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Wall Street Money Machine, Volume 5: Free Stocks: How to Get the Market to Pay for Your Stocks–FREE!


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FREE! The word and concept have been the advertising foundation for billion dollar corporations, the heartbeat of huge marketing campaigns, and the nexus between companies and customers for eons. Now, New York Times best-selling author Wade Cook introduces the LOCC(tm) (Large Option Covered Calls) system — a system that can generate 80% to 100% returns for traders who master it.

"…you read the title to this book: Free Stocks: How To Get The Market To Pay For Your Stocks–FREE!, and what do you think? Is there a catch? I’ll be right up front and say there is, but it’s not what you think. … There is a way to get FREE STOCKS, which if you get to the bottom line meaning of FREE, is simply that you do not pay for your stocks yourself. I’m talking about quality stocks…you get to choose! You can be as diversified as you want. … you can pretty much start with any amount of money….

"…this is not a get-rich quick-plan. This is also not some ambiguous, nebulous method that only a few people can master and use. It is also not a theory. It is an in-the-trenches, workable, cash flow stock market money machine. This plan takes a simple yet overlooked aspect of the stocks and options markets and puts it to full use. The results are dynamic and far-reaching." (Excerpt from the book.)

If you like the buy-and-hold strategy of investing, how do you get the money to pay for your stock? Wade Cook demonstrates how to get the market to pay for your stock with five to seven months using his NEW LOCC(tm) system.

In Free Stocks, you will find out about:
* Option Cycles And Market Makers
* How Implied Volatility Affects Option Pricing
* Buybacks And Rollouts
* Stock Repair Kit
* How To Put Volatility On Your Side — Be A Seller, Not A Buyer
* When You Get Your Money
* Exploration Of Ways To Increase Gains And Reduce Taxes
* What To Do If The Stock Dips — Make More Money!

And you simply must see Chapter 2 where the Stock Market Institute of Learning, Inc.(tm) will award $10,000 to the charity of your choice if you find one person who has attended our Wall Street Workshop(tm), used our strategies exactly as they are taught, and then lost money.

Purchase Wall Street Money Machine, Volume 5: Free Stocks: How to Get the Market to Pay for Your Stocks–FREE today! Learn how to start building the portfolio of your dreams — for FREE! Each book includes the Audio CD ‘Completely Retire in 10 to 12 Months’ and two complimentary tickets to a three-hour Financial Clinic.


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