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Special Market Report (April Edition)

Special Market Report (April Edition)

hey hey what’s up my friend so welcome to this month’s April special market report in today’s video we’ll look at two of the traits that I took recently right before the winner and the loser as well as you know share with you a couple of trading setups that I’ll be looking at over the next few days or next few weeks depending you know how long it takes to unfold itself so without further ado let’s begin right so first one is a pound Canadian okay so pound Canadian right so this uh the two setups that I’m going to share with you it’s something that I actually cover extensively in something called Pro traders H it’s a weekly video that I do for my members if you’re a lot more I’ll share details later on but first right pound Canadian this market over here you see price broke out of this area of resistance over here I price tester once twice there’s a third time over here as well one two three price broke out do a retest then start to consolidate within at this choppy area so one thing to share with you is that if you notice the daily right the price looks like I know is chopping up and down chances are when you go down to a lower timeframe like say the forward timeframe you will be able to see the market structure more clearly okay so let me explain to you what I mean so you can see that over here the daily price is chopping up and down and it’s at this area of support over here so on the four hour time frame okay you can see that now what I just mentioned is that the market structure it’s clearer now because you know things have started to slow down it’s no longer an order daily timeframe it’s a smaller time frame so you can see the ebb and flow of the markets more clearly and this is the area of support I mentioned here and this is the area of resistance so to me right when you saw the big picture earlier you notice that the daily is in an uptrend the price broke out of resistance so this over here right is where the previous resistance became support and at this juncture okay over here I noticed that there was a false break setup over here oh so what is the false break a false break is when the price breaks a key market level but didn’t have any follow-through in reverse back in the opposite direction so in this case you can see that the market broke below this area of support right quite you know strongly and subsequently a few candles later a reverse and closes back up into this area of support so you can imagine my treatise we call it shot there now trap because they shot the markets and market reverse you know they are in the rear so I want to profit right from trap traders there’s you know that’s how you know we make money we profit from our traders right who are losing right trading is a zero-sum game so this one over here is where I went along right on this I’ll follow the brick pattern basically when the price breaks and close above support I went long have my stops right below this this swing low over here and the way I manage this trade is dead I noticed that this this this market right usually when he does a Falls brick right it should swing back up right as quickly as he came back down so you can see that over here it’s swinging back up as quickly as it came down over here and it’s swinging down equally quick then swing up and you get my point right swing up consolidating and swing now relatively quickly so in this point on I’m thinking right okay there’s a fall to break over here I’m expecting the market to swing up pretty quickly so I’m drilling my stop-loss over here right on the prior candle low so if the price were to break and closed below the previous candle low i legs in the tree so this trip management is a little bit more aggressive because you might get stopped out on a pullback okay but as I share with you right I’m just one thing to capture this one swing over here on pound Canadian and in this case I’ve pretty much got stopped up for a loss on this trade right over here price you can see brick and closed below the prior candle oh and I got stopped out so this traitor to me is a Lhasa on this trade a small loss but after which the prices you know keeps chopping up and down and you know I’m out of here right I have no interest to treat this markets price section anymore at least not at this point in time so this is four pound Canadian the next thing that I want to share it’s a go okay go let’s see Co so again looking at the daily timeframe notice that goal so what I was actually looking for is therefore the price to come into this area of support right yeah and two bounds of this trendline and so now you have the the trendline plus area of support this really makes this a very strong level just pay attention to your chance right we never support coincides with trend line that area usually has a high probability of reversal so this one came close but not close enough I still in Warren availa training set up for me so one thing that I want to point out is that on goal notice that prior to this upward move right we have this thing what we call a volatility contraction so this is a pattern a phenomena in the market right where I have talked about quite a few times right so usually when the market goes into a volatility contraction what happens is that volatility tends to expand after that right you goes into a like a sleep in the slumber boom wakes up and when he wakes up right left it goes back to a sleep in the slumber and a Boop it wakes up so you can see a few times it happening right over here volatility contraction then he wakes up volatility contraction wakes up volatility expansion and this was just a little bit of choppy move then I have this volatility contraction over here at Kane and what happened is the market beat when I’m in Reverse but nonetheless right let me explain to you you know where I got in and out of the trade so if you look at the four hour time frame okay so you notice that this market over here right this is the volatility contraction then you saw earlier on the daily timeframe this portion so when it came down lower right I was looking to buy the breakout of this uh this so-called consolidation because you saw earlier the daily was in a volatility contraction and as as I mentioned usually when the price makes a move right volatility it tends to expand so I need an entry trigger for this I so usually when I when I time my entry when I go down to a lower timeframe and I know that no I’m buying again so caught the trend I because if you look at this the lower timeframe right somebody in a downtrend because there is this down move over here so I don’t be trading or you know catching a falling knife you know buying into this a downtrend how do we know sort of let the market tell me that is ready to break out higher so usually I use the 50 M II as a filter case we can see that it’s 50 M in so as long as the price is below 250 MA I don’t buy because it’s telling me that you know the the sellers are still in control until the price can break above the 50 MA then right only would I consider buy I don’t use the 50 ma as a trigger I just use it as a filter right only if the price is above it then I would consider buy so in this case where my entry trigger came in the form of this a very typical breakup right just price break and close above this area of resistance I notice the price break and close above the resistance plus above this 50 ma which is a valid filter for me saying the hey Raina now you can buy come on let’s buy so that’s where I got Locker I went along on the next Kendall open stop-loss in this case right I just headed somewhere about this level over here okay and then the price moved up higher and in this case right I am just trilling my stop-loss I was trimming my stop-loss on the eight hour time frame okay the reason why I do it on the eight hour time frame is because I wanted to – right – move longer plus when I look at this right I noticed that the price action is quite favorable I’m in an uptrend okay and on top of it right the market structure is showing signs of strength because when you look at this right when it breaks up above here right at this point I have somewhat of a higher high and higher low over here so this could possibly right be the start of a like so called I wouldn’t say the new Uptrend because is all relative relative right but in this case right after this down move over here this could be the potential accumulation stage where price breaks out and then you know goes back up higher possibly retesting these highs and this highs so at this juncture I decided to you know give my trade a little bit more breathing room so I was trailing my stop-loss of the year in our time frame so that’s what I did and on in our time frame you can see over here I didn’t really get the big move right so when the price break and closed below this this prior candle low right is when I exited the tree so you can see that uh in terms of trailing stop loss there really isn’t like you know a one-size-fits-all there isn’t like you know which market is best to trill your stop-loss which time frame which monkey there is really isn’t the best is really all about your trading goals right and you know what you’re trying to get out of the trade so for the pound Canadian I was just trying to just get a one swing cuz I notice a daily is chopping up and now I just want to get one string out of that their market structure but for goal right I noticed on the higher time frame right the market is trending pretty nicely you look at this backwards strain pretty nicely higher highs higher lows right could possibly retest the science or even this high sofa here so this is where my trailing stop loss got a little bit more I would say more more leeway more room for the trade to run but in this case it didn’t really know run to my desired level in fact it just reverse mechanism 13:06 area so this is where I exhibit when it breaks and close below the prior candle no okay so this is a it’s a gain point about a point 5r for me so all in all right small gain here on goal alright so that’s a couple of traits to share with you of what I’ve been through but really if you you’re enjoying it right now I’ll share you with you more details and pro treatises because this is what I do every single week for the members for my members so moving on how to talk about a couple of trading setups that are worth watching so first thing Bitcoin so Bitcoin so as you mentioned right again let’s go back to market principles what did what did I just shared earlier I said that when the market goes into a low-volatility environment right volatility tends to expand in when you’re trading Bitcoin a trading FX whether you’re trading whatever markets right this phenomenon usually happens so you can see it over here volatility contraction over here range of the candle is getting smaller and smaller and what happened boom massive volatility expansion then we talk about you know when mark is wha when his volatile chances I know all the players for interest that they are already in the markets and when everybody’s in the markets right markets tends to go to sleep okay so in this case again during this portion volatility when quiet just look at the range of candles let’s compare this range of the candles with this range of the candles and you can see what I mean by volatility expansion and contraction so at this point right I I was looking at no I’m not sure whether I covered it in the previous market analysis on the previous previous one but we mentioned I know hey you know we have a series of higher lows coming in to resistance plus volatility is low let’s look at the range of the candles we have a good chance of for the price of breaking out above this highs and price did breakout above the high so really depending on whether you trade Bitcoin or not to be honest I don’t rate Bitcoin I just don’t have a broker there you know offers the favorable transaction calls for me to trace oh I don’t trade it but I analyzed it because price action is price action so because bitcoin break out above it and at this point right again if you look through videos where I talk about you know how to avoid false breakout I say that don’t chase the market so if you chase the markets over here the logical place to put your stop-loss is at least below this market structure which is this a previous resistance that’s a point and your stops would you have to be know somewhere here below the market structure and it’s gonna be pretty done white so usually in cases like this right just let the trade go ok so you can see that right now bitcoin is a try to break above this ice didn’t follow through so if you ask me right if you want to buy a Bitcoin right now my take on it is that you know a couple of weeks can do it number one is a straight forward approach is that you know you could wait for retest of this previous market structure previous resistance then support right and you can look for a bullish you know price section over here on a daily on on the lower timeframe right to look for buying opportunity around the 4,000 area another ways you can go down to the lower timeframe on the four hour timeframe okay and you’ll notice that this over here is an area of support over here so what could possibly happen is that we can look for a Falls break setup similar to what we we’ve seen on the pound Canadian earlier the price could come in do a false break and then close strongly back above this area of support and if that happens right you know you might consider you know wanting to buy Bitcoin because now you have this level two reference to send your stop-loss could just go below this swing low possibly somewhere about here and in terms of trade management again remember I said something about it depends on your goal so are you trying to just capture this one swing here on Bitcoin just just one swing if that’s the case you can just you know trillion on this for what time frame or are you trying to capture maybe a bigger move like you seen earlier on the daily timeframe of Bitcoin it’s it’s pretty much bullish in an uptrend if that’s the case you can trillion stops on the eight hour time frame or even a daily timeframe it’s it’s up to you okay but this is a my take on Bitcoin in something that’s worth watching and finally just one last market to share with you because I think it’s a is worth watching as well well just this are there sort what was I looking write it Sunday in my face so wtr so this is western Texas oil is the oil market and you notice that this market has been in a nice steady uptrend so one one tip to share with you is that no I don’t want to be buying a buyer at this point in time why is that because it’s something that I share is that the market it tends to move in an epic flow right so if you can identify an area of value on the market change the size that you want to be buying as near as possible at the area of value so where is the area of value on this oil market so if you just pull out the 20ma right notice that this market tends to bounce off the twenty Emmy right once twice three almost four times here and if you were to be buying over here right again where do you have to put your stop-loss chances I gotta be below the 20 ma because you know if the pullback comes and your stop-loss is you know anyway here here or here you’re gonna get a stop down right and at a level where you should technically still be in the trip because that the trend the move is still validated so really right if you want to buy look to buy and this near the tweeny MA because that’s when you can just have your stops below the 20 ma somewhere here right and the 20 way ma it can serve as a barrier and obstacle right to help you hold up this higher prices so really do want to be buying at this level right let the price come to you so now the question is right you have identified an area of valley right now the question is where do you enter so if you ask me I would say the four hour time frame right provides opportunity for it so if you just look at this swing low over here okay let me just change this to blue color so you can kind of you know reference it okay and if you look at the daily timeframe right that swing low coincide with the tween EMA on the daily timeframe so this to me is a very high probability reversal area no guarantee intro it will reverse right but if the price comes to the level and you know it shows me a sign of strength right rejection of lower prices okay I want to be buying in that area so on the forward timeframe right what I’ll be looking for is the gain price coming to this level give me a false break and close above it I want to buy right this to me it’s a it’s a setup that I want to take over and over again as you’ve seen right daily timeframe is in an uptrend right this level coincides with the tween EMA on a daily timeframe Polaski of this area of support on the forward time for you and plus if you have this little falls break set up man it’s just screaming pain I so that’s what I’m gonna do right so that is for the WTI setup that I’m looking for in terms of trade management again as I explained it really depends on your goal so you know and how you want to manage the trade can just take one swing or if you’re gonna write it longer you can trillion stops on the higher time frame maybe a tower or the TV time frame it’s really up to you okay so that is for what I have for you in this this month’s are April special market report and it’s mentioned right if you want to learn more about pro traders each and what I do right let me you know bring you in right for a sneak peek into the members area ok so I just want to take this moment and walk you through right so you know what to expect when you you know get your pro traders each membership so when you log in right this is what you’ll see over here we have the backtest research lab the weekly trade alerts trading community top trading and investing books webinars premium trading strategy ganks trading checklist and the proprietary trading indicators for so if you go to the backtest research lab right you realize that you know each month you’ll get a new piece of research right they share with you right what works and what don’t in the financial markets so this are a couple of a piece of research to get you started with when you get your proofreaders h membership so you can see that for example we look at the breakouts one okay so you can see the it’s all backed by no statistics and numbers and you can even download the PDF transcript of the research if you wish to so moving on right back to the pro traders age you also have the weekly trade alerts this is where each week okay right now is 2019 right I share with you my best trading ideas right and market insights for the following week we cover mainly the forex and futures market so if you treat forex or futures market like you know here in desert go oil etc then hey this our weekly trade alerts or weekly market analysis is could be really beneficial to you I share with you my top process the trades I took why I took them how I took them my wins my loss everything right it’s all in this weekly video that I published so you can see that you know we have a archive of all the you know videos that I’ve done you can you know look true study my top processing it’s one of the fastest way right to kind of you know copy or take my trading experience copy paste into your hit okay so that’s for the weekly trade alerts day we have this trading community where you can come in you know chat with traders who are online right I check the the chat every day in the main chat room so you got any questions right if I see it I can if I feel that you know I’m able to answer it I’ll do my best to help then we also have this a premium trading strategy guides which are updated regularly so basically right these guides are all my most popular blog posts in PDF format so we can just click on it you can know download it to your computer computer and you know reference it read it anytime you want offline or online so these are the list of trading guides I have like for example breakout trading click on this right you go to a driveway can download this entire PDF for free it comes with your membership right as a pro traders each member then we have webinars right exclusive webinars that I’ve not shared elsewhere it’s not on my youtube channel you can get it elsewhere so for example webinars we have a different types of webinars like for example trend trading good camera it’s a four-part webinar right day one two three and four again this webinar each webinar is about an hour long so this trend trading bootcamps almost four hours right of four five hours of trading knowledge over here okay and then if you know different webinars you know some talks more technical indicators some about part-time trading and stuff like that then we also have you know recommended trading and investing books right for you guys and girls then we have trading checklist right for those of you who trade Forex or stocks right I got some useful checklist that you can use before you put on a trade whether it’s about you know knowing whether you should buy or sell or whether you know you have the appropriate risk management for the treaty you’re gonna take so this are all trading checklists that will help you in your trading as well and not forgetting my proprietary trading indicators volt so this is actually a proprietary trading indicators for mt4 users so you can see that we have a number of custom-made indicators for mt4 users so for example MACD if you are using empty for the default make the indicator is a bit flawed right you notice that maybe don’t look like the normal Meg D so I have this a special custom indicator to fix it and I enhance it I saw you can actually use it on multiple time frames as well I also got dungeon channel news reporter that tells you know when a major news release is gonna occur so you are aware of it right before you know you put on the treat and realize hey news came out and you got stopped out so this indicator the news reporter will alert to you that hey you know a big piece of news is coming up be aware right if in stochastic indicator enhance give a point price level etc and that’s yep that’s a quick run-through right to what you can expect right with your pro traders each membership and don’t forget right we have a 7 day free trial you can come in right join it and by the 7 day if you realize it’s not for you just cancel it right you won’t be charged at all right you will not be charged a single cent you know with the 7 day free trial just you know sign up for it by the 7 day you realize this is not for me email you know us support at trading with freedom will just cancel your membership and you won’t be bill alright so with that sit all right I’ll leave the link below I’ll see you in the pro trader stage right and I’ll talk to you soon


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