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Special Market Report (May Edition)

Special Market Report (May Edition)

hey hey what’s up my friend so welcome back right to mace market predictions so I know this video has it’s coming up a little it’s really already towards the end of me right and I was contemplating actually to you know maybe just let’s forget this money no do it in June by to myself no right I’m gonna be consistent because just like in trading right consistency discipline right it does not just revolve around 3d it’s everywhere in your life right if one expect in your life right you’re not consistent you’re not disciplined it’s gonna spill over to your own trading so this is why I tell myself no I am going to do this I’m gonna do every one of this video every single man right and Here I am I might be late but I’m still going to do it right so this is a this month the man of me right the market predictions and my thoughts on the market so for those of you who are watching this video for the first time right so let me just walk you through briefly what this is all about so this isn’t about you know trading techniques or training videos that I usually do on my youtube channel it’s more of a market analysis right my so-called predictions or what I think the market is about to do and to share with you trading opportunities that I am looking at from time to time I share with you trades that I took as well the winners the losers and the lessons that you can learn from it generally I talk about the FX market but there are times where I also talk about the you know futures market that you know has commodities like gold oil SMP and stuff like that ok so this is what you can expect right from this this type of videos so the first thing right to to kick things off is I want you I want to share with you it’s a euro dollar so euro dollar you can see that on a daily timeframe you can see that this market is in a downtrend how do I know that right well I see a series of lower highs and lower lows and you can pretty much draw this a downward trend line you know and it make things really clear and to help you know identify area of value on the chart so what I’m seeing over here is that euro dollar right right now we had a retest of this lows over here and there’s a strong bullish price rejection and as a good chance the market could retest back this around this level around the 1 1 to 6/5 level they’re about about here okay so what I’m looking for is that on the lower timeframe on the 8 hour time frame this would be an area to look for potential trading opportunity I can see that over here this is an area of resistance Plus you also have the confluence of this downward trend line that we drew earlier on the higher time frame so a very simple set up to look for is for a nice clean power move into this area of resistance and then the market does a 180-degree reversal is what I call a false break and any reverse and close back below resistance so it could spike up higher reverse 980 degree and then close back below this area of resistance so this is what I call a false break setup and and why it’s called a false break set up is because traders who buy the breakout above this highs they are pretty much trip right now because they buy the breakout of market reverses in pump it gets stuck behind the rate they are in the losses so this is why we call this a false brick setup and to take advantage of this phenomenon right to to profit from this group of track traders this threat breakout traders you can look to shut the markets and uh typically my stop-loss right I have it 180 are above this this high over here the reason why I give it some buffer above this ice and not have my stop-loss just make up of this high is because sometimes the market could just spike up higher like this spike up higher and then reverse down lower so if I have my stop-loss just above this highs I might get stopped out right so this is why I usually give my stops some buffer breathing room right and it’s usually one ATR so we just pull out the ATR indicator find out what’s the value of the ATR and then add it to this swing high over here and that’s your stop-loss okay so that is a one potential set up and in terms of a profit target for swing traders right now see this is a level to be looking for to take profits somewhere about here are only one 11.

11 six area about here okay so possibly a false break here and a stop-loss money TR above this high somewhere here and possibly the market could you know reverse back down towards this area of support and this would be a potential target profit for you to look to exit all or if not at least some of your position okay so this is for a euro dollar the mix period I want to share it’s dollar against the Norwegian krone oh okay dollar against the Norwegian Carano so you can see that this pair the market it’s a pretty much in an uptrend right considered its vastly pretty much opposite of euro dollar you see a series of higher highs and higher lows right higher highs and higher lows okay so it’s quite obvious and one thing to share right now before we talk about the trading setup that I’m seeing right I want to talk about getting a trend by us how trainer you know how do you know when to be buying and when to be selling and in this case is quite obvious since the trend is up but at what point right on this chat Rainer would you switch your bias from long to short okay so if you have watched one of my earlier videos I talked about how to identify the trend right this is a technique right there I’ve shared and I want to share it again okay because this is powerful when you want to switch your bias from long to short you need to have a line on your chart a line in the center and that tells you hey you know if the price breaks below this level my bias will switch from long to short okay so for this pair the level that I’m looking for if the market breaks below that level right my bias will shift from long to short and that level is actually this one over here so treat this level over here around the 8:45 level this area of support if the price comes down and it breaks below it my bias right from long will now shift to shop because the market has broken below this key market structure and if this market structure holds this support that has broken in holes it now becomes previous support becomes resistance alright so this is why if that happens I want to be shifting my buyers from long to short so this is the what I call the last line of defense right this is the last line where you know if the buyers don’t hold this line of defense I don’t know they don’t they don’t hold it they they lose the fourth that’s it right my bias is now going from long to short okay so this is a very powerful technique whenever no your trading right you’re wondering man should I be long or short ask yourself where is the last line of defense wait if the market breaks me right you would ship your bias from you know either long too short or shot too long okay so anyway that’s just one one tip to share with you yeah the other thing that I want to talk about it’s the analysis of this Market Market is still in an uptrend and you can note this right this market actually is forming a potential build-up at this our highs over here this area of resistance so as you know write a bill bill up right at the height of resistance to me that it’s a sign of strength because if the if the if there is weakness right for example if the price for example it comes into this area of resistance it reversed down pretty quickly but if you can come up and still consolidate for quite a while in fact it’s quite a number of these right you come to number of candles over here Oh see you know two weeks or two each plus three weeks it’s telling you they know the reason why the price is two at this area of resistance is number one it could be because there is a lack of selling pressure or number two there is bias right potential buying pressure willing to support this higher prices so whatever the case is write to me that is a sign of strength and two ways to trade is number one the first and foremost the most straightforward way is to simply buy the breakout of this high so if the market comes up higher and it breaks out of this eyes you can look to go long in anticipation of a breakout trade okay stop-loss again right I’ll give it a buffer one eighty are below this swing low so that’s the first option the second option this one requires a little bit of a multiple time frame analysis is that you know notice that there is this swing low over here so when there is a swing low on a daily timeframe and you go down to a lower timeframe that swing low becomes an area of support on the lower timeframe so you can see this swing low and daily timeframe you go down to a lower timeframe like before notice that now this swing low is actually an area of support all right tested once all right previous resistance now I could support bounce up come back down second third fourth now we’re back here again so this is actually an area of support and since you know that your buyers on the higher time frame it’s in an uptrend so what you can do is actually right to look to time your entry on this lower timeframe so one possible set up then you can look at this again similar to the one we talked about earlier on euro dollar is a false break setups or market comes down lower breaks below this low right and in Sally and closed back up above this area of resistance so now traders who shot the break of this loss of this loss get now trained okay so you long on this a false break setup if you did a course in anticipation of higher prices so in this case yes you can look to you know take some profits of it this this area of resistance but also you on the bearing mining on a higher time frame if the price breaks out right there is still you know potential meet in a move so you wanna think about how you can actually maximize your profits like perhaps using a trailing stop loss staining right for example you can you can look to trailer stop-loss on the daily timeframe using the twenty Emmy right if the price goes up right and trigger stop loss using the tweeny Emmy or you can even no truly on the daily timeframe so meaning if the price make higher highs on a daily timeframe when your breaks and close below the previous day log only then you exit the trade if not you hold on the trade and see how far though the daily timeframe can move so this I know a couple of techniques to share with you and for you to think about on how to actually manage your tree not just the entries right because the tree manage when they exits they are equally important as well okay so this is dollar against the Norwegian Carano the next market that I want to share with you it’s Baba Baba okay Turkish lira so okay this is another exotic pair but the Turkish lira again you can see that this market overall it’s still in an uptrend okay so let’s do a quick exercise right look at this chart ask yourself where is the last line of defense on this on this on this pair for me personally at the last line of defense is actually this level over here on the five dollar fifteen cents level okay so the price yes it can break below this one right and it can kit now lower okay but this to me is the last line of defense if it breaks below this area of support right then I’ll shift my buyers from you know long term bullish right to perish but anyway right now the price actually has a break out of this range and it’s starting to consolidate a little bit or I forming somewhat of a a pen and a bull flag pattern looking something like this okay so what I’m looking for is again right you can see that the price actually no being supported by the 20-period moving average as well right you see that the price is respecting the 20 ma so a very simp straightforward setup is again right the price can break above this swing high right can look to get long right if it breaks out look to get a long in anticipation of higher prices and possibly retesting back this this highs over here this I think is a multi-year heights okay so this is a potential trend continuation trait on the dollar against the Turkish lira stop-loss again really like to give it a buffer I don’t like to put it smack below the tweeny Emmy or smack below this swing low I really give it some buffer like 180 are for example okay so this is the dollar against the Turkish lira and just one lasting riser it’s a concept that I want to share with you that could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run so let me show you through this chart of silver this is something that actually shared with the pro traders each members I’ll talk more about that later in a little more okay so this is silver okay so at this point right many traders you know when they see oh no look reading a strong bearish breakdown look at the range of the candle so large is so bearish you know the but the sellers they are in control right on hindsight right it looks like not a very good move right it’s the market pretty much really but again without hindsight right I want to share with you why this is not a good idea to be shorting at all so if you look at the price section off silver I think if I go down to the eight hour time for it might be clearer for you notice that the market is actually contained between a trend channel you can see they can draw a trend channel of this somewhere here control-c control-v another line out and you just you know can just pretty much grow it something like that right there about right I can adjust it better but I’ll just leave it here for now so you can see there when you want to short along the markets you want to know where is the area of value because the further away you trip from an area of value the poor your risk to reward let me explain so let’s say the market breaks down over here and chase the market this loose logically right where would you put a stop loss if you would be shutting it near these lows over here because it’s always barian market is breaking down right I’m the cool shot but unknowingly you actually going shot into this this downward trend channel near the lows over here away no potential buying pressure could come in and it isn’t there somebody you know a smart thing to do and on top of it your stop-loss right logically you should at least go above beyond this trendline over here this is our this downward trend line and you know right I usually don’t set it smack above the trend line and stays the distance away from it so you can imagine that your stop-loss it’s actually potential from here all the way up to here right this is that the size of your stop-loss if you were to be chasing the market shotting near the loss of this downward trend channel right so from my wrist to rewatch standpoint not too favorable so if you notice this right what you can do is actually to let the market come to you come to an area of value and where’s the area of value on this channel again if you ask me right from the looks of things I see that the area of values at this uh this downward trend line or channel with your market is you know tested once twice thrice four five six maybe a seven time I do not know but I could actually wait for a bearish price action confirmation right before deciding whether to not take the short trade my at least if I were to shot from here if I were to go shot at this uh this area of value my stop-loss now is much tighter right most of us cannot just be like this this is the distance of my stop loss compared to from here all the way down to this loss over here can imagine that by the time right this marquee let’s say reverse down over here a swing trader can look to take profit at this swing low whereas the traders who shot adhere I don’t know where’s gonna take profit okay he probably of to make a new swing low to actually know consider taking profits off the table so you can see that that’s a huge difference between trading from an area of value and just chasing the market slower you know and unknowingly actually chasing right to a point where the opposing pressure is about to step in and in this case the opposing pressure the buying pressure is stepping in near the lows of this trend channel so this important right whenever you look at a chart yourself where is the area of value am i buying at a level where opposing pressures coming in like for example am i buying a smack into resistance am i shutting into support you know and stuff like that so this is a very powerful concept that could you know save you a lot of money in the long run especially when you know right where your trading whether you’re near or far away from the area of value okay so with that said as I mentioned if you want to learn more you’ve enjoyed on this month’s market analysis I actually have something called pro traders H this is a premium membership right where each week right I share with you a market analysis just like what you’re watching right now under here weekly trade alerts every week I have a new video sharing with you my totes on the markets okay for example 2019 we have covered you know quite a number each and every week case you can see every week consistently I would publish out a video and on top of that right that’s not the only thing right we also have a back test research let over here right I share with you my findings of the market right you know what works and what don’t in the financial markets based on you know back test results okay so you can see for example there are data to back with it not just you know theory okay so I should share the results and you know the PDF if you want to download so here as well and also we have premium trading strategy kind so for those of you who enjoy reading my blog post and you want in PDF I have it all over here I update new ones consistently these are the current PDF can download keep it for your future reference read it offline whatsoever it’s up to you exclusive training webinars I’ve no trading checklist uh trading indicators vote for those of you who use mt4 we’ve got stuff like you know the dungeon channel make the indicated I know maybe it’s an issue for mt4 user this one helps you know overcome that issue pivot point price level stuff like that then we have a mean reversion trading strategy to teach you as well for those of you who don’t know what strategy to trade I recommend learning how to trade mean reversion because there is ample trading setups right and again statistically it’s a proven trading strategy because again there are back testing analysis that goes into it to share with you which market tends to mean revert better so that really increases the probability of you you know trading mean reversion so it’s all this in here as well in Pro traders each so you can see I know there’s a lot down here and you know every week every month there is new content and right so if you’re interested I’ll just put the link below you can learn more and check it out and if not right I hope you enjoy that this month’s market analysis and with that said I’ll talk to you soon


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