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Stock Market Rebound: Momentum Stock Investing with Covered Calls


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If you want to quickly rebound from the economic downturn, then keep reading …

The global coronavirus pandemic and resulting shutdown of the economy have left many devastated. Not a single family in North America has been spared. The impact can be felt everywhere.

Massive job losses, the shutdown of entire industries, travel restrictions, and social distancing are now the norm. We’re living within a new world order. And we’re all feeling the financial impact of this turn of events.

Many Americans have lost entire fortunes as a result of the recent stock market meltdown. Seeing your investment portfolio being decimated in the wake of this global health crisis is disheartening. How do you fathom even getting back to even?

Despite being caught in the middle of this recent economic downturn, things will REBOUND. All major market crashes turn around. Isn’t it about time for you to create your own economic stimulus package?

All major stock market corrections create investment opportunities enabling you to take advantage of mispricings in the stock market. Knowing how to capitalize on this turn of events becomes the challenge. This is where Stock Market Rebound comes in.

This step-by-step guide takes you by the hand and walks you through a momentum investing approach that takes advantage of stock market corrections.

Not all companies were impacted by the downturn of events. Some have been unfairly dragged down with the overall market making them potential momentum plays. When the stock market rebounds, and it always does, these stocks should see some major stock price appreciation.

Momentum investing is not new. What is new is the context and the approach being used in this resource. Capital preservation should be foremost on your mind.

Any investment system needs to take this new reality into consideration. Societal changes as to how we’ll live our lives moving forward has evolved.

This is why the momentum investing approach outlined in this book incorporates covered call writing into the discussion to protect your hard-earned capital.

Not only will you learn how to reduce risk, you’ll also learn how to generate cash flow into your brokerage account when the momentum behind a stock slows. Important knowledge to tap into, right?

You’re about to discover:

  • When to expect a rebound in the economy and what it might look like?
  • What 3 types of companies make excellent momentum picks?
  • Why you should avoid the BEACH industries?
  • Which industries will bounce back quickly?
  • What handful of indicators are the most helpful in analyzing prospects?
  • How to safely enter the market and best time momentum plays?
  • How do you limit risk while augmenting your returns?
  • When to use covered calls to protect your positions and generate monthly income?
  • How to create a simple, effective momentum investing plan?

and much more…

Not only that, you’ll also see firsthand how various investment scenarios could play out. An entire section is devoted to exploring several case studies so you can better apply the concepts being discussed in your guide.

Even if you’ve never invested in the stock market before, Stock Market Rebound can provide you with enough insights to safely enter and exit momentum plays.

AND even if you don’t have a lot of investment capital, you can still benefit

Your detailed guide works on the premise that most investors don’t have a lot of capital to invest in the markets. Hence, the emphasis on working with small, manageable positions.

The markets aren’t going to wait for you. Isn’t it about time to take back control?

So, if you want to quickly rebound from the latest economic downturn, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button now!


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