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Trading E-mini Stock Index Futures


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Dennis B. Anderson sheds light on a relatively unexplored area—trading e-mini stock index futures—in this guide to building wealth.

In step-by-step detail, he provides everything you need to profit in any market condition. Learn how to:

read and understand technical indicators and reports;
control emotions in order to make wise trading decisions; and
interpret and incorporate candlestick analysis into your trading success.

You’ll also learn three distinct models for successfully and safely trading e-mini stock index futures in trending, volatile, or flat markets, as well as market corrections. The three models are: Follow the Money, Enjoy Those Index Bites, and Buy Low, Sell High; Buy Lower, Sell Higher.

As you learn each model, you’ll also find out how to minimize risk while maximizing your chance of earning profits.

The author has used these strategies to make $268,000 in six months in a flat market, more than $400,000 in three years, and almost $30,000 in three days. When Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, he made $25,000 in six days. 

You can share in the wealth, but not without the tools, insights, and strategies in Trading E-mini Stock Index Futures.


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