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Special Market Report (March Edition)

Special Market Report (March Edition)

hey what’s up my friend so yeah today’s video it’s a it’s a special report for March what I’m gonna do is to share with you a a few potential trading opportunities that I’m looking at in March right as well as to you don’t share with you a few important trading concepts that you know would help your trading sounds good then let’s get started so the first market that I want to look at is euro dollar so you can see the euro dollar has been making lower highs consistently right into this area of support so if you ask me this over here um the one one three five level somewhere about here this could be a possible area to look for shorting opportunities right so we can see that this is an area of value where the price has retested the trendline once twice thrice four times in possibly a fifth time so how I’m looking to time my entries you know again by looking at the lower timeframe you can look at a two hour time frame and look at the price action of this market over here so right now I would say it’s still too early to shot why is that it’s because looking at this price action right you can see that the buyers are still in control on the 12 hour time frame you have higher lows higher lows higher lows and possibly this one over here so let’s wait right for the market to give us clue that the sellers have taken control before we establish a short position so right now we know one thing for a fact number one the daily is in a downtrend okay and number two on the lower timeframe right which is a two hour time frame that you’re seeing right now the market is in an uptrend so what we have right is say you know what traders call a conflict between time frame 1 timeframe is in an uptrend and the other is in a downtrend so what do we do well we wait for the timeframes the lower timeframe to be aligned with the higher time frame so this increases right odds right of the trade working up in your favor so now the question is when is the right time when do you know right the lower timeframe right is aligned with the higher time frame train so here’s what I do right so let me just share with you so as you can see the two-hour time frame right now it’s still in an uptrend so when do you know an uptrend is coming to an end when do you know that you know the sellers are coming in right to push the price lower so again simple basic price action stuff right uptrend is a series of higher highs and higher lows a downtrend is a series of lower highs and lower lows so what you want to do is to wait for a series of lower high and lower low to form to tell it to tell you that hey you know the sellers are possibly coming in right to take the price down lower and that’s where you see right now if the lower timeframe has this type of price section we are now aligned with the higher time frame down train as well so this really increased the odds of the trade you know working out in your favor so again so let me just hypothetically share with you what could happen of course you know the market will not know behave the way I predict that it can do anything once but if it falls in line with the plan that I just shared with you right there would be a possible trade setup that I would take so two hours time frame lesson market makes another retracement establish another high this time around he gets a very strong pullback sellers came in pushed the price in the world they need the buyers try to stage another rally right by this time right it could even retest back this highs before coming down lower towards this area of support so if this happens and the market breaks right let’s see breaks and close below this area of a swing low support I’ll be looking to shut this market because right now at this point in time you have a lower high and lower low telling you that hey this could be the start of a new downtrend on this lower timeframe to our time frame right and on a daily timeframe you’ve seen earlier them the trend right is towards the downside so if this could happen right I’ll be looking do you know take a short position on euro dollar towards the downside so this is just one hypothetical scenario in reality right there are many variations to it so let me just share with you a few common variations as well market would spike up higher down down up that forming a potential double top come down and then reverse from here that’s one possibility as well alternatively the market goes off form a triple top right testing it three times before it breaks down there is another possibility as well or the market could form a price what we call a descending triangle you have lower highs into this area of support and then it breaks down well here let’s say breaks and close below this area of support there is another possibility as well so I’m not what I’m trying to share is that you know it’s important to read the price section of the markets right so don’t try to memorize chart patterns specific price patterns because there’s just many variations to it right understand price section right and you know whatever the market rules and you if you can read the strengths and weakness of the markets right you’re good to go okay so this is euro dollar trading setup that I want you to know kind of pay attention for this coming week right that it could be a potential reversal at this one one three five area somewhere here moving on okay let’s talk a little bit about a market that you know seems to have you know died down in recent months Bitcoin so Bitcoin right in twenty twenty eighteen right was the big hoo-ha you don’t market volatile you know huge swings so exciting you know people buying Bitcoin and now it’s around the 3800 price level and nobody’s even talking about it anymore but again hey you know as a trader you don’t pay attention to news you read the price chart and from what I’m seeing over here right Bitcoin it’s a yes it’s you know in a dull drum how do you know that just pay attention to the range of this candles right it’s all relatively small over here all very small range candles this tell you that there is really a lack of interest you know in this in this market and it’s a price action trader right you should know that when the market is quiet when volatility is low it means that something big is about to happen okay you when the market volatility is higher it means that there’s a lot of participants in the market right swinging up and down so usually when volatility is higher what usually happens is that the market would start to you know get quiet because it’s already so volatile right now how much more volatile you can get all right so chances are during a highly volatile period right the market is likely to transit into a low volatility period so as you can see over here this period over here market is volatile just look at the range of the candles when you broke down its large after which you go into this doldrum over here where the range of the candles is relatively small and if you look back right before this huge spike in volatility what was the market doing what’s the volatility light again pretty much a dull term right over here range of the candles relatively small so can you see the pattern it’s occurring volatility of the markets it’s never static it always moves from a period of low volatility to high volatility back to low and then back to hide so that’s how the market moves so anyway back to the charts right so there was a little bit of a your info for those of you who are unaware right now I’m seeing that you know Bitcoin seems to be forming a possible bottoming pattern right you can see that this is a possible inverse Head and Shoulders pattern although the right shoulder is a little bit longer and I would draw this as the resistance or neckline okay so Bitcoin right now still you know I’m not looking to treat this but if the price can break and close above this area right foolishly strongly right and there’s a good chance that you know we could see a rally on Bitcoin possibly retesting back this 6,000 price level over here okay so this is from a training standpoint not an investing standpoint or whatsoever okay so just sharing my thoughts on Bitcoin right now the market is quiet okay and it could possibly don’t break up towards the upside if you know if it breaks above this area of resistance and one thing to know is that you know when you’re dealing right in trading speculation probabilities anything is possible so don’t think that hey you know the market wants it bricks above here it’s guaranteed to move higher because the market could just stay a false breakup come down back lower and I’m you know becoming a false breakout so really right that’s why you know we have you know stop-loss in place to take us out of the trade if we are wrong that’s what your stops is your stop this fall right to protect you it’s like insurance you hit paying the premiums but you’re glitter when she is the fan you have your insurance to cover you same thing for a stop loss so that is for Bitcoin let’s see what else I want to share with you a copper okay so copper over here you can see that similar price action to Bitcoin we have this down move over here then price went into a range is what I call a accumulation stage so I’ll be really : right veteran traders before me they actually pretty much identified the four stages of the market so this is what we call a accumulation stage and then a price broke out of it over here you can see price broke out of this area of resistance on copper so right now for those of you who are not in the trade right what I’m saying possibly is that there is a possible bull flag or rather a trend continuation pattern forming over here notice that bias were in control they push the price up higher nice large range on the candles and the pool back over here is relatively weak right look at the range of the candles it’s it’s quite small not as big as you know this earlier I move over here so what I’m looking at is the price can break and close above this swing low right bullish Lee let’s a buy opportunity for me here at least for me according to my trading plan I’ll be looking to buy okay stops below the swing low right and in anticipation of higher prices to come so this is something that you can look at right if you don’t feel so treat trends like me okay so this is copper so so far we have spoken about euro dollar Bitcoin and copper so this are I would say three possible markets that you can look at for this coming week or even weeks depending how long it picks are to unfold it the price action picked one fool itself so now before I end of today’s session I just want to share with you one important concept right which is I which is what I call it all entering from an area of value so let me just share with you so dollar gives the Chinese yuan you notice that this market is actually respecting this downward trend channel so really if you want let’s see you know market is in a downtrend and you want short right and looking at this at this point in time right I just want to share with you a lesson instead just because the market is in a downtrend right especially for price action trader it doesn’t mean you go shot immediately no you want to be trading from an area of value okay or rather to put in other words you know you wanna find out where is the the mean in the market where does it tend to you know come back as an area of value and from there on you put on a trade so when you look at this chart you notice that this market tends to you know find area of value on this upward this upward down I mean that the the higher portion of the downward trend Channel right correct test at once twice and there’s a good chance it could come back every test for at that time before hitting down lower so at this point right where the price is no hitting lower many traders will look at this China and say what man you know so Barry sure let me get short right let me let me go short and you know capture a piece of the move for I look how Barry it is I’m sure I the market you know move a little bit in my favor I mean that’s that’s the top I head right the market right should give me something correct well in this case it starts to retrace up higher so you can see from a risk/reward perspective if you were to go short right chasing the market down lower where is the logical place to put a stop loss it doesn’t make sense to put it here here or even here because it’s all within the range of the trait of the trend channel if you ask me you should at least you know ideally get it above the highs of this this channel somewhere possibly about about here so you can see that from a risk to reward standpoint your stop-loss can be pretty large right if you were too short to be shorting near the lows of the channel instead if you let the price come up higher now you can see that hey you know if you were to go shot somewhere here your stop-loss can just be somewhere about here it’s much more tighter right offering you a much more favorable risk to reward okay you don’t have to endure the pain right when the retracement comes I mean you might have to endure the pain right if you get stopped out but if you’re entering near the end of the pullback then the pain to endure it’s much lesser if the market does reverse back in your favour okay so this is one concept that I want to share with you right ask yourself right where is the area of value on a chart and try to be trading from an area of value so let me share with you another example euro yen okay so same thing over here notice that the market at this point all right we can connect the lows over here so this is like a upward trend line so when the market breaks out again many traders would think man break out of you know resistance this is bullish let’s buy buy buy okay and is this from an area of value do you want to be trading from here if you buy let’s say you buy over here where’s the logical place to put your stop-loss well you could put it somewhere below here okay but you can see that if the market does retest back this trend line you’re gonna get stopped out okay so ideally if you want have a conservative level to set your stop-loss where you know the market would have difficulty going through the level it should at least be below this trend line and you can see that if you were to be buying here stop-loss somewhere here it’s a pretty done large stop-loss so what you do be patient and let the price come to you so in this case euro yen again right if it come to you right and over here looking for buying opportunities over here I’m not saying you buy immediately on the bounds of the trendline no now again you have to look for a valid trading setup of your own right and then look to buy okay but from an area of value perspective right over here your risk to reward right the profile is much more favorable if a tighter stop-loss your stops can just go you know below this this area of area of I mean below this trend line which is about here a tight the stop-loss and then you know offers you a much more favorable risk to reward okay so think about this concept is a very important concept right you don’t want to be buying just because the market breaks out because it’s bullish because you think that you can capture a small piece of the move no usually when you have the kind of talk right when you do anything the market is breaking out it’s gonna move huge as money it’s gonna be reversing or doing a pullback okay so this is a lesson I want to share with you so just plot your you can block your support resistance your trendline trend channel or moving average identify the area of value on your chart let the market come to you right and you’ll find that you’ll be you know getting you know much more higher probability trading setups okay so this is a important lesson I hope you know it makes sense to you one last thing before I go right if you’ve enjoyed this video over here this is this special report for March right I actually publish a similar video like this every single week in what I call Pro traders age right you get a weekly trade alerts which is similar to this video you’re watching over here you get a backtest research lab where you can access the the back testing results that i’ve done over the over the financial markets in the financial markets you can get the results of it you can get access to our trading community and much more so if you’re interested to be part of pro traders h i will put the link below you can check it out and see if it’s for you there’s a free trial 7-day trial so make use of it and if you don’t like it right hey yes there’s no there’s no cost to you just you know just pick seven day free trial you don’t like it then hey just cancel your subscription and you know you won’t be built so with that’s it if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up subscribe to my youtube channel feedback comments just let me know below and I’ll do my best to help so that’s it I wish you good luck and good trading I’ll talk to you soon


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