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Like the lessons of Zen, the lessons in this book are brief, simple and profound. They are intended as much for the person who glances at the financial pages in the evening to see how his or her investments are faring as for the full-time trader or professional money manager. Their underlying message is that you are in a contest with yourself and not the market. Just as the lack of sense of self makes the samurai warrior a powerful and formidable opponent, it can make you successful in your stock trading. You will lose less. You will make greater profits. It is simple.
This book presents a Zen approach that reveals how to listen, recognize, and obey the language that every market speaks. It is very easy to understand. It may, however, be very hard for you to do. Your ego may be very reluctant to be subdued. Practice will make it happen. Practice will make you money.
Edward Allen Toppel gives you the basic rules of successful trading with Zen. He teaches you what he calls “inner game trading techniques.” He even shows you haiku for traders. Like the classic Zen in the Art of Archery, this small book contains life-changing ideas. Illuminating, exciting, and challenging, it can keep you on the right side of the balance sheet: a samurai in the markets.


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