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TradingwithRayner Scam (Beware!)

TradingwithRayner Scam (Beware!)

hey hey what’s up my friend so I’m shooting this video here because I just received this piece of news this morning right so Phillip Wilson apparently he sent some money in to this person called Rainer and clearly that person isn’t me so why do I say that isn’t me because if you look at the video that he produced okay the screenshots and stuff like that this Instagram handle is relative underscore FX and that’s not my real account my real account is this one over here right I probably have quite a low number of followers relative to my other social media account because this is a new account I just get it got it started right but this is the real account and and that’s the first thing and the second thing is that you know some of you might be thinking montre no no no no it is these cameras they are getting better right how do I you know find out whether you’re the real Rainer or not alright so what you can do right and what I recommend is that if you are in doubt any point in time right just shoot an email to support it trading with Rainer calm and we’ll be glad to assist you and on top of it below this video I will put a list right of my official accounts all right so you know which one is the real one and which one is not the real one so below this video I also just put in my office shell account for those of you who who wants to know you know who to follow so also write a few things to take note of number one trading with Rainer after all this is an educational business right and as a proper business I don’t ask that Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as a form of payment why is that reason is quite simple right because number one the volatility of Bitcoin is crazy right if you accept that as a form of payment you would expect your earnings right to really go up and down in a huge volatility manner and the reason why scammers prefer Bitcoin is because it cannot be tracked I so I don’t accept Bitcoin for any of my transactions if you hear someone who claims to be me right one thing to except only Bitcoin or cryptocurrency that is a huge red flag and that is a scam that’s the first thing number two I don’t offer any fund management services signal services or whatsoever so have a scammer ask you to you know invest in Raynor’s you know fun right again that is a scam because I don’t offer such a services and I guess that are the two easiest way to find out whether it is a scam or not on top of it right using this as a guideline right to see which are my real accounts so really right uh I hope you know people watching this right are aware of the things that are going on right we have you know numerous time on the Facebook group we have shared numerous time on our telegram channel to to share official accounts and please be aware of it right we are living in times where you know it’s a very easy to impersonate someone you just need to you know mimic the social media profile in and it might seem very real so please do your own due diligence so with that said I’m checking out and I’ll talk to you soon


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