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Timeless Trading Books Every Trader Should Read

Timeless Trading Books Every Trader Should Read

hey hey what’s up my friend so in this episode right I want to share with you five timeless trading books right every trader should greet number one technical analysis of the financial markets by John J Murphy the reason why I’m recommending this book is technical analysis is a very broad field and different trading books usually tend to focus on different aspects someone chart pattern someone indicator someone price section someone systems trading etc so what this book does is like it’s kind of like a textbook of technical analysis it shows you right what are the different type of trading concepts that are out there so you can you know learn a little bit of everything kind of like a buffet or you can dabble in a little bit of everything have a broad understanding of you know what’s going on and hey if in future down the road you wanna specialize in certain aspect you can read other books and resources for it but this book is more of a I’ll say a primer to someone who is new to trading to learn more about technical analysis this book is a broad generalization of it and it’s good for you to get started when you wanna learn more about trading number two the ensigns of technical analysis by Adam crimes so this book is actually the opposite of the first book that I’ve recommended right so this book actually goes very deep into price action into market structure so for example just the topic on let’s say train itself I can take many pages okay so this book really dives deep and it’s recommended for those of you who already have the understanding of the basics when it comes to technical analysis and also it covers stuff like you know risk management and trade management and much more so this book is for you right when you feel that you’re ready to level up your trading you wanna take things further deeper then yep the art and science of technical analysis by Adam Grimes is for you number three market Wizards so this shouldn’t come as a surprise all right market Wizards by Jack Swagger and I would recommend reading all the market wizard series because some covers to stock market some mister the original market visit some is the hedge fund market business you know just read all of them and the reason for it is because it gives you a broad overview right of how successful traders trade there are different ways to treat the market you have you know systemic traders you have day traders you have macro trainers and much more so this book really right shows you the different types of trading method oh geez out there and once you find a trading methodology that resonate with you like for me trend-following I really resonated with that right I dive deep into trend-following right I started reading other books on trend following you know resources only as well so this book really who gives you a broad overview of the different way to trade markets right and once you’ve learned it right you can dive deeper to other resources available elsewhere number four reminiscences of a stock operator so this is in essence right the biography of Jesse Livermore I would say he’s the most famous trader of all time and some of the comments I’ve gotten is that you know just a little just a little more well he committed suicide right he’s bankrupt how can he be a good trader why do you want to learn from him so here’s the thing just because he didn’t have a happy ending doesn’t mean that there is no lessons that you can take away from it right a few lessons I took away from it is that you know you’d want over leverage yourself right because he hurts you financially and mentally trying to get what happened to Jesse Livermore and number two you always want to be trading with a plan right because Jesse Livermore in his earlier of trading he was trading with other players all over the place but when he had a structure but he knew what stocks to buy when to buy right that’s where he’s trading really took off like like you know like a rocket right and also since he dealt with stock trading right one of the principles that he keep highlight things that he likes to buy stocks that are trading at highs no lows right stocks it you know breakout of the highs these are the stocks that he want to be buying because these are the leaders and these are the stocks that I know tend to outperform the market and this I find it’s true even till today so yeah I find a book you know reminiscences of a stock operator it’s a great book many lessons to learn from it what to do and swell s you know what not to do okay and finally the fifth book I’m recommending is trading in the zone right so this is for you if you know you always trade struggling with your own trading psychology right so trade cycle psychology is very personal different traders have different ways of coping with it but this book kind of it’ll break it down in a way that to let you know that hey the market has nothing against you right whatever trading system or strategy that you trade there is a normal distribution between your wins and losses right you have winning streak you have losing streak and really the market doesn’t know who you are what you are or what you want to do right so the market has nothing that gives you so this book would help with your trading psychology right if you know you’re always struggling with it you think things personal you know always wondering why the market is out to get me that hey you need to read this book okay so with that said I have come towards the end of today’s episode if you’ve enjoyed it right hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to my youtube channel the link is all below and I will talk to you soon you


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