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The Beginner Investor: A Beginner’s guide to Stock Market Investing (Stock Market Investing for Beginners)


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WARNING: This Book (Written by a 16-year-old Investor) Is Perfect For Complete Beginners In The Stock Market Who Want To Understand The Basics Of Long Term Investing.

Customer Reviews

I learned so much and everything was explained in an easy to understand manner…It is life changing and completely worth it. -Amazon Customer

Very informative book for the first time investor… An otherwise complex subject, made easy to understand with step by step instructions.-Amazon Customer K.

About the Book

When I started investing in the stock market it was scary because I did not know whether I would make money in a stock after I bought it. However, I read books and became smarter at investing.

After purchasing my first stock, it went up over 30% within a few weeks. Another stock that I purchased went up over 50% quickly.

Now, I want to share with you the strategy that I use to get high returns.

In The Beginner Investor, I reveal a simple investing formula that will provide the exact price to purchase a stock so that you know that you will always make money in the stock market.

I will share a guide to the basics of financial statements, P/E ratios, other metrics so you can use them to find amazing stocks.

I have taught over a 1,000 people how to make money in stocks. I teach beginners and experienced investors, and I consistently outperforms the market using my formula, and I want to make stock market investing easy, especially for beginners.

By the end of reading this stock market book for beginners, you will…
•Know whether you will make lots of money in a stock
•Have a strategy to calculate the perfect price to buy a stock
•Know when to sell a stock
•Be able to mitigate risk
•Understand the basics of investing
•Become a mini Warren Buffett
•Know the mistakes that all beginners are making in the stock market
•Know the key stocks to avoid
•Be able to relax as your portfolio grows
•Become as smart as Wall Street
•Know how to not sell too early or too late.


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