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Why Sell Trading Courses if You’re a Profitable Trader?

Why Sell Trading Courses if You’re a Profitable Trader?

hey hey what’s up my friend so in today’s episode I want to talk about now why I sell trading courses even though I’m a profitable trader so this is a question that I get quite a bit right and I believe other trading educators to get as well right now if you’re such a profitable trader in a while something causes man oh you’re a scam you know along the law along those lines so let me share with you four reasons right today why I sell trading causes number one you need money to make money in this business right so I’m not sure if you are aware of it but in trading you need money to make money for example let’s say you have a system that makes you know 20% a year on a $10,000 trading account that’s about two thousand dollars a year on a hundred thousand dollars trading account nets twenty thousand a year on a million dollar trading account that’s two hundred thousand dollars a year so can you see that you’re using the same system the same risk management the only difference is the size of your trading account and then greatly write have a huge impact on your returns and if you don’t believe me right ask yourself this question why do hedge funds all over the world raise you know millions if not billions of dollars I mean if they have such a profitable trading system why don’t keep it to themselves why do they punish you know a trick net system right you know having to handle investors relation PR and stuff like that well the reason is simple is because hedge funds they know that they need money to make money in this business they have they might have a profitable strategy but without money the strategy don’t mean that thing okay and if you look at the top traders around the world those that has a mess a huge fortune right those traders you realize that most of them they own their own hedge funds and reason being is because they need money to make money in this business okay so that’s the first reason you need money to make money number two the reason why I sell trading causes it because it helps me diversify my income so I know that for a fact that my trading methodology right I will not make money every week and I might not even make money every month but if I have a service right or if I offer trading causes it helped me diversify my earnings so for example if certain months I don’t make money hey it’s alright because I have trading courses that help me diversify my learning so it doesn’t affect my livelihood and on top of it it helps me with my own trading psychology because I know that you know even if this man I don’t make money I can still put food on the table and finally this is very important for traders to diversify your earnings and not just rely right on the market right to put food on your table okay and this is also why right hedge funds they have what I call a management fee where every year whether they make money or not they will take a certain percentage right of the the portfolio value to kind of you know cover the expenses you know pay for the office rental your staff whatever unusually small traditional is 2% but Bolivia’s come down over the years but they have this so-called management fee right and it’s simply because all right they know that they need to put phone on table and that management fee helps them cover the expenses and it’s the same for me right I use trading causes to diversify my income right and so I don’t rely just on the markets number three I do it because right when I make traders pay for something something I make traders invest in something they actually do the work because as yourself right if there’s a free trading course out there and one that is paid what are the odds of you completing that free trading costs compared to the paid one for me personally I most of the time if I pay for something like a course I have a 95 percent chance right of finishing the cost but for those free causes or those causes they appeal at you know five or ten bucks there’s a good chance I don’t even complete the cost because the fee so low rightly the skin in the game is just so little and I don’t take action so that’s why traders who actually put money in causes or investing in themselves right they have a higher chance of completing the course they have a higher chance of taking action of what’s being taught in the course today so god don’t waste their money so that is why I charge a premium for my trading courses I want traders to invest in themselves to take action and when they take action they get results and this bring me to point number four happiness when traders they take action they get result I feel happy I feel happy knowing that someone out there in the world whom I’ve never met before maybe even a different color scheme as me actually found success in the markets because of my teachings because of my work I feel really happy that I make an impact out there and that’s why you know I want to that’s why I charge right for trading courses and that’s it right that is the honest truth so with that’s it right I hope you you get to see trading now from a different light and you know if in future you want to have a service to charge people right I’ll say don’t be afraid of it because really trading is just a means to an end right it doesn’t mean that you’re a traitor you can only be a traitor and it’s you know it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a crime right to do something other than trading that is silly okay so with that said I have come towards the end of this episode if you’ve enjoyed it smash the like button subscribe to my youtube channel the buttons below just click on it and I will talk to you soon you


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