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The MEJT System: A New Tool for Day Trading the S&P 500 Index


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A new technical analysis tool for S&P 500 day traders The MEJT system is a brand new and exclusive tool for use alongside other technical analysis techniques in day trading the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index. It is based on the principle that price action at certain times of the day can allow traders to make predictions regarding future support and resistance levels. The system also defines, well in advance, which trends might have staying power and which ones should retrace. Here, in the first book on this new trading tool, the rules of the MEJT system are explained and carefully illustrated with real price charts. Readers are encouraged to analyse price chart examples for themselves, before reading the author’s analysis of the trading situation. The final chapter of the book follows three weeks of consecutive trading days on the S&P 500, examining, for each, what the MEJT tool suggested for the day and how reliable the prediction was. The ideas in this book will appeal to experienced day traders who are already familiar with technical analysis of the stock market and who are interested in learning about – and putting into practice – a new, profitable trading technique. If you use technical analysis to trade the markets, this book will give you information you can, and will, use every day. The author posts a daily video of MEJT System analysis on his YouTube channel: http://tinyurl.com/jt-mejt


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