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The #1 Secret To Success (Shocking Habit That Works)

The #1 Secret To Success (Shocking Habit That Works)

and this is me right actually back when I was about 15 or 16 15 years old okay I was actually in a KFC in this particular tisha KFC right and and you can see right that I was severely overweight I think I weigh about honey I had a maximum weight of 108 kilos that was my max with or was it hundred then there but right this is a definitely triple digit and and then shortly see you know eight months later right I managed to lose 30 kg and after that a couple of years I did manage to not put on a little bit of a muscles as well some little bit of muscle mass so this is a picture of her he can see right my so-called transformation and here’s another one I only share with you right you can see that back when I was in secondary school I was actually last in class I can see right of the entire class of 25 student I am 25 out of 25 in other words I’m the last in class and I’m overweight and you know and and I really write things didn’t seem too good for me all right and and somehow or other right when I eventually gotten my degree I graduated with a first class honours so now just to think right why am i sharing this with you why am i sharing this with you it’s not to break right I don’t like to break but the reason why I’m sharing this with you is that your past and present does not equals to your future so right now it could mean that you know you are you’re losing Schrader maybe you know you have many fill relationship maybe a horrible student you’re horrible employee right you are pouring your finance you’re pouring your relationships right you’re a loser but it doesn’t matter because your past or your present that’s not equals to your future just look at the two examples I just shared with you earlier right I was fat severely overweight and hey I lost those weight right put on a little bit of muscle along the way I was the worst student that you can find but he doesn’t matter I graduated with first-class honors so in your past that’s not equals to your future it doesn’t matter what you’ve done it doesn’t matter it’s all over what matters is right now right now because the changes that you’re gonna do right now it’s gonna create a better future so now some of you might be thinking okay Reena how did you do it right how do you you know go from a losing a fat overweight kid right who suck at studies to someone who you know lose all their weight you know and a bit well for he studies how did you do it and a kiss the secret the secret is this the secret is not a hug the secret is the why so let me explain to you what I mean by this so back then when I was fat okay and I’ve lost shared this with I think any of you before but when I weight when you’re fed right I’m not even of you affair right but when I was fed I didn’t I didn’t feel good right I was always self-conscious of myself right boys you know you know taking up too much space I’m wondering men might give you any smell right is the P know people in the public transport and are you know affected by my smell right am i perspiring too much okay I’m always very self-conscious and when you’re fat you are the center of attraction there’s no denying it you are the center of attraction okay when you do a group project with your friends and something goes wrong they blame the fat guy cuz the fat guys lazy when you go to a shop right and it may be a glass bottle breaks they look at the fat guy cuz it’s clumsy when you go to a restaurant a move your friends and the bill comes up boom whoa five hundred dollars who ain’t the most you look at a fan guy cuz he eats the most he’s the most right so he’s always the fat guy the fat guy in a fat guy and I eventually I got sick and tired of being the fat guy you know getting blamed for things that I didn’t even do right just because I’m fat just because I’m different so III am sick and tired of it right and anyone finance for myself this is enough right I I want to have a normal life I want to get married I want to be I want to be you know uh dating right I want girls to be attracted to me I had all this thought that maybe I could even get married cuz I’m too fat right and you know nobody wants me so enough is enough right so that’s why I decided to you know I’m going all-in to lose those weight so what did I do well I just did whatever is logical to me right I cut down my food right I started eating you know quite a surprise basically noodles with so I stopped drinking those a 7-up coca-cola iced lemon tea I stopped all the sugar drink I just drink plain water mineral mineral water mineral water and that’s it alright about I think a three meals a day still but those meals are all low in all sorry low in sugar and low in fat and low in cups pretty low in cups and then I started going to the chip okay I just run on the treadmill 20 minutes to three times a week plus the diet of mine there pretty much got me to like I think 20 plus to 30 kilos within eight months right then I thought that lifting weights since I’m at a gym you know – I’m really there – oh just leave some weight along the way and after a few years right pretty much put on a little bit of muscles along the way and that’s how I did it there’s no magic behind my house as you can see that this is stuff that a pretty common sense all right if I’m not sure I can just go google and read some books on how to lose some weight or exercise but before I actually reach the house stage I had to find my wife and this is why I say that the Y is more important than the house because once you find your Y now how will take care of itself and my Y is that the pain of being fat is greater than a pain of doing something about it okay the pain of being fat is greater than the pain of doing something about it and then right then Y of mind create a fire to go out there and create my so-called own miracle that’s it okay and back to my studies how did I you know got from last in class to graduating the first class honors and right second in my cohort how did I do it right so this is the wine so as you know right I am pretty much a mediocre student all my life and here’s the thing right my dad right back then he is a sole proprietor okay what he does is that he delivers goods to a supermarket like degenerate stuff like you know to clean your window clean your floor all right those are bacterial scrub and stuff like that so those goods are all liquid and you’re heavy right each carton weighs anywhere from you know 10 to 20 kilos one cotton and every day he will deliver all these goods to the supermarket so what he needs to do is he just go to the warehouse shake those goods and put them in his lorry and from his lorry he has to deliver to all the individual supermarket every day and my new he is lifting right I’m a hundred of these cartons add a hundred x 10 kilos test a thousand kilo that is one ton and there is only from the warehouse to the lorry from the lorry to the supermarket yes to unload this one-ton down so in total each day is lifting like two tons 2,000 kilos and my dad is not yet my dad is in his 60s he’s out in the Sun every single day getting Scottish getting burned for what just because he can put me to university just so that I can have a better etiquette education so I don’t need oh maybe I don’t have to walk in the Sun so when I thought about this right and when I entered University I realized that man I can’t be you know goofing around uni and just you know passing with mediocre grades I couldn’t do justice to my dad right by behaving in a manner so I told myself when I enter university I’m gonna get first-class honors I don’t care what it takes I’m gonna do it that is my why was it difficult yes it’s difficult right because I don’t even know how to study at a point in time I had to teach myself how to study any age of 21 or 22 when I enrolled in uni I had to go to google I’d go to library for the first time I had to go at YouTube write a formula so right here is right there I didn’t understand in class because not all of us have amazing lecturers but there’s no excuse to feel all right you can always go out there the internet huge resources out there to find the answers that you’re seeking and when exams come I’m starting 12 14 hours a day in my room where I locked up me in a room that for 12 14 hours a day what’s it easy no it isn’t easy right try sitting down 12 hours a day or at doing papers after papers after papers it wasn’t easy but how did I do it it’s my why because whenever I felt demotivated whenever I felt I just can’t push on any longer the only thing that I need to think about is of my father when I am in the acronym studying for 12 hours a day my dad is out there in the heat in the Sun slogging his guts out so that his son can study in university so that his son right can go up there and have a competitive advantage right in looking for a job so I just couldn’t take it lying down right I couldn’t just you know procrastinate get me moving demotivator one my dates long his guts out perspiring in the hot Sun in Singapore carrying two tonnes a day on average I can’t I can’t swallow there so that’s all I need to picture that’s all I need to imagine right to get the whatever confidence whatever mojo you call it right to get back on track to study and that’s how I pretty much you know glass Allah is true it’s true shear I’ll say perseverance and discipline that say there’s no secret sauce I’m not a bright student I don’t have a high IQ I don’t even know how to study understand everything from scratch but they’re the reason why I’m able to do it the house is because I found my wine my why of not letting my father down my why of making my parents proud making my dad proud to let him know that all his effort that he has put in to me right for the last 20 odd years right in you know feeding me clothing me putting me to school is not in vain that is my why and that’s the point I’m trying to bring out to you here today you know if you want to be a traitor forget of all the houses strategies and the techniques find your why because once you find your wire I trust me my friend your why will Trump all excuses out there all the excuses there in Ramona is my broker’s fault right always the markets fall you know the Greek financial crisis is the oil when I financial crisis blah blah blah blah forget it once you find your why your excuses will melt just like there okay so this is a leave this at the last because this I find is so so so important in many traders don’t even realize it and I’m sharing this with you now you’re why is more important than your house and you’re why would from all excuses you


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