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Stock Trading Notebook: Log Book For Value Stock Investors To Record Trades, Watchlists, Notes and Contacts


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Sick of staring at computer screens all the time?

How about relaxing in your comfy armchair to analyse your stock portfolio instead. It’s far better than idly flicking from screen to screen. Something else always pops up that you decide to deal with. But you know?

You know you can only REALLY get a handle on what investing strategies are working by sitting down and getting a broad overview.

And more importantly, you find out what’s NOT working.

This Stock Trading Notebook gives you a large clear 2-page format for formulating your ideas. It is ideally suited for value investors who buy and hold for a while. Who want to earn a nice dividend as well as hoping for the stock to gap up like a champion, anticipating the next AGM.

What’s In The Notebook For You?

This stock trading logbook contains 2 main sections:

  • Trading Tables to fill in your buys and sells. It includes:
    • Stock Name
    • Stock Code (Ticker Symbol)
    • Quantity Traded
    • Buy Price and Date
    • Sell Price and Date
    • Target Price
    • Stop Price (Stop Loss)
    • Total Cost
    • Net Return
    • Profit or Loss
    • and Short Notes on each particular trade
  • Stock Buying Watchlist, where you can note down detailed information, including:
    • Company Name and Code
    • Sector and Index
    • Market Cap
    • P/E Ratio
    • Dividend Yield and Earnings Per Share
    • PLUS more financial company data and ratios
    • AND – of course – space for Research Notes and 5 prices with dates as you decide whether to invest

Is That It? Anything Else?

Yes – you’ll get even more…

In addition, each Trading Table page has room for extra notes, thoughts, ideas and strategies at the bottom. And there are 4 full pages at the front for general strategizing.

At the front of the notebook, there is also a section for you to write your important contacts, such as banks, stockbrokers, and other contacts.

PLUS a short Glossary to help explain some of the ratios you can use in the Watchlist Section to analyze company performance before deciding whether to buy a stock.

So scroll up and grab your copy right now and get that armchair warmed up!


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