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TradingwithRayner Review: Does He Even Trade?

TradingwithRayner Review: Does He Even Trade?

hey hey what’s up my friend so today’s video is gonna be a little bit different because it is a trading with Reina exposed right so this is a review from the website trading school’s dog and I receive a 1.

2 star review so trading with Reina expose right since that’s the case let’s do this okay so let’s have a look at the allegations and see whether they are real or not so uh let me just scroll down and you know every that it alright so can see that Rena to the Rambo of Singapore iron everyone said that but if people think that I’m the Rambo of Singapore I am honoured the military commanders upon first seeing all five foot one inch of rain err five foot one inch do I do I look this short in videos man let’s see so this is a book my report book right back in secondary school fourteen and a half years old I was 1.

83 meters and I weigh a hundred and one kilos oh that’s a way an LD weight range but anyway oh I don’t think I’m five foot one in 14 years old and I don’t think I’m five foot one now but hey if you if you think I’m lying or I can always fly to Singapore check out my high check out my weight right but uh I don’t think you dare to do that okay so a next thing is a the next Malaysian Rambo was there remember of Singh appoint here’s the Malaysian Rambo alright anyway to clear things up I am from Singapore right Malaysia and Singapore we used to be together lovey dovey in 1965 we broke up we died for also Singapore in Singapore right now and Malaysia is Malaysia right now separate countries alright so I’m from Singapore and I got and I and I went to elite military training academy that’s right I was enlisted into commando and some of this included hint when foreign skills come to terrorism hostage remediation spoon fighting I don’t know where you get all this information from right I clearly clearly have not you know say such stuff right and mid-flight parachute repair we don’t repair pair shoes either okay so what else okay so might be thing I’m lying okay so let’s have a look there you have it right this is one with the letter that I gotten back in ICT in camp training in 2017 and it’s from a left hand kernel of course I highlight top the name I covered the content I’m not sure but I’m allowed to post it so better you know cover my butt as much as possible but I didn’t cover my body so you can still look at it if you want and a left and blah blah blah so a CEO 11 CDO BN right what is CDO BN right yeah it’s not cat dog officer patel and it stands for commando battalion okay so if you want some pictures of my handsome looking younger dudes this is me back in 2009 when I mean I already write and uh so-called had my freedom after two years right so they it was Mira in my number one uniform in my rate parade oh I love the red breeze signify so much to me here so that was my elite military training to see and then after which you mentioned I got involved into a prop trading Forex company yeah so actually before this actually enlisted into university university of london i trios of study and then i got a job in proprietary trading and it’s not proprietary trading Forex companies a proprietary trading futures company actually specialize in treating the Nikkei futures I didn’t mention the name because the firm is no longer in existence but if you’re wondering it’s called United Alliance capital okay that’s the firm I used to work for okay and then and now he wants to teach you all these secrets met and techniques so that you can become a full-time forex and futures trader I don’t believe I want to say that I want you guys to be a full-time forex and futures trader in fact I advocate that traders should be trading platinum right it’s easier on their psychology right and they have a constant income coming in right compared to trading full-time so I never once ever get trading full-time if there’s any video or post that I mentioned right clearly show it to me right so I know I’m wrong but again based on my own recollection I’d remember saying such thing at all because I don’t do I don’t evoke it at all according to itself written biography yeah I mean nobody I gotta write the biography myself I can hire you know someone famous to write my biography right so I could write myself right okay uh 189 thousand subscribers about 119 oh all right i and i hoping to hit a million right hope you hope you’re still there watching when i meant a million subscribers and the secrets are some of this secret and goose might be moving every here that’s right i did all this in fact you are changing me down here i believe there is there’s more right now I believe there’s technical analysis alright and maybe even candlestick patterns yeah together but anyway okay I know the secrets do anything and okay so let me just share with you why I use the word secrets and it’s it’s quite simple I’m just gonna publish an indicator called make be or candlestick patterns nobody’s gonna click on it right it’s not enticing so I gotta use the with secrets okay and get people to click and perhaps learn something then just the thing is gonna be click bit if you know people click on it they don’t learn something and you can see the like to dislike ratio and the YouTube you know the thumbs up and thumbs up is gonna be very skewed right is gonna be like you know many dislikes but based on my own data most of my videos if not all of my videos right are 90% likes and above so yeah that’s the reason why I do it right to get people’s attention and hopefully they can learn something and got value out of it and we will talk about a value part later on and what else okay okay so then there’s this book right this is indicators are useless yada yada so here’s the thing right when I teach people to use indicators or you know certain patterns I don’t tell them to say this one cross this by this one cross this cell no I explain a concept to it for example you can use moving average to surface a trend filter to identify a long bias or a shot bias you can use the ATR indicator to identify volatility in the markets name perhaps to use it to trail your stop-loss to write trends I talked about concepts I don’t talk about specific systems that just rely on indicators no indicators are not meant for that purpose they are meant to complement your trading right and to apply certain trading concepts right to your trading and indicators are useful for that okay so okay let’s see then he opined on how this seemingly useless indicators revealed a magical key to unlocking limitless amount of wealth prosperity and a limited shrimp cocktail shrimp cocktail alright uh I don’t like shrimp cocktail but anyway uh prove it to me man tell me which video I promise this Richards right can trade full-time right just by applying some indicators prove me prove it to me right in fact if you can prove to me a video that that say is there I’ll give you $1,000 $1,000 in your bank right you don’t have to rely on Google you know such as do you know any money from those clicks I’ll just give you $1,000 cash wire to whichever bang you’re have FF right sounds good right good good money and if if I if you can’t find it then you know what just just give me $10 okay so for mystery what standpoint well this is a favorable or is to reward trade man you gotta take this okay so what else uh okay so yeah yep yep yeah okay that’s arena even trade oh okay that’s nice okay you spoke up to one of my executive okay and then you mention there is nothing wrong with technical analysis well you just crash technical analysis indicators just a few paragraph ago I’ll go must be within the context of actual Peck testing or well in fact right if you look at a few of my videos like you know that’s technical analysis work or moving average crossover secrets I talked about back testing inside of it and in fact let me just you know bring you behind the scenes right to a few of my own trading systems that I do trade alright I’ll just share with you one goes to Reza scraps right so for example if you just train following so this is a back testing platforms called a me broker you can look up on internet the data I get from is from nor gate data so the back test results of this particular trading system right but it is screwed right but I’m sharing it with you right because hey you took time to write a review for me right and you can see that over the last twenty years well more like 19 years twenty nineteen is not complete yet right so about the last eighteen nineteen years or it’s a overall a profitable trading Israeli strategy in the long run and you can see that over here okay this are the if I were to create a system where I should be holding all this different positions for I know it says to hole hole hole right over here and then now back there I does does just the strain that you even trade okay so this right is one of my trading account okay you can see it’s life Li ve and you can see that these are the current positions that I’m holding right now okay so again back to where we left off if I were to trade this system and it says ho then technically my live trading account should be holding this position if not it simply means that I have a potential profitable trading system that has worked well over the last 19 years but I’m not trading it so if I were to be trading it I should be holding every single one of this position so we can see that from here to here there’s 28 positions all right you can pause this video and calculate the line by line if you want and on here we have 28 positions over here here and also not just 28 positions the positions have to be identical okay so let’s have a look the last our most recent one right I should be shorting sugar okay sugar let’s have a look where I shook er shuker sweet sugar over here sure mmm okay how about the second last one there zombie Ness day long mmm well having some difficulty finding Nasdaq maybe some of the viewers would have already uh spotted but I’m a little bit slow yeah day oh I missed it yeah over here gosh sorry took a wall by right bb4 by beef oh boy then you have long Mexican peso the dollar Mexican which is where is it over here Mexican dollar sorry and it’s a bias the opposite since is the inverse right so you you have an idea right basically the 28 positions on here it’s pretty much the same as the ones here okay and forced eight months right I think up the last few months of our trading statements just for you write this as much alright and of March okay this is the the positions that I’ve treated blah blah blah P&L and everything here you can see it’s a summary version this is for April gain end of April in a total P&L I think this morning therefore you probably want to hear then for me okay this one over here okay and for June this one over here right so right now July it’s not over yet so I don’t have the statement but yeah this is the last few months of our trading okay and what else one last thing it’s wrapping things up another day and yet another youtube.

com/ man get exposed as the show okay so yeah okay okay yeah thank you right I am friendly entertaining I appreciate that and okay instead ease okay a Malaysian rainbow right spends his day creating useless videos that have no a little to no value other than and reaching brainer so here’s the thing about here’s the thing about value I realized that value it so it’s all about perspective right it’s like one man’s me it’s another man’s poison you might be poison to you but to someone else it might be good it might be really useful okay so yeah and can have a look over here right now bye Steve thank you Steve right top quality content is always Reina thank you for your help trading as improve since discovering a trend channel I’m gonna write right now maybe from jamya Mitchell right maybe a better trader Thank You Jan Mayen do you hope Browns krylia do here I love your videos we need weight is higher than before okay and I stopped losing money in false breakout awesome to hear that and I what else okay Joe seal juice all right from Philippines all right okay good amount of winning streaks now small profits but rather frequent no awesome and lay nice right i watch all most of your video he posed because it is one the most powerful and help one one guy video from all of you to treat us you could get paid by sharing this lesson with people however i’m just thankful my previous treat softer subscribing you’ve got much better it off ten eight out of ten treats are successful alright you could get paid well get paid for those videos in fact I caught a reviewer I got a negative review for posting many secrets video out there yep so yeah that’s a that’s pretty much pretty much in right so for those of you was still watching right supporter subscribers I appreciate your support right I really right I I’m just thankful and grateful for all that they helped the support that you have given me and also you can be sure to expect more scripts in future right those will be free as well on YouTube so stay tuned


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