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The Best Trading Opportunities for Jan 2019 | Price Action Trading Analysis

The Best Trading Opportunities for Jan 2019 | Price Action Trading Analysis

hey hey what’s up my friend so in today’s video right I want to share with you you know what are some of the best trading opportunities that I’m seeing in the markets right now okay so this is not a signal service where you know I tell you to buy sell blindly and stuff like that no no it’s far from in right instead what I’m gonna do is to you know share with you my thought process of the markets right based on price section analysis right you know why I’m looking to enter trade right the top process behind it what are some of the key markets structure there that I’m looking at and much more okay so all this right is though is to know hope to you know help you develop your own price action analysis of the market so you can you know do it without me so this is just some of the things I’m looking at to provide some guidelines for you that you can refer to in your own trading and hopefully right make you a better trader along the way sounds good right and if you want to have more such videos in the future right here’s what I want you to do right hit that thumbs up button and click the subscribe button below this video right this way whenever I publish a new video you’ll always get you know the latest updates and you don’t miss a bit sounds good right so hit the subscribe button right now below and then let’s get started so the first market that I’m gonna share with you is poundin so this is the daily timeframe when you see pounding if you just scroll back a little right this is some of the key levels I’m looking at right now so the first thing that I want to highlight you is this one over here previous support now could I guess resistance surprise right now is that this key area on your chart you can see over here I in fact it had a little bit of price rejection at one candle then you have this someone of a rejection plus indecision and right now prices say you know yeah it’s not close but he knows it’s hitting lower for the day so what I’m looking at is that great right the trend is down the market is at this area of value and I wonder you know better time my entries right and I’m looking down towards the forward timeframe and I kind of like what I see or you can see that this is the pullback that you saw on a daily timeframe okay this daily timeframe this is the the pullback so you can see that the two hour time frame right it gives you a better a better clue right to what the buyers and sellers are doing right you can analyze the price action you know clearly here and what I’m seeing is that there is a potential head and shoulders pattern over here okay coming into this area of resistance that you’ve seen on the daily time through previous support turn resistance so what I’m looking for is getting right to shop this market and my entry trigger is gonna be you know pretty simple if the market can break and close right below this area of support okay bricks and closed below it okay I’ll be looking to shut this market right and then half my my stop-loss right one eighty are of this highs over here so I want to give you some buffer from this ice so possibly you know setting it somewhere about here my stop-loss let me just remove the lines all right let’s say you know the market if it does the right breakdown shot somewhere here if it does break in close here this level stops would be somewhere about here okay and my take on this is that I want to write the move down low alright to see if you don’t can you know retest back this a swing low over here so how I’m gonna manage this trade is that I would then you know look at the eight hour time frame which is to miss a one time frame higher right a factor of four to our multiplied by four right so eight hour time frame and I will just you know very simply just to look to you know drill my stop-loss right on the previous candle high so if the market continues to hit lower lower lower lower lower and it does not break and close above the previous candle high I’ll just stay in a mover and to see if I can write the move down lower but if he breaks and let’s see close above right the previous candle high over here I’ll exit the trade so this is some more like a a swing trade right on this are in our time frame okay so this is how I’ll be looking to trade the pound yen and the entry trigger right it’s actually I mean the entry setup I’m looking at is on this two hour time frame so this is what I’m looking at so moving on another thing that’s worth looking is the dollar against the Indian rupee this one here so again the concept is pretty similar you look at a dollar against the Indian rupee right prices in an uptrend okay coming into this area of a previous resistance now acting as support right previous resistance now become support so again right to analyze the price section deeper right you would have to go down to the lower timeframe and see you know what the market is doing so in this case right looking at a four hour time frame you can see that this market is somewhat in arranged about here and here okay so now is that actually at this area of resistance as you can see and will this resistance whole or will the resistance break to be honest I have no idea all right so this is why I’m watching the price section of this market on this time frame what I want to see is that if the market can continue hovering right at this area of resistance if it can continue hovering here I may be another three or four more candles here it’s gonna form what I call a build up somewhat like a tight consolidation air resistance and that to me right would be a sign of strength because if the market can Hoover a resistance for quite a while like I know five to ten candles right it’s telling you that you know hey the seller’s number one they are unable to push price higher and number two buyers are willing to support this higher prices okay so if that happens right my entry to you guys again it’s gonna be quite straightforward I’m just looking for a brick and close right above this area of resistance and this could be quite quite a huge breakout right so let’s just let’s say a break and close above this area of resistance right and I look to go long stop-loss right again just one eighty are below this swing low somewhere about here okay and to see if I can write this and a swing move up higher back towards retest to retest this highs over here okay so setup is pretty much the same and a few things that you can think about is trade management so earlier I mentioned right that I I was you know drilling it on the higher time frame the previous Kendall previous candle look for the pound yet so in this one over here I just something to share with you is that you know you don’t have to you know follow my own trade management because I’m you know you’re not me and I’m not you soak up one thing to share is that you know if you want to manage your trade in another way you can go about instead if the market let’s it does break out alright you know that it’s your trading with the uptrend on the higher time frame okay and this if the market does breakout right and the market it’s about to move higher you tends to make a series of higher highs and higher lows okay so what you can do is you can trail your stop-loss right on the previous swing low previous swing low and previous swing low so if the market breaks right and breaks below the prior swing low then you exceed the tree so this is another approach then you can use to manage your trade okay there’s no we’re right or wrong right you’ve got to find something that you know suits you all there are traders who use moving average as well no drilling using the 20 ma 50 ma again hey it’s up to you right it depends on you know your trading approach right and you know what suits you best okay so this for Indian rupee or another potential a trading setup on this another one to share ok wolf looking and it’s silver so you can see the silver right pretty much right it’s a very similar okay in terms of the chat pattern is similar to the one that is about to happen on dollar against the Indian rupee this one you have this build up form about here right just under this area of resistance so this is why I say they know the longer price over resistance right it’s a it’s a sign of strength right people are willing to buy this level or the sellers they’re unable to push price lower in this case you had a breakout break and close above this level right and the market that you know rally up higher so if you have a miss this move right don’t worry right there are always opportunities in the market so what could possibly happen now is that if you look back a little bit right I have this market structure highlighted over here this area of a support right support support support and resistance then market now breakout above it now retest this previous area of support again so again right the daily timeframe right it’s good to see you know where you are in a big picture but in terms of analyzing price action you wanna you know go down to a lower timeframe and you know see clearly so if you look at the forward timeframe right about here you can see that this market is in an uptrend right and it seems to be respecting this area of support that I’ve shared with you earlier on the daily timeframe if you also pull out the 50 ma try this market tends to you know had quite a few bounds of this moving in pitch as well so right now you can see that a price right it’s about hitting higher so few ways can trade it right right now the price has already bounced off the 50 ma so you you would have missed this one over here by the same time right the price right now is also just break right above this downward trend line so that could be another entry trigger for you to go long and then again you stop-loss right you wanna put it below this swing low below this 50 I mean right give it some buffer somewhere about here okay and then you know you’re gonna see you know how far the market can hit higher right so this is another you know trading setups trend continuation trading setup right for silver okay so this is a daily timeframe right looking pretty pretty all right at this point in time and okay those are the the four right the four trading setups that I’ll be looking closely right for this this coming week or even this coming coming man right depending how long the setup takes to and fall itself and also what to share is a stock market so I saw stock markets we had a massive decline followed by a strong rally in recent weeks right so you can see over here right is the SMP 500 this is the key market structure that I’m looking at right this area of support so right now the market is coming into this area of support and really it’s at a what I call a turning point if it breaks out higher okay this is a sign of strength because now if it breaks out higher the market could actually retest this one there’s a previous area of support right and then you know have potential buying pressure to continue to push the price higher alternatively right in not such a you know good scenario this becomes a previous support right now become resistance and a market rolls over from here so this would probably no lead to the other stock markets around the wall to continue their decline so another question is a which way is it up or down I have no idea so this is why we analyzed the price section of the market so looking at a forward timeframe again now at this point in time right what I’m seeing is dead the buyers right they are still in control you can see that you know higher lows and higher highs coming to this key market structure so they are still in control but that’s not to say that no they will be in control forever because now yet this a key area of a resistance right the market codes you know stage a very strong decline okay then does a week pullback and then break this low right and now you’re series of a lower high and lower low and if that happens right there’s a good chance the market could roll over towards the downside okay so that is if that happens right that could be a potential trading opportunity for you to shop okay to let the you know the price section you know show you sign of weakness before you know you take a short position so that is what I’ve been looking for on the SMP 500 as well in terms of long sir I’m not really seeing anything at the moment okay so the thing I want to bring across to you right now is that it’s at this a key market structure level so you know pay attention to it right this really have a strong implications into how the other stock markets in the world will react and finally right now I wanna share is a Bitcoin so Bitcoin haven’t talked about it in a while but you can see that you know ever since right we had this volatility contraction over here I believe I took this this price action expecting my mcdee video to make the indicator video right if you want to have a look go back and check it out I said something along the lines of you know you have a series of lower highs coming into this area of support Plus right this a volatility contraction over here notice the range of these candles you know getting tighter and tighter so this is a sign to you that the market is about to make a big move right and looking at the price section mine might guess at a point in time is towards the downside because you saw it as you know lower highs coming in to support so my guess is towards the downside and true enough it came down lower okay I’m not always correct I do get it wrong as well the euro Canadian something similar happened in the opposite direction that is where I got it wrong so just to really share with you right I am human I made mistakes I’m not a perfect all-star trader so anyway that besides the point right what I’m seeing it right now is that Bitcoin you can see that yes yes you know Kimmy do this key market structure level as well this around the 3100 level right resistance support support okay so I’ll be honest right right now the trend is still towards the downside okay so this is really for those of you who are comfortable they can come to Trent rates right so what I’m seeing right now is that there is a potential inverse head-and-shoulders forming about here okay making draw this or somewhat of a neckline okay so you can see that the range of the candles again getting tighter and tighter so again the market could make a big move up or down no one can you know guarantee you right but from the looks of it from this price section of this markets right now okay if it does you know break and close up higher right this is a sign of strength and the market could possibly no retest back towards at this level over here on a 6,000 level where previous support turned resistance so this is a possible come the trend swing set up towards the upside Bitcoin rate for those of you who trade Bitcoin okay so this is my take on it okay and also write one thing to share with you is that recently I have you know update the Trading Academy if you want to check it out right the link is over here trading with Rana comm slash Academy so just go down to my main website click the link on the the menu over here Academy and again this is a useful resources right for you to help you in your trading we have you know forex trading basics for those of you who are clueless about FX candlestick patterns chart patterns trading indicators strategies best trading these tips are and much more this resource over here right there’s a orange button one they are all completely free so help yourself to it right if I just click on trading strategies I click on it you can see that I have different strategies that you can look to learn right if you click on it there’s a video over here plus all the texts and all the notation and charts to help you along the way so easy it’s very comprehensive all right I’ve even someone saying that you know this should be charged for right is this resource over here okay and for those of you who want to take your trading a step further right like for example what if just you know studied just now is the weekly not won’t call it weekly market analysis because I do into it every week anymore okay but if you want more such videos such analysis on a week to week basis you can you know check it out my weekly trade alerts this is a premium trading service that I offer right where I share with you my top process of the markets just like this video over here but on a week to week basis every week you get such videos like this then you’ll be part of our trading community right you have access to my back test research lab where I share you know with us that’s the statistical data to what works and what don’t in the financial markets you get access to my know PDF trading strategy guides right all in PDF format as well as our exclusive access to my training webinars right where you will you know learn new trading strategies and techniques to treat the markets okay so anyway Trading Academy right a lot of resources down here come and check it out try it if it helps you right I’ll be you know happy to hear that okay so with that said I have come towards the end of this video if you enjoyed it hit that thumbs up button subscribe to my youtube channel and any questions just let me know below and I’ll be glad to help so we that’s it I wish you good luck and good trading until next time you


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