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TradingView Tutorial: How To Use TradingView Like A Pro (in 2020)

TradingView Tutorial: How To Use TradingView Like A Pro (in 2020)

hey hey what’s my friend so in today’s video it’s all about trading view tutorial right so this is a very powerful chatting platform and in today’s video I want to walk you through it right on how to actually become a master of trading view so here’s what you learned in today’s video you will talk about how to set up your trading view charts and customize it then how to insert a drawing to set up your trade alerts we’ll talk about how to insert trading indicators and customize it how to create your own trading watch list so you can quickly scan the markets you’ll learn how to use the trading view scanner and the trading view paper trading and much more so all this and more in today’s video but first if this is the first time you’re watching one of my videos right give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel the link is below hit subscribe this way whenever I publish a new video you’ll never miss another one again with that said let’s get started now when you go into trading view calm you will see a page like this and what you want to do is go down to chat ok and there I’ve really got a few templates here so let me just click this one I am a genius okay so this is a chart template and it should be blank right there we’ve come with their default settings so another question is you know how do you adjust the settings right to the way you want it how do you customize the charts right to a template that you like so what you do is right click alright right click and go to settings okay and you see a box like this and in the chat settings there are a few tips that you can look at so let me walk you through each one so for the symbol term right it’s all about changing the colors of the symbol the values etc so for example you can see that over here is the let’s say the week right you know what is a candle wick but if you’re not sure what it’s actually referring to my suggestion is to just uncheck and check the box so this way you know what is the changes that’s been made to the trading view charts for example I uncheck this notice that the wick of the candles they went missing so you know okay this is basically adjusting that candle wick the color of it right so I turn it back on the wicks are now back again so you can change the color of the weeks are you know whether you’re gray black green blue pink it’s up to you similarly for the borders I just removed this you can see that the borders of the candle the color it’s gone if you want it back just check it and bring it back on so my suggestion is that you know when you are exploring trading view okay when you have all these checkboxes that you see just just play around with it just checkbox it I mean check it and uncheck it and see the difference so you know what portion right off the chat that it’s actually referring to this is one of the fastest way to learn trading view okay so again right last value line what is this check miss oh okay it’s actually this red line over here I see hey uncheck this there you have it right see you look pretty fuss right just data for dividers if you have no idea what it is right I myself I’m not too sure just click on it and you have a good idea of what it’s actually referring to let me just click this okay so probably this data is now adjusted for dividends as it’s mentioned over here okay so I just uncheck this status line okay so symbol okay so description ticker blah blah blah what is this let me uncheck this oh it’s actually this portion over here right notice that this a symbol the data is missing bring it back on now it’s back right Viva systems viva la Viva right so open high low close values what is this well uncheck miss well this portion is missing okay so I know is this right the open high low close values over here can you see where I’m coming from so pretty much you know just trial and error and you know figure things out as you go along then you have indicator titles arguments values what is it figure it out yourself right just uncheck it and you’ll know what it’s referring to now skills or okay skills so you have a symbol last value label what the heck oh it’s this one over here right this this this right right side the red color stuff that you see over here pretty much just telling you what is the latest value of the dismiss case the stock price right one fifty eight ten cents right again all this over here right play around with it appearance okay so this is important background color over here I have white if you don’t like white maybe our little little towards the dark side right here change it to black if you want no if you little bit more feminine right feeling a little bit you know families right now pink why not right here feeling a little whole kitchen right how about green it’s all up to you right so in this case I had the white setting so let’s leave it instead I can change the vertical gridlines horizontal lines whatever color you want for those of you who are you know have difficulty seeing the text on your chat can change this or size 20 right so the numbers are bigger okay default is 11 you can adjust the color of your crosshair see this crosshair right this this thing that’s moving can change the color over here watermark top margin right so in case you want your chat to to to look better right maybe you kind of have a 10% top margin so you have like more space at the top okay so this is 11 percent default is 5 percent so I just change it bank you can change the bottom as well if you want bottom and even the right hand side as well so it’s up to you trading so trading right this is where you know if you are doing the people trading or if you have managed to connect your broker to this platform you can you know show your open positions your orders all this right so just again check the box and check it and you can see which portion is uh it’s missing in it’s coming back again events ok so for those of you who trade stocks if you want to show dividends on the chart right you can check this box you’re gonna show the stock splits on the shot show check the box you’re gonna show you it gonna be calendar you can check the box ok you can show you know earnings on the chart again you can check the box right so all this thing it’s you know all done here on trading view and one thing to share is that I know right you probably have to fear me but but Rainer know what if I click something wrong in the settings all messed up right now how do I fix it me and I are hey Dad I hate it I know what you mean right don’t worry so what you do is go to template right and you just click apply defaults and everything will just go back to the way it was ok or you can just go to if you like a white color team I just click white and it you’ve just become white okay and you go back to all the default settings that you had previously just click OK problem solved how’s that for you and once you’ve done it once you have you’re happy with the shot settings right you want to save it so go to here the top ok click on this arrow down right you want to leave autosave false because sometimes you know maybe you do certain settings you forgot to save it you come back ix corner so live autosave on any you know give yourself peace of mind and if you want to save the chance right what you can do just in this case my chat is really safe right I call it I am genius if you are a marvel fan or I love you 3000 something like that you click OK save ok so now you can see that my settings is now called I Love You 3000 if you want to have a let’s say a new chart layout like the one for price action one for indicators one for chat patters blah blah blah what you can do is a create new chart layout so what you do is you open up a new tab and with the default chart layout settings and you can when you plate this to the way you want it maybe this one you want to have some indicators and some indicators draw some lines and customize it for a certain trading style alright once you’ve done it I can just save it right in this case just rename maybe you can call this a price action right you just click save and then here in future when you want to go to the different type of chat layout you can just go to like for example no chart layout 1 for price section 1 for I love you 3000 one for swing trading yeah together ok so so that’s it right this is how you actually customize your chance on trading view now moving on right let’s talk about how do you actually insert drawing tools into your channel you know support resistance trendline channel regression channel and stuff like that so this one right I wanted to focus on or is on this left side over here the left side of this a chance this is where your drawing tools located so the first one is just more of a you know the so called cursor on your chart where your arrow dot or you raise your crosshair it’s up to you right this one below it is where you can start drawing all your trend line tool so I for example you draw a trend line ok so again right just click this arrow you’ll notice that when I go over it right there is this a arrow to the right click on it you can select the different options then you have right so if I click trendline okay then just just draw your trend line and if maybe you want something different you can have like maybe uh I don’t know horizontal line ok just click on this there you have it horizontal like and one thing to share with you is that you can actually have like so-called a favorite terrorize so if you use trend line often you just click this star over here okay and what happens is that you can see that this thing pops up so every time you want to click trend line just click this you can just draw your trend line right you don’t have to you know go back to the the you don’t have to come back to here and find your trend line or it was really favorite it’s every you know at this top or maybe user support resistance regularly right horizontal line just favorite it again this will pop up over here and just draw your pose your support resistance on your chance and again right all these tools they can be customized right so what you want to do is again just double click it and you can see that you can change the color the lines just the visibility right the coordinates the style so play around with this right but I think the most common thing that you’ll do is probably change the color of your trend line maybe your black your blue your pink it’s up to you okay same for the support resistance line right just double-click you can actually change the coordinates visibility and everything else as well okay so this portion over here is where you draw your support resistance trendline channels etc and then below it you have stuff like you know the pitchfork right the end Roop each phone you know Fibonacci Fibonacci retracement Fibonacci retracement from here to here okay then you can draw your you know pitchfork I don’t really use this but yeah let’s let’s see pitchfork Wow Wow it’s like you know some huge laser beam I admit okay so yeah just play around with it alright I’m not sure what are the tools that you use but it’s probably all here if you need again you can favorite it if those are the tools that you use regularly then for those of you who wants to put in some text like for example to kind of like you know remind yourself they know this is a key level to be paying attention to like you know text it just put in the text alright and you can say something like I can write here know watch out for 1.

2 level for long setups something like then right they just press okay this text will appear on your on your chart right maybe just I just put it over here okay just an example I know there’s no 1.2 is $80 now but just an example yeah then over here a text again right you have a cop call-out balloon comic strip like you know like the country no the comic strip pop-up it’s up to you then you have for those of you who traits harmonic patterns you have the cipher the ABCD Elliot waves triangle pattern the 3dr pattern okay head and shoulders I think the harmonic patterns it’s not here then possibly due to a trademark or some copyright things so they can just and you put it in but I think the other patterns T you can find it all over here to help you draw those chart patterns this one is here right is – I think yeah this long position over here it’s a to help you so called define your risk reward ratio let’s say for example okay let me just fun to remove all the chance all the lines right very simple just go to here bottom click the dustbin okay it’s all good okay so let’s show you this too so let’s say maybe you want to buy over here okay your stop loss is somewhere here maybe target profit at this the swing I can adjust it over here so what this tool tells you is that you know you have a potential risk to reward off about one to one point no to we can see over here okay so we can see the your stop-loss target profit everything so this is for the you know if you’re wanting to go long it’s gonna go short this the opposite you can make some forecast you know having some arrows point up point down okay so this is pretty much what this tool is about and this one is all the icons right if you put it on your chant you know I’m not sure if you any of you gonna use this but yeah this is available okay then you have this one over here is tuned okay measure the number of bars on your chart so if you don’t know how many bars there are over here just click on this drag it to the right okay so from left to right it shows that there are two hundred and thirty six bars which is a span of 343 days so it is to kind of you know measure how many bars they are on your screen from one end to the other end alright for those of you who are having difficulty seeing I just you can actually zoom in your chance or another tick to actually zoom your chat to you if your mouse have the mouse scroll I can just scroll scroll down scroll up scroll down scroll up right you will zoom your chat this will okay so that is something to bear in mind okay let me just zoom this let me just delete everything okay so what else uh make me weak make next strong magnet honestly I don’t know what’s dead okay so play around with it and then and figure out for yourself stay in drawing mode okay not all drawing too so what this does I believe is that you you want you have no chance to uh okay I think all drawing tools means that you know you won’t you won’t any I move the drawing for example let me just explain right I have this I have this right and I click all lock all drawing tools right this way I can’t shift this anymore so that drawings a lock all right so this is good right if you have quite a number of drawings on your chatting sometimes just scrolling back right you might say delete click on one of these drawing tools and move it along by mistake so these are kind of you know lot everything into place and you don’t cut off you know shifted by accident and even if you do shifted by accident and one tip that I have for you is let’s say for example you you shift back then you say you happen to move what now don’t worry right just press ctrl-z it goes back to where it was previously right so that’s one one tip for you okay and this tool over here is hide all drawing tools maybe you just want to analyze the price action the Kendall’s thing I just click hide all this you’ll be gone temporarily for a while and if you want to bring it back just click on it it comes back again alright so this is different from the delete or and where all this goes to the to the all the junk right you click all this are you all goes to the so-called recycle bin okay if you just want to hide it temporarily use this hiding to over here okay and that’s how you actually know insert your drawing tools into creating view and one thing that also on end is how do you set up your trade alerts right sometimes you know you’d all be watching the charts all day long right you want to set up an alert and let’s say price comes to a specific price level it involves you so what you can do is again there are two ways you can just go to a lot right you come up this box or let’s say you draw this area of support over here you can click right click and a lot on horizontal line so either way is fine so what happens is that again right this is the settings right so this is the the ticker right thief right crossing horizontal line only once or once per bar but me my bar close it’s up to you you can actually say whether you want this to be expired you expire by a certain timeline or you’ll be there forever again it’s up to you and more actions you can do it’ll play sound send email to SMS blah blah blah so in this case right what we have right now is crossing horizontal line try so what happens is that if the price okay I click create right what happens is that if the price would come down and hit this horizontal line it will alert me and let me know right you’ll send me your get him just click this alert okay it was send me an email and tell me that V fright on the one D which is the daily timeframe crossing horizontal line so that’s that’s one example right you can use horizontal line you can also use some value right like for example a specific price value in like let’s see one hundred and forty dollars you just put this one hundred forty dollars okay you press you press and see if what happens is that if the this market on the daily timeframe crosses one hundred forty dollars it will send you an alert as well okay so this can be done for Forex right across multiple timeframes right the concept over here is the same and that’s how you actually set a trade alert right so for those of you okay let’s say you trade Forex right let me just give you an example like two hour time frame right you’re working on in the g m– you can monitor what you do is just plot this over here right what I can do is okay knock at alert okay New Zealand en crossing at this horizontal line which is this line over here okay and expiration date right if you if you don’t want to have an expiration date I can just put this at you know very very far away okay well I think you leave it open like I can do this right so no tanks maybe I just put it like a day let me one week later okay and it’ll send me an email right when the price hits this horizontal line right New Zealand yen 120 minute timeframe crossing this horizontal line click create okay then see just come over here so when the price reaches this line it will send me an email saying hey Rainer New Zealand yen two hour time frame across us this horizontal line that you have specified earlier can send email can send SMS again play around with it and that’s it right that’s how you actually create alerts on tradingview okay so now let’s talk about how to actually insert trading indicators on trading view so there is this step over here called indicators click on this and you can actually you know there are a few categories of indicator some may be key indicators that you have click favorite right some built-in indicators into trading view some it’s a public library where people have you know create their own custom indicators and uploaded it to trading view for anyone to use and some some my scripts is a pretty much indicator that you have actually script on yourself okay so let’s just go to a public library and that’s where you pretty much find all the free indicators and maybe moving average right let’s moving average so you can see that there are different types of moving average over here so you can see the blue over here there are you know like seven likes one six one like sixty five likes this are moving average that has been you know custom code right so you can see that this are actually created by other people and not from the default trading view database so if you wanna use the default one so I just go to the ones on top there’s a exponential the waiter smooth right in just a simple moving average right so just click on this okay you can see that there is a moving average on your chart again right the indicators can be customized to your liking or I just go to this settings over here or you just double click on the indicator then the settings box would appear right maybe you want a 20-period moving average that’s fine you can use either the open high low close or you know hl2 hl2 three open high low close four it’s up to you you can choose your style what color you want when it’s orange maybe you want red red okay like this right click okay you can see that there you can just play around with the indicators so if you are just you know not sure what indicators you’re looking for I just type in maybe even a shot-for-shot for bright let me be you ever instead of you know moving average Convergence divergence convergence divergence just that maybe you can find something in CCI there is something ROC right you have the rate of change so again just just type in something like like how you do a Google such an and most likely you’ll be able to find the indicators that you’re looking for and if you can even go to the public library right over here they pretty much have rain right the so-called most popular indicators right based on number of like so I like this one got almost like 50,000 likes right okay so you can you just play around with all these indicators which are very popular here on trading view and that’s that’s actually how you actually don’t insert indicators you can insert a few I think right let’s say for example inside the RSI okay relative string index right it appears at the bottom again this one is setting so I just double click or click on the settings over here okay and again you can adjust the RSI indicator to your own preference and that’s how you actually insert indicators to your training view charts and if you want to save your template or I remember can just go to here you can either you know rename this to let’s say I don’t indicators indicators template or you gonna create a new template just go to here new chart layout right then you insert your relevant indicators and then save it as indicators template that is fine as well okay so that’s how you go about it so moving on right let’s talk about how to actually create your own watchlist on trading view because I’m sure that you know no matter what market you are treaty there are certain markets that you know you keep looking or trading over and over again whether it stocks Forex or whatever okay so the the thing is that you know the way usually insert a chat ride is over here right I think I’ve not shared this yet is that for example let’s say in dollar yen right it’s under all category you look for you all the delay and across stock futures Forex CFD etc so this one over here there are multiple dollar yen and the reason for this is because they are actually having a data feed from different broker like first one it’s fxcm or when da forex.

com eyes so usually the first one right should be fine okay just click on this and the dollar yen shut you can see it appears over here so another thing is you know how do you actually create let’s say a watch list of markets that you want to track okay you don’t be you know going here every time no type in dollar yeah New Zealand en Aussie and you know pound in etc so what you can do is again click this one here over at the top right this call this is the watch this attempt click on this and click on this this this button over here and click create new watch list and maybe this one can call it a Forex right click save so what happens is that this now here is blank and you need to add symbols into this watch list the watch list forex that you have just created so maybe your dollar yen you clicked on the in Li and just press this button right dollar yen is inserted right if you want or yen right click or za this it’s it right maybe you wanna euro yen oops spare only click on this okay maybe you want a euro dollar right click on this okay you can even insert stocks crypto whatever the watch this is up to your imagination right to how you want to to add to your watchlist okay so you can create multiple watch watchlist I think the free version motion how many can create but if you go for the premium version you can create more watchlist maybe one for stock trading one for forex trading one for day trading swing trading etc ok so this is how you actually have to watch this and let me just add a few more ok then I can show you how it makes your life easier I let’s say Pony and pounce you spring and maybe Europe out ok so what happens is that you know for those of you discretionary traders and you’re the scan for trading setup right so what you need to do is just each day maybe let’s say you trade off the daily timeframe imagine right now all the drawings all the support resistance they’re all plotted on your chance okay let’s say I just plot a few over here and you need to do just scan through your watch the soil dollar yen next one is Aussie yen euro yen euro dollar pound yen pound Swiss franc and Europe um you can see that you are scanning the markets you know relatively quickly and one bonus tip that I have for you is that you can see over here you can also sort of like you know bookmark the market step are you watching so maybe those are to alert to you that those are the markets that might have a trading setup coming so we can actually put here over here you can see the Aussie it is red color if I just click on this right see this this is it’s now all gone so like me at say let’s see Ozzy and something is coming up right so let me just click on this you can choose the color I’m I think red is pretty pretty good right pongetti click up there sponsor is Frank so if you watch this is if like mine right let’s say my student reading I like you over here right I can actually make my life easy I just you know highlight those markets right which I believe right there is a potential trading setup coming up right so you can see I have a few watchlist or swing trading mean reversion right then some examples one that I’ve just created to share with you so make use of the watchlist feature right you will scan the markets faster and make your trading life easier and that’s it so moving on right let’s talk about how to set up your time frame for trading so I’m sure you know by now that you know when you want to change time frame rates at this this area over here on your charts the top left hand side and just to share with you a few tips and tricks on what you can do is click on this down arrow arrow and you can actually select the type of time frame that you want if maybe you like something special maybe a 27 minute time frame okay can just click Add and a 37 minute time frame will pop up over here if you if you want to trade a 37 minutes time frame and also this is another tip that I learned from one of the subscribers right previously when I was always trying to change the time frame like go down the arrow here and select the respective time frame so what you can do is if you have a few time frames that you are always you know flipping back and forth you can actually bookmark it and make your life easier so what I’ve done is I’ve bookmarked a 2 hour time frame the 4 hour it hour daily and weekly so when you bookmark in write all those time frames will appear at the top over here so for example let’s say a bookmark a 1 hour time frame he will pop up over here ok so anyway I don’t really look at the 1 hour so let me just remove it so you can see that this is how you can actually know play around with the time frames and navigate it customize your own time frame and bookmark your favorite time frame and I also don’t use the 37 so I’ll just remove this and that’s it moving on right let’s talk about how to use the trading view scanner right to help you scan for a certain trading setups that you’re looking for so go down to the bottom left of the screen right you can see this down arrow click on it and you can actually select the markets that you want to scan where there’s a crypto forex or stock markets so let’s say we go with stock screener and this tip will pop up so when you want to scan for stocks right you go to fuel to over here this blue button click on it and you can filter stocks according to you know whatever parameters it’s available whether is it a descriptive parameters whether you know you know have stocks in let’s say the Nasdaq 100 when whatever industry and stuff like that you can screen it according to fundamentals you know assets damp you know EPS earnings per share set cetera you want to scan it miss on technical it’s possible as well you know 52 week high 52 week low three-man high three-month low you know indicators Crossing up and down etc so let’s say you know we look for a 52 week 52 week 2 week high right and you just close this you can see that this particular stock right vrs k the ticker is currently meeting our scaling requirement so if you are looking for 52 week high in the Nasdaq 100 and according to those are the parameters that we have selected earlier this is the stock that has met our requirements so this is funny stop screener if you want for X it’s possible as well just click forex markets then again go to the filter the blue button you can filter by again right a descriptive filter our technical filter 52-week high flow you know indicators crossing up and down and stuff like that so have a look at the screen around and see you know whether you know it does make your trading life easier when you’re looking for trading setups alright okay so now I want to talk about the trading view paper trading so this you can think of it like having a demo account right to place buy and sell orders using a virtual money so it doesn’t affect your own capital right there’s no risk so to do it right you can just pretend right you’re trading the markets live right now on this chart that you’re looking looking in so to get the the trains going on right you can right click then you go down to trade you can either buy this dollar sing right now or sell or create a new order but to make a life easier if you’re a no paper trade often go to settings trading and you want to show the buy sell panel click on this and you notice that this buy sell panel is open so in future when you’re on a paper trick right there so no quickly can you can sell or buy so let’s say you let’s just kind of simulate this let’s say Aussie dollar right market is bearish right now so let’s see you want to sell okay so we’ll click sell so there this other window will pop up right let’s say you you want to shut the markets right now just hypothetically right let’s say we shot 50,000 units okay and let’s say we have a tech profit level if let’s say 67 cents okay so this so when you set your take profit level or stop loss level right you can set it in terms of a pips the number of distance or the exact price level I usually go with the exact price level okay and a stop loss let’s say you have a stop loss at 69 cents okay let’s just say stop loss it’s at 69 cents okay so what you want to do is again you can sell it market you can sell using a limit order or a sell stop order again there are different ways you can go about it but let’s just say we sell 50,000 units of Aussie dollar and market so the order is sent right so this is all people traded or this is not a live account if you don’t set up deal the broker connection right nothing will happen it’s all just paper money and you can see that over here all the the orders has been executed if you were to see your order again very simple right just go to people trading you can see the over here your current position is this or you sell 50,000 this price take profit stop-loss in your current P&L right then is the orders that you have submit to the market okay so this is how you can go about write paper trading alright and you know just to get yourself perhaps you know familiar with the execution of this chatting platform or maybe even just we know forward test any specific trading strategy that you have in mind alright okay so before I end this trading view tutorial I just want to share with you a few tips right there will give you a better chatting experience number one okay always have your autosave function set to on so this way whenever you make any changes or whatsoever right you don’t lose it right every minute the trading view platform will save your changes second tip I have for you is that if you make any drawing so I let you shift your lines accidentally just press ctrl-z and you will revert back to the previous action okay so this way you can you know on do any mistakes that you make relatively quickly another thing to share with you it’s a comparative strength analysis so let’s say you are trading the index right the stock market index in your one drink know which index is the strongest right now this can be applied to stocks or index or whatever right so let’s say we talk about index so this is the SNP 500 and you’re wondering the SMP 500 let’s say compared to the nest egg which one is stronger right now so what you can do is get overlay the Nasdaq charts on top of the S&P 500 just click compare and in this case you have the desde option here okay if you’re trading stocks you can just enter the the the name of the company like you know if you’re trading stocks you compare PO and Google or whatever you just enter over here so in this case is an S deck okay you can see that over here you have the blue line which is the Nasdaq price changes over time compared to the S&P 500 so it’s a bit hard to see since one is in the line chat format and one it’s a candlestick format so what you can do is you change the SNP one to a line chart format so now it’s easier to compare it SMB is the dark blue one and nest-egg is the light blue one so you can see that over time especially in this year in 2019 it seems that Nasdaq is the stronger index to be trading right it’s you know making a higher highs and the retracement right is known as deep bright compared to the S&P 500 so this is what I mean by a relative strength analysis or you can compare two similar markets right and see their performance I which one is stronger and which one is weaker so that’s one thing you can do as well and another thing to share it’s uh economic calendars right especially if you trade stocks you know when earnings is coming up it’s useful you can’t go to settings and go to events right and turn on your earnings and it gonna be calendar for those of you to trade Forex okay so you say for example you want to be concerned only with the future events right check this box press ok so now you see nothing here because there’s no economic news from dish in this but you go to a poll in this case okay and you can see it Apple right let me just remove this change to back to my candles all right you can see the apples there’s the earnings over here on getting 30 of july 2019 there’s one online 20:19 is the dividend payment I believe okay so in future you can see that all this right it shows you the historical earnings and dividend as well so if you go to settings okay I believe in future right when they have comfort they come from the earnings date and dividend right you will pop up somewhere in the future as well in time right so you can see the earnings and dividends so for example for X equal to four X or Z New Zealand you also show you the earnings like for example twenty second twenty six oculars where you know there’s a news coming up from me from this uh what countries this currently tell right so it’s either Australia or New Zealand over here of these two dates so it keeps you aware of the economic news that could impact your trading and one last thing is that when you insert indicators right may be you know moving average or whatever let’s say and moving average K and you know you want to just temporarily remove it because it’s may be distracting on your I so what you can do is just click this one over here show/hide right and it’s gone right you will hide off your indicator okay so you don’t turn it on again just click on it the indicator will come back and another thing to share is that let’s say your indicator is at the bottom of the chart let’s see the rate of change over here okay you can just double click okay the indicator is gone at the bottom and you double click again it comes back so this is again something that I let her get from the my my YouTube fence right there on who shared this with me because previously I was you know cooking my chats too fast and I’m wondering hey why the indicator is always going missing right so again for me that is because I double click on my chance and that’s why the indicator at the bottom went missing so this could be useful for you as well right to hide or show your trading indicators okay so that’s pretty much it right for this ultimate trading view tutorial I hope you got massive value out of it you now know how to use this charting platform right like a pro and with that’s it I wish you good luck and good trading if if any feedback or you have additional tips and techniques that you want to share leave it in the comment section below and I will talk to you soon you


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