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Trading Tools I Use in 2020

Trading Tools I Use in 2020

hey hey what’s up my friend so in today’s episode I want to share with you five five trading tools that I’m using right now in twenty twenty a little bit of background first right right now you know my trading it has evolved over the years right now I’m both a systematic trader and a discretionary trader so for those of you watching these videos I’m guessing most of you or you are right now you’re a discretionary trader since then it’s the the topic that I talk about quite often but there are from time to time right you also see me you know talking about systemic stuff right statistics and stuff like that that belongs to the realm of systemic trader so for today’s episode I will share with you both side of my trading move discretionary and systematic training the tools that I’m using right so let’s start with discretionary first number one for discretionary trading right you see the chance that I use right that I share it is from trading view right they specialize in providing pretty clean shots and I’m on the pro plan right the pro plan allows me to have zero advertisements create multiple watchlist right for my own discretionary trading so if you’re wondering what are the chats are yous most likely it is from trading view right especially the videos that I’ve been posting on YouTube number two right on top of charts right for my discretionary trading I also use a currency strength meter this gives me an idea I which currency pairs are strong which are weak right then I can find right the right combination of currency pairs to trade and to find higher probability trading setups generally I like to use the currency strong meter to find the strongest pair and pair it against in one of the weaker ones so that’s how you know I get to trade really nice trends okay so that’s number two a currency strength meter and I’m treating right I have Excel right the excel is meant to journal down my traits right for my own you know trading review for example I write down stuff like the markets I traded the entry point stop-loss the are multiple gain or loss the category of the trading setup that I took right all this goes down into my Excel spreadsheet and it’s free so if you don’t excel there are other paid journals out there as well you can look at it right if it suits you so these are generally the three main things right that I use for my own discretionary trading now let’s move on into systematic trading so systematic trading it’s more it’s quite straightforward it actually right I only use two things number one a back testing platform right to test out the systematic trading strategy right knee back testing platform that I use is a me broker they are not a broker it just happened the name is called a me broker right so I can test out you know different trading systems right whether is it stocks where there’s a Forex futures etc and the thing about a me broker is that it’s only a back testing platform right this is where the platform kind of you know digest the rules or process the rules that you’ve given it and show you the results of the strategy or a system right over time so what I mean broker it doesn’t provide is data it doesn’t come with data and I have to purchase the data on my own and to feed it into a me broker so for the second thing for systematic trading is that I purchase my own data it’s another tool that I need to use as a systematic trader and the data I get it is from nor gate data they offer it on futures data stock data like you know your US stocks Australian stocks they have Forex data so that is where I get my data from right to input into any broker and that’s pretty much it right those are the five tools that are used right now in 2020 that’s just me right there are more tools that I could talk about like you know earnings calendar right news calendar and whatnot right but really I do really pay attention to such stuff right if you ask me if all to break down my trading to the five essential tools that would be it okay so well that’s it I hope that helps all right any feedback questions let me know and I will talk to you soon you


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