you could be working full-time elsewhere apart from trading and making the fifty here here right that’s an opportunity cost of twenty thousand dollars to you so now this is a question only you can answer right is the so-called freedom get full time trading bridge right worth more than the twenty thousand dollars opportunity cost that you’ve just lost so now this is very personal some people value their freedom right a lot more than the twenty thousand dollars so again something to consider and the last thing try to talk about is that what other alternatives are there besides full-time training is it possible then you can treat part-time and have a full time job right maybe you know your full-time job give you the security and your bottom trading helps you know build your wealth over time right to to compound your trading companies one approach or maybe you can take trading as a business right an approach where you treat trading as a business like me for example I treat trading as a business right I make my money from number one trading the financial markets I use it to grow and compound my trading account number two right I have YouTube that pays me no money every month or you to ever to spend it stuff like that number tree I have my owner training courses that I offer okay number four I do a Unruh Ferol fees whenever I know people you know buy some books on Amazon they click my link there’s a little bit of a money coming in or you know subscribe to standard trading platforms if they click on my referral link I get some money along the waist so there are many alternatives out there right so so think about all this right so whether should you quit your job to treat full time right hopefully those pointers make you think deeper a bit and as well as you know providing some alternatives to you right if you know you want to trade full-time but maybe your circumstances don’t allow it what other things can you still do well there’s a lot of things that you can do right so I hope that helps right but that’s it I wish you good luck and good Freddy I will talk to you soon you


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