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Stock Trader Mistakes: and How to Avoid Them


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Top 12 Stock Trader Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Description: Here’s the #1 problem you face today in Stock Trading: Making to many money losing trades And if you’re concerned about making money losing stock trades or making your trades at the wrong time — Don’t Worry! Why? Because you can use the tips, techniques, and tools we’ll share with you in this book on your path to financial freedom, making more and bigger profitable trades, and even to gain more confidence in your trading expertise! In this breakthrough NEW Stock Trading book we’ll cover developing new level of insights and knowledge while at the same time helping you avoid the costly mistakes most Stock Traders make. Heck, we’ll even show you Earnings Release is critical AND see the KEY piece of information you have been missing in making your trades successful! In fact, here’s just a sample of the Stock Trading pitfalls and landmines we’ll help you avoid in this incredible book: • Why not researching your trade’s next earning release date and time may be the biggest mistake of all! • How not factoring in the next Earnings Calendar and Earning Season for your next stock trade dooms you before you even get started… • The consequences of not trusting your system to predict trades (hint: they aren’t good!)… • Why it’s so critical that without a written entry and exit plan in place you will fail… • Getting analysis paralysis… • Why not getting a first class education and follow up continuing classes/webinars will kill your results… • Why checking master charting screen daily is critical • Why you should never assume your past and present education, life and work experience will translate into useable stock trading skills… • How taking everything from Experts as gospel can backfire (and really bite you on the butt!)… • Why you should not make stock trading a full time job… • How assuming your stock trading platform or system will work forever really hurts your chances of being successful… • How getting frozen because of procrastination costs would-be Stock Traders a lot of time, energy and frustration… • … And much, MUCH More! Don’t miss this ground-breaking book that will help you STOP worrying about money losing trades and by using this information, you will set up many more profitable trades while avoiding losing trades. By the way, this book is NOT about focusing on the negative, it’s about focusing on the real world and helping you get real world results with Stock Trading. So, if you’re a Stock Trader who wants to avoid making the Stock Trading mistakes that sabotage your results, grab your copy today!


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